Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Wafflehanger

I’m just going to preface this one by saying that it’s hard to get back into a comfortable rhythm of posting once you’ve fallen out of it. And attempt to refrain from making excuses about why I’ve been less than timely with posts. I’m still here. Still playing ACNL (and enjoying it).

April Fools’ in Quantico

In fact, today I did April Fool’s Day in my third town because I’m going to be on vacation at the time and I don’t want to bring that 3DS with me. I didn’t do April Fool’s Day last year in Kasen for the same reason. Honestly I forgot as it was a travel day down to Los Angeles the day before flying from LAX to Japan. I had fun with April Fools’ and got everyone’s pictures, but it seems like it could be rough without a guide. This is the best one I found and even it is missing some info.




Though cute, the above exchange wasn’t actually part of the day’s shenanigans.

The event starts once you find and speak with Blanca wandering around outside. Nope, there’s no drawing on her face this game. After finding her, visit one of your residents in their home until you find two of them in a house. Talk to one of them and they’ll argue about which is the actual villager. Each of them drops a hint about their identity—their birthday, what their picture says, their aspiration, or their siblings. If you think you know which is real based on the clue you can try and expose the impostor by giving them a towel. They will turn and wipe their face off hopefully revealing Blanca (I dunno what happens when you guess wrong because I didn’t guess wrong). If you’re still not sure you can say you don’t know and go through the whole routine over again hopefully getting a better clue. I had to do that with Biff as I had a hard time telling which of them was talking. If you guess correctly the villager will give you their picture and Blanca will go off to another house until you’ve gone through all your villagers. Get all of the impostors correct and Blanca will send you her picture too. This is a great way to get pictures. Even though I’ve only had Nibbles in Quantico for about 3 days I got her picture and can give her to my husband as soon as she wants to move. And now I have extra pictures of just about everyone else.














OMG Cherry’s was the funniest! Waffle Gangster! I guess I should changer her catch phrase to Doppelgänger since that’s what she was trying so hard to say.




Meanwhile in Hanabi & Kasen

It’s just the usual in Hanabi. I ordered a princess dress for Julian’s upcoming birthday this Saturday. I stopped Tia from moving again. I wrote my 4 letters (how many more do I need for the gold badge I wonder? My stash of perfect fruit in Hanabi is dangerously low with all this letter writing).

Yesterday Jen from Pink Sea stopped by Kasen with the last 5 dresses on my wish list. ♥ Hooray! I can stop hounding the Able Sisters every day! Thank you Thank you! XOXO Now I need to get up the nerve to go to Club Tortimer until I find that elusive blue wetsuit.

I’m going to try and post more regularly, but no promises until April. Life’s kind of crazy from now until I leave on vacation in just under 2 weeks. Definitely won’t post on vacation because I’ll be in the middle of the ocean for much of the trip without internet access. (people live like that?!)