Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Outside Inner Beauty

Stalk Market for Friday, May 24

AM: 153 Bells
PM: 171 Bells

Once again I misjudged the stalk market this week. There’s a reason I wasn’t an economics major.

Community Projects

Today we celebrated the erection of a sign board. Yay! Sign board.

I intended for it to point the way to our secluded little campground (secluding landscpaping in progress), but when I went to slap the pattern on it that I got from the dream world I visited the other day, I couldn’t select it. So, maybe sign boards have to have original content? I faked it and made a passable copy of the one I liked.

On to the next project!

On to the next project!

Sheldon cornered me to tell me something he thinks would be great in town. He has, um, a way with words…



Yeah, I don't know if this matches the image I have in mind for Hanabi. But if we ever put in a football stadium or race track I'm there.

Yeah, I don’t know if this matches the image I have in mind for Hanabi. But if we ever put in a football stadium or race track I’m there.

I aldo dragged Isabelle all around town trying to find a spot for a new lighthouse. It turns out that the original place I wanted it—on the south side of the river by the waterfall doesn’t afford enough room. After trying a few more locations I settled for one near the cliff overlooking the dock. I haven’t put any money towards it because I’m torn like an old sweater.

Bellionaire for Real

I went hunting and fishing last night and re-amassed my 1,000,000 bells. I deposited it in my account and left it. I didn’t even twitch and try and pay off my home loan. This morning I had a lovely letter from the bank with a thank you gift piggy bank attached. The piggy bank is currently at Re-tail being refurbished by Cyrus. Pink piggy banks are so typical.


I even had the badge man show up and give me a badge for doing such a lovely job saving. Little does he know that puppy will be empty before you can say Christmas.


Why am I torn about putting money towards the lighthouse? You know how yesterday I had the royal crown in Labelle’s shop? Well, it’s back. Two days in a row. Tempting me. Terribly. On the one hand I could scare up 200,000 bells (somehow) and buy the crown and run around town like royalty for a few days while shaking trees, hitting rocks, and trying to regain my lost kingdom treasury.

What? You again! Why must you tempt me so!

What? You again! Why must you tempt me so!

And on the other I can let the crown languish on the shelf and spend some—not all—of my bells on the lovely new lighthouse, and my semi-overdue home loan. But the crown is…so shiny. Gah! Why can’t someone else make the monumental mayoral decisions (that have nothing to do with mayorhood at all).

New Do

Though T & T Mart is closed today, Shampoodle, the new hair salon, is open. Finally I can stop hiding under this DJ hat. Or can I?

T&T Mart. Closed for remodeling. Clang. Bang. Crash.

T&T Mart. Closed for remodeling. Clang. Bang. Crash.

I'm going in

I’m going in



*hack wheeze* easy on the hair spray

*hack wheeze* easy on the hair spray

Is it me?

Is it me?

Town Bench Day

I already posted most of these on tumblr today, but I’ve decided that today is town bench day in Hanabi. Well, at least for Shep and Soleil because all they’ve done today is sit on the bench individually, sit on the bench together, sit on the bench with me, or sleep on the bench.










P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!