Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Happy Birthday L☆cke!

Pattern Crazy

Saturday I finally got my hands on ぴこぷり magazine (as I keep stating). I came home and spent pretty much the entire evening making patterns out of the pattern book it came with. In addition to the snow bunny dress I posted I made a couple slightly less exciting shirts for my townies to wear.




And then I decided Octavian’s space moat could wait and I saved the patterns so Olive could get in on the dress making action. I’m not too fond of this reindeer dress. The color is kind of funky. But it was fairly easy to make.






K.K.’s Act

After all that pattern making I still remembered to stop by K.K.’s with Vella and more importantly with Locke to pick up her birthday song.



Sunday Adventures

Sunday I never even played with Vella. The day was spent with Locke trying to make everyone happy in preparation for today: her birthday. (Note: it’s not my birthday. Today is actually my niece’s 21st birthday. Scary!). Locke got a petition signed for Rooney, and ran into Hanabi’s former resident Kitt and Whitney (from my husband’s town) who recognized her.

Yeah. I remember.

Yeah. I remember.





She also gave perpetually starving Barold a perfect apple (thanks, Rachael!) and then against all odds got Octavian a bagworm. Though her face may have been harmed in the process. And her self-esteem as well…









Happy Birthday

Was it all worth it? Well, Locke was escorted by none other than the unicorn himself to her party. So, yeah. It kinda was.






Did I get what I wanted? No. The final birthday item I need are the birthday candles. Locke ended up with a birthday cake. If anyone wants to trade a birthday cake for birthday candles, I would be ecstatic. But at least she got one of the birthday items so I don’t think my schmoozing was in vain. I’ll just have to remember to do it with more than 10 days to go and be a little more diligent in my letter writing next time (I say that every time). I don’t even remember what I set Olive’s B-day to. I think it may be my cat’s birthday, March 22…




And that was that. She didn’t get any other presents from townies. Her mom sent her a gift and that was about it.


After the birthday fanfare I logged Vella back on to repair all of the trees that exploded last night while Locke was looking for a bagworm and then went on a couple dream adventures to ACUKE towns.

First stop Rick’s town of Farside:


Path to nowhere? If I had a wetsuit I might take a leap.

Path to nowhere? If I had a wetsuit I might take a leap.





Next stop: ACUKE founder Chorna’s town of Hideaway.


Now, what do I want to see...

Now, what do I want to see…


I did!

I did!

This is my favorite! I love the little gardens.

This is my favorite! I love the little gardens.

Um. You're in your house.——my husband just got him the other day. :)

Um. You’re in your house.——my husband just got him the other day. 🙂

And now it’s time for me to exercise. I put on a bit of weight studying all the time. Plus side to exercising. Maybe I’ll be warm for a bit. It’s cold out!

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!
P.P.S. I think the big snowstorm will be tomorrow with snowy ground the following day. I can’t wait!

Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Mambo in the Summer

Stalk Market for Monday, August 19

AM: 134 Bells
PM: 113 Bells

It feels like it’s been forever since I blogged!

Selections from Obon

I got up very early and opened for a special new friend from Korea. Thank you so much for everything Mikayla!

No thank you! I hope we can meet up again!

No thank you! I hope we can meet up again!

And then opened up twice more. The morning was plagued by crashes and Isabelle seemed to have a surplus of cucumber horses and not so many eggplant cows, but it was still a fun time. I loved seeing everyone’s kimonos. Thank you so much to everyone who brought birthday presents. Everything was wonderful!

The obon cutout

The obon cutout



Yumi apparently is having trouble ringing up Camryn's soda


A few words from Shizu-chan aka Isabelle about the holiday.







My Birthday!

My birthday in Hanabi went over great. I didn’t expect Julian to be at my party (and he wasn’t). I need to schmooze with him a little more. Barold whisked me off to his house for the party. Inside Sheldon and Soleil were waiting dancing and singing.





My townies gave me a birthday hat. I don’t think I’m ever going to take it off. It is so tacky and I feel like the mad hatter. ♥


I also got a couple letters with presents from townies and from mom. I forget who gave me what. It wasn’t anything earth shattering.



My birthday in Kasen was a little more disappointing. 1) Lillian/Bunnie didn’t show up. The nerve! 2) I got a birthday cake. I already have one from Taiga’s birthday. Boo! I was hoping for sunglasses or a signboard or something. Oh well. Yumi hasn’t been spending as much time with neighbors as she should—blame Vella for that. There’s only so much time to go around.

Note to Katrina: one should not be tripping on their birthday.

my birfday cake!

my birfday cake!


I brought Locke out for the Bug-Off. I needed the firefly lamp and was fortunate enough to get it on one of the first few bug submissions so I didn’t do too much. I then had Vella turn in one bug to try for third. Unfortunately she got second. I was hoping someone would edge one of us out in the final few hours, but no such luck. Still need that bronze bug trophy.


My money is on Kitt.



I didn’t really do anything for the fireworks festival. There were just too many holidays strung together and all I wanted to do was work on public works for my not-very-parklike park.

Public Works

Shep proposed a pyramid for Hanabi. I’m not feeling a pyramid in town, but I guess if I don’t get that jungle gym it could go there…except that it’s really expensive.

Noted. Don't hold your breath.

Noted. Don’t hold your breath.

So far my park has a tire bench and a boot sculpture. If I can scrape up the bells today it will also have a balloon arch (1 of 2) tomorrow. Then I need to remove my fruit sign and put in a drinking fountain, the other balloon arch, and then hope someone proposes Hanabi needs a jungle gym because what’s a park without a jungle gym?


Notice that my birthday outfit has gotten even more horrible with special thanks to Gracie Grace’s sale.


I also have to remove one of my zen streetlights from the path since it got shifted. Move or remove the camp sign because of the same reason. I might put a bonfire in the additional space. And figure out what I want to do with the awkward merging of the paths by Julian’s house. I have 2 bushes going east west in the middle of the path and they’re just not working there now that it got moved over, but I don’t know if I should just remove them or change the layout of the central part of that east west path altogether. A mayor’s work is never done!


I turned in 3 gold ore last night before bed. This morning I had a golden chair. I danced with the alpacas in joy.

Now I need the screen, the floor, and the closet

Now I need the screen, the floor, and the closet

Found a lost item today. It turned out to be Soleil’s favorite book “Mambo in the Summer”. At least it wasn’t 50 Shades of Something. That one’s banned in Hanabi. Not for being graphic, but for being horrