Animal Crossing New Leaf US: All Bloated and Bulbous

Stalk Market for Monday, July 15

AM: 87 Bells
PM: 56 Bells

I bought a lot of turnips this week for 92 bells each, so I’m hoping for a good turnaround. The perfect fruit market is much safer, though not nearly as lucrative.

Scallop Capers

I haven’t had any success even spotting a scorpion in the past couple days. I get bored running around town hoping to spot one or saving and continuing over and over and over again. When I get sick of scorpion hunting I go scallop hunting. I haven’t been very diligent in either town about obtaining the pirate ship theme. In my Japanese town I have a very hard time catching scallops. In Hanabi chasing them down seems much easier. I don’t know if it’s due to my lucky room or that I’ve gotten better at chasing them, but I’ve found one each night for the past few nights. I have a soft spot for Pascal, so I always give him the scallop and listen to his deep truths.

it is awfully slimy...

it is awfully slimy…



So far I’m missing the following from the Pirate Ship Theme:

  • barrel
  • keg
  • vintage telescope
  • pirate’s armor (needed in Hanabi, I have it in Kasen)

There are only 11 items in the theme. I only need a few more encounters with Pascal and then I’m going to have to go back to scorpion hunting for real. If only I could bait them somehow. “Here scorpion. Come eat this tasty kitty villager.”—Just kidding Felicity.

Haven't seen any scorpions recently, just tarantulas.

Haven’t seen any scorpions recently, just tarantulas.

I even chopped down a bunch of trees so I’d have a more open area in the south. After a catch the bugger I’m putting in another cherry orchard for fun and profit.

Public Works

Victoria suggested a new bridge that I really really want to put in…only not in this town. I wish you could swap public works. She wants a fairy tale bridge. I would gladly put that in in Kasen. Unfortunately I haven’t had it requested there. I want a zen bridge for Hanabi.

scale that figure down a bit. I think it clashes with the eastern harmony we've got going on.

Rooney, my top requester, came through for me. He wants a zen streetlight. That I actually want. I need to replace the two streetlights I already have with them and sprinkle them throughout Hanabi for ambiance.



Grooving with K.K.

I’ll admit I always forget to go see K.K. on Saturdays. It’s even worse since they sell his album in the store so I feel like I don’t have to sit through his snooze fest show. (Don’t hate me! I get impatient while the credits roll). But I was reading through my Japanese guide and it says that after you listen to his show 20 times he gives you his picture. There’s my incentive!


Best Buy DLC

I stopped by Best Buy (purchased nothing) and downloaded my rolling suitcase yesterday. Imagine my glee when I found out it can be customized! It can also be ordered from the catalog, so any non-US (or US Best Buy-less) friends that need it let me know and I’ll hook you up.


(not remade) rolling suitcase

(not remade) rolling suitcase

It wouldn’t be DLC without one of my townies trying to steal it off me before I can even get it home.

Misc. Villager Shenanigans

Unicorn Staring Competition

Unicorn Staring Competition

twinsies? What will Jared say...

twinsies? What will Jared say…

That wasn't quite the impression I got.

That wasn’t quite the impression I got.

um. thanks.


The next bug off is this Saturday. I’m nervous about it because I have Japanese class this Saturday afternoon Class cuts into about 5 hours of my day because class itself is 3 hours long plus commute, plus food before or after…That means that I’m either going to have to stock up on bugs I think might win and play before I go to class or change the time and play after class—I’ve never changed the time in Hanabi. I adjusted my JP 3DS clock when I went to Japan, but that’s been the extent of my “time travelling”. I don’t even really care about a trophy. I just want more of the set items because, if you haven’t guessed it, I’m kind of a completionist.

