Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Do you live around here?

Just when I think nothing new happens in my game, something new happens to prove me wrong. As I was wandering around yesterday I noticed the area just north of my fountain had…changed a bit. The four bushes and one tree had been flattened and replaced with…a house plot—and an unauthorized house plot at that.

What is that thing behind me??

What is that thing behind me??

I strolled over to see who had invaded Hanabi.

It could be worse. It could be better (Wherefore art thou Marshal??). Aurora is moving in. She’s a normal penguin. I think she’s pretty normal in every sense. She’s very nondescript. Kind of plain if you ask me.

At least she picked pretty much the perfect spot to put her house down. I can’t be mad at her for that.

I couldn’t wait until today to barge into her house and question her about where she came from. I know where I got her. Monday night I went to J-town in San Francisco and went to Kinokuniya to get my Japanese magazine fix since I read all mine on the boat. She’s definitely from streetpassing someone there.

Well, I can report to the mayor of Corvere that their Aurora was not voided. She'll live on in Hanabi until I get her picture, then out!

Well, I can report to the mayor of Corvere that their Aurora was not voided. She’ll live on in Hanabi until I get her picture, then out!

To add insult to injury (of course) I had a camper today as well. I thought surely this time it must be Marshal. Just to break my heart. Fortunately it was only Robin. I’ve gotta get someone out soon so I have a free spot again.


Full. Move along.

Full. Move along.

It all ends too soon!!!! *cries*

Oooooh me too! Me too! I just have this cute dress. I need a parasol!


And that’s all the new I can handle for the moment.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Double-Scoop Ice-Cream Cone


I liked being the prettiest snow woman better Lillian/Bunnie.

I liked being the prettiest snow woman better Lillian/Bunnie.

Fishing Tourney

Despite my best intentions I did participate in Saturday’s fishing tourney. I may even have won with a whale shark. I wasn’t really interested in the trophy. I remembered that this was the first fishing tournament since I completed my fish encyclopedia so I hit Chip up for the gold fishing rod. Unfortunately just as I got it and was merrily snapping screenshots the game told me my SD card was full…so I don’t have all of the commemorative pictures.



I cleaned out all of the fish I still had in my drawers (ew) from the harvest festival and turned them in to Chip as well as a few pikes, and assorted sharks I caught on the island the night before. I got a few pieces of the fish set. I have the whole set in Kasen, but Hanabi is lacking in its fishy furniture. I was hoping to get the jellyfish lamp. It’s my favorite. I got 2 football fish lamps, a squid chair, a sea anemone (or is that sea enemy?) bed, and a dab table.


Snow Family United

On Saturday I also completed my first perfect snow family. Snow Tyke sent me a matroyshka the next day.





Saturday Hanabi also saw its first aurora. We still haven’t had an igloo, but the aurora is one of my favorite weather events in Animal Crossing. I’ve never seen a real aurora. I wonder if I ever will?

I couldn’t decide which spot was best.



Sunday in Hanabi

Finally the Christmas lights are appearing on the pines. I wish they were a little more uniform in their distribution, but I’ll take what I can get.



Joan was selling turnips for 100 bells apiece. I almost bought some, but I’m stingy. I’m not buying until you offer me some in the 90s Joan!

Today in Hanabi

There’s supposed to be a meteor shower tonight so I need to remember to log on and make a wish (and maybe update my dream address).

Yesterday I built a perfect snowman, today perfect snowboy, which means tomorrow I need to make a mangled snowmam. I’m not looking forward to that because I have 4 snowflakes in my pockets taking up all my space. I should have planned a little better…


Overheard: Tia and Sheldon Bonding over “Exercise”








I also wrote a few letters. I decided to work on a few badges to give me something to do, so I’m writing to Tia, Julian, and Octavian. Julian’s house has gone downhill, so I’m sending him regal furniture to spruce it up. So far he replaced his napoleon fish with the regal bed I sent him. That’s progress! I decided Tia would like the pink rococo furniture so I’ve been sending her that. Unfortunately she replaced the rococo couch I sent her with the rococo table I sent her. I’m hoping she’ll replace her spooky dresser with the rococo dresser…You never really know what they’ll keep and what they will get rid of.

I also went on a couple island tours. Not enough to get me many medals, but since I have no idea how many medals I need for the badge, there’s no sense rushing.

And finally I visited Kasen to pick up a bingo number and reciprocated for Yumi. Should anyone want to stop by today, Hanabi has lucky #13.

Even the tower has snow on it.

Even the tower has snow on it.

Dreaming of Dreams

Hi green thumb Lauren from LeaVille. 🙂


I’m running out of people who commented on the dream world week thread in ACUKE’s forum, so either anyone is fair game or I’m going to look elsewhere for dream addresses. 😉

I stopped by Moeka’s town of London to see what London looks like Animal Crossing style.

First I changed into a bridal costume. Now, where's Kokuto?

First I changed into a bridal costume. Now, where’s Kokuto?





P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!
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