Fortunately my order of magazines from yesasia arrived in the mail today. Specifically, Nintendo dream. It has a section about the bug off in the August issue. It lists relative point values for bugs. I don’t know if it takes into account bugs on the island. Here’s a translated chart:

Name Approximate Points Location Time
Dynastid Beetle 50-70 on trees 17:00-7:59
Saw Stag Beetle on trees all day
Tiger Beetle on the ground 8:00-18:59
Raja Brooke 60-80 by fresh water 8:00-18:59
Birdwing near flowers 8:00-15:59
Goliath Beetle on palm trees 19:00-7:59
Elephant Beetle on palm trees 17:00-7:59
Rainbow Stag Beetle on trees 19:00-7:59
Lantern Fly on trees 4:00-7:59;
Cyclommatus on palm trees 17:00-7:59
Oak Silk Moth on trees 19:00-3:59
Golden Stag 80-100 on palm trees 17:00-7:59
Horned Hercules on palm trees 17:00-7:59

So it looks like the only safe bets are the two most expensive bugs in the game. Looks like I will be hunting on the island this week and lamenting my loss of profit this Saturday.

The Myth of the Slushie Machine

Willow from Sunnydale (is that a Buffy reference?) came over this morning with a slushie machine and a white officer’s hat. Thank you! Proving definitively that the slushie machine does exist, and that it was given to EU via a letter from Nintendo delivered by Pete. I don’t know if it’s also a regular catalog item, but due to its scarcity (and the fact that I can’t find it in JP guides) I think that it’s not. Thank you so much Willow! Now I need to find some other item to obsess over. LOL.


Today’s Open Hanabi

It was plagued by disconnects. Thanks for bearing with me! I wish you could have visited for longer Tama! We’ll have to get together again. Thanks to everyone for coming. I hope you had fun. :)









P.S. I received a US Copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Totally WOW!!

Stalk Market for Friday, July 12

AM: 132 Bells
PM: 201 Bells

Ha! I told you it would spike. Not hugely, but I would have sold if I had turnips.

Slushie Machine?

A plea to readers. I had a friend looking for a slushie machine. I found it in the Prima Guide. It claims to be available from Timmy and Tommy. But I’ve never seen one. I can’t even find it in the Japanese guides. I went through every single home in my happy home showcase in my JP game looking for one. All of the homes in there are from my time in Japan. And there are a lot of homes with kitcheny themes. I didn’t find a single slushie machine. My current theory is that the slushie machine is DLC that hasn’t been released yet. So, I’m asking you to prove me wrong. Show me a slushie machine. And I don’t mean a picture of it in the guide. I mean a picture of it in someone’s house. I want proof of its existence!

Hanabi Open House

I didn’t open this week. I’m planning to open Monday morning July 15 10am-noon PST (GMT -8). Come on over if you are able. If you’re not already on my friend list, the dream suite is a great way to visit Hanabi. The dream address is:

Everybody Loves Rainbows

Ok, I’m kind of liking these summer showers because of the rainbows. I just wish I knew they were coming so I wouldn’t water first!


Happy Birthday Victoria!

Today was Victoria’s birthday. I knew it was coming, but I’m a horrible procrastinator so I hadn’t gotten a gift for her. After consulting my handy book on villagers I found that she likes sporty clothes’makes sense for a racehorse. I was lucky to find a #4 shirt over at the Able Sisters. I wrapped it up and popped over for the party.




Photo a Day Outtakes

Yesterday’s photo was supposed to be me digging up a fossil. I found everything but, including:



Today in Hanabi

I’m waiting for it to rain. It just looks like it wants to. I watered anyway, but I swear it’s going to sprinkle for an hour. I really need someone to suggest the weather box…

Redd’s in Town

Let’s see what he’s brought.

This wild painting is legitimate. However I already have it. Perhaps I should have Locke buy it for trade...

This wild painting is legitimate. However I already have it. Perhaps I should have Locke buy it for trade…

This fonzie-like version of the scary painting is a fake

This fonzie-like version of the scary painting is a fake

This great statue is legitimate. I purchased it.

This great statue is legitimate. I purchased it.

The quaint painting is a fake. The real one has a white hair covering.

The quaint painting is a fake. The real one has a white hair covering.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

Animal Crossing New Leaf US: The American Dream

Stalk Market for Wednesday, July 10

AM: 60 Bells
PM: 56 Bells

Fashion Results

I left you Monday with a rather weak cliff hanger. I had ordered my clothes to show Gracie Grace, but had not yet received them, so I didn’t have the results from my modern fashion evaluation. Without further ado, here they are.

Me nervously awaiting my eval. Look, we're almost twinsies!

Me nervously awaiting my eval. Look, we’re almost twinsies!






I rocked it. I was surprised she mentioned my suck up attempt wearing her clothes. I had the glasses too, but I was already wearing the oval ones and was too lazy to dig them up. So far I’ve had two positive evaluations. I have two more to go before I get the department store.

Less than stellar hunting

I’ve been saving and continuing in order to see a scorpion. I have run into them a couple times, but I haven’t managed to successfully capture one. I usually see them when I’m not looking for them (like darting out from my cherry orchard) and then they bite me when I panic. Or they throw themselves off the cliff…



Hugs not Thugs!

I’m trying to woo Shep. By woo I mean I want his picture. So I’ve been doing any little request he asks of me. Last night he sent me off with a petition for “Hugs not Thugs”. I snuck over to my as yet undocumented town Quantico to get it signed.

Meet a few of Quantico’s residents.




I went over there also because Quantico was paying premium for perfect cherries, so I made 300,000 bells to boot.

But sadly Shep didn’t give me his picture for all that hard work. Soon I hope!

Celebrate Napping

Nobody has proposed anything new in Hanabi. We celebrated the hammock. Here’s a better shot of its placement.

Resetti’s Picture!

After the last time I saw Resetti (resulting in his blasting off) I didn’t think he’d be too keen on my visit, but he was alone this time and he gave me his picture! I still don’t have his or Don’s in my Japanese town, so I’m really excited about it.







I don’t even want to know what his favorite phrase means.


Breaking up the monotony of scorpion hunting in the evening I decided to look for a scallop. I thought it would take a while. Of course the first sea creature I dove for turned out to be a scallop. He handed me a ship cannon and floated away.


Sleeping Unicorns

Stephen missed his opportunity to steal Julian. Julian’s guard was down as he napped on the bench. I woke him up, but couldn’t find it in my heart to scold him for his lack of vigilance. And Victoria was right there watching over him like his guardian race horse.




Today in Hanabi

It’s been a busy day! Hanabi has officially changed from early town (because I haven’t been playing quite early enough for it to matter) to wealthy town. I had Kasen on wealthy town, but if you’ve been there and seen all the flowers, you know how time consuming it is to water every day, and now that the rainy season is over…Kasen’s back on beautiful town so I can slack.

Seriously Unconscious

Gulliver washed ashore with thoughts of Hollywood movies stuck in his head. I wonder where he was headed…





Turnips: Sold

None of my towns seem to be having good weeks (watch one of them will spike tomorrow) so I ran over to Methos to sell for 343 bells each this morning. Thanks for opening Herman! I’m one step closer to my 10 million bell goal!

A Good Deal

If you’ve read this blog much, then you know I’ve been struggling to get blue roses for a while now. I had exactly one and was still trying to breed a mate for it (unsuccessfully). Cheryl from BlueBell offered me a trade I couldn’t refuse. I saw her gates open after selling off my turnips so I barged in and we swapped. Her town was so pretty!





P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Fresh Air and Stuff

Stalk Market for Monday, July 8

AM: 77 Bells
PM: 72 Bells

I uncharacteristically purchased around 4,000 turnips between my towns this week so I’m quite nervous. If any of my readers get great spikes this week, don’t hesitate to comment or send me a tweet. I’m nervous!

July 7, Starcrossed Day

AKA Tanabata (七夕) is a Japanese holiday. Isabelle gives out bamboo grass for the occasion. If you didn’t get to come visit Kasen I saved a few extra.




Concerning Campers

I admit until now I haven’t paid much attention to campers unless I wanted them to move in. It took me forever in my Japanese game to figure out that they played games (language barrier). I sort of knew they gave you items, but I never really looked into them. Then I found the surfboard and all of that has changed.

BTW I got a surfboard yesterday in my third town (too many. Don’t do it.) from a pink octopus named Marina that I wish could’ve moved in.

Ok, so camping items. They are season specific, you can only get some during winter. They can be ordered from the catalog. Here’s a handy list with the ones I still need in italics:

Name Season
backpack spring, fall, summer
propane stove spring, fall, summer
kayak spring, fall, summer
sleeping bag spring, fall, summer
campfire winter
bonfire spring, fall, summer
surfboard spring, fall, summer
fish grill winter
campfire cookware spring, fall, summer
stewpot winter
camp stove winter
smoker winter
ZOMG Lillian! If I had kicked Kitt to the curb I could have 2 Lillian's!!!!

ZOMG Lillian! If I had kicked Kitt to the curb I could have 2 Lillian’s!!!!

Alas Hanabi is full. *pouts*

On a less pouty note, here’s a pic of my surfboards. The one in the middle is original. The other two are remade.

Gracie! Eval #2



I was surprised to see big ol’ granny giraffe (Rooney’s words, not mine) in the town square today. She wants to see a modern outfit. I debated waiting until after 5pm to blog so I could tell you about the results of her evaluation, but decided to just write now, give results later.

I have to order part of the modern outfit I intend to show her. There’s not a whole lot I can show her because there’s only one modern bottom—a dark polka skirt, no socks or tights and two pairs of shoes, but one of the pairs of shoes, the stripe shoes, is only available from Gracie during the fall and I don’t have them.

This is the plan for my semi-matched outfit:

  • Gracie Hat
  • either Gracie Glasses/Oval Shades
  • Gracie Tank
  • Clogs

New Construction

Barold decided Hanabi needed a hammock. I think he’s right so I jumped on that and put one right in. It’s perched precariously by a cliff, so don’t rock off if you fall asleep in it.



ahhh relaxin'

ahhh relaxin’

Oh Happy Day! Free at Last!

I have finally, finally paid off Vella’s home loan in its entirety. Granted L☆cke’s house is as tiny as can be, but at least it’s cute.



gratuitous shot of Locke's cute but dinky house.A gratuitous shot of L☆cke’s cute but dinky house.


The morning after I paid off my loan Lyle (insert cold shiver emotion) showed up outside my door and gave me a very long talk about becoming a V.I.P. in the Happy Home Academy. While I’m excited to be considered a V.I.P. I don’t know if I’ll participate in the challenges right away because I’m not particularly interested in the gold exterior items for Vella. I have them in my Japanese town on Yumi’s house. Nevertheless I told Lyle I’d take the antique challenge. I would have to seriously rearrange my house to do well in it.






I love that my townies have been talking about people they’ve met in their dreams. Hi dreamers!








L☆cke finally got access to the sewing machine today, so I scanned a few patterns and spruced up the hot spring area. You should come over and take a dip. ;)



While I’m not putting this in my beach room, I’ve been remaking all the cabana furniture I have (still need the screen, bookcase, and wallpaper). I love the way the bed turned out!


Gold Axe

Now that I don’t have many more trees to chop down…I got the golden axe. You have to buy fifty trees from Leif to get it. Whew. No more tree buying for me.


Double Rainbow

It rained briefly and then stopped and voila double rainbow! I had L☆cke out at the time and tried to find the best place to take a picture. What do you think?




P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Keep it Basic!

Stalk Market for Friday, July 5

AM: 49 Bells
PM: 44 Bells

Wednesday Night in Hanabi

I opened my gate to let Jared from Skyloft visit (hey twin!) visit and it turned into a party. It always seems to.




Someone (I’m looking at you Teo) had their conversation window and no one else could leave. I couldn’t disband the wifi session. It was a little weird. My guests were forced to stay. Oh the horror!

Fortunately visitors to Hanabi went to the island with me and helped me amass the 150 medals I needed to buy the treasure chest. Thank you everyone! Fortunately that’s the most expensive item they sell on the island and I have both of the 100 medal items, so I shouldn’t have to do that again. I don’t want to do the elite hammer tour again for a little while…

I also finally caught a saddled bichir! And after a little bit of swimming a horseshoe crab. Incidentally, the horseshoe crab was the final sea creature that Yumi needed to complete her diving encyclopedia. She got one too and didn’t get anything for it. Boo!



Here are the critters I need to catch for July:
They’re all bugs!

  • katydid
  • leaf bug
  • scorpion
  • jewel beetle
  • stick bug
  • evening cicada

I accidentally didn’t let Rooney in when he unexpectedly tried to visit. I somehow didn’t notice his bubble and he just left. Oops. Sorry Rooney. Too busy counting pirate treasure.


4th of July in Hanabi

I feel kind of let down that there was no mention of 4th of July in Animal Crossing. I know that August is full of fireworks, but couldn’t Isabelle have given us a hot dog hat or something?

If you saw my picture from the 4th, you know that I did my best to look insane patriotic.


Apparently that saddled bichir was enough to get me another badge from Phineas—for those wondering when he shows up, I just read that he only shows up on sunny days, so if it’s raining don’t bother to look for him.

I found him later in the evening and he gave me the silver “Village Gardener” badge for greenifying Hanabi.


Hairstyle a Day

I’m not loving this one, but the hairstyles I’ll be sporting for a bit aren’t meant to be loved, just meant to move on through the list to unlock men’s hairstyles. Why do I want men’s hair styles? Probably just cause they’re there.


Holiday Project

My husband and I didn’t do much for the fourth. We decided to stay home, watch TV and monster hunt together. I also got it into my head that I really really wanted to get a new train station and I was up to 76 visitors, so I spent the better part of the afternoon visiting myself. I’m pleased to report that I unlocked the new train station designs, stole money from Yumi, and had it built.


This one will go in Quantico (my third town), but I think it'll be a while.

This one will go in Quantico (my third town), but I think it’ll be a while.

This one's in Kasen

This one’s in Kasen

This is Hanabi's new station

This is Hanabi’s new station

More Eery Glowing

The manhole cover was open again. You’d think they’d put an alarm on it or something. I hopped down and interrupted a conversation between Resetti and Don. They have a new toy, a voice recognition system. I may have accidentally used it and blasted off Resetti. Oops. That’s probably not scoring me brownie points towards his picture.





Dueling Petitions

Kokuto (my husband) had a petition to sign so he came over, and Soleil gave me a petition so I then went to his town and got it signed (stealing all of his perfect apples along the way).




Gah! Hakase (Cobb) you need a new shirt. Kokuto, get on that please.

Today in Hanabi

First thing’s first I had to check on the new station. I love it.

I may not be very zen looking, but my train station is!

I may not be very zen looking, but my train station is!


I didn’t think I had bought enough for her to show up. I know I haven’t had T.I.Y. for 30 days yet. Who cares! Sign me up for your fashion evaluation.


We Interrupt this Fashion Check

for a trip to Ireland! Stephen from Shamrock had 377 Bell turnip prices and I (as usual) misjudged my market. Sorry Stephen, I just couldn’t get Julian on the train. Nook was out of dramamine and as I said, he gets motion sick. That would’ve been messy!

Shamrock's very cute cutout

Shamrock’s very cute cutout

Almost out of Debt

I then paid off my loan for the right (beach/island) room and asked Nook to enlarge my final room. So, after 598,000 bells I’ll be out of debt. At least with Vella…

If this Ain’t Basic

I hit up my other towns for basic items. The outfit isn’t pretty. Not at all, but it is basic.




She started out telling me my outfit was bland, but then I ended up walking away with a Gracie lamp. If you’re curious what I was wearing:

  • do-rag
  • mint glasses
  • vegetarian shirt
  • chino pants
  • slippers

I couldn’t find any basic socks in my stores, so I just left socks off.

Whew, and that’s how my day went. Don’t look for another blog until Monday. Schedule change (again!) Class starts tomorrow. 頑張ろう!

News for Kasen

This Sunday is a holiday in Japan: Tanabata. Isabelle will be handing out a bamboo tree (not sure of English name) and there will be a cutout for picture taking. I will open Kasen’s gates for a little while for people to come get a bamboo tree. I don’t intend to add a lot of people, but you can sweeten the deal if you want to come by bringing something off my wish list. :P Item I want the most right now? Surfboard.

P.S.I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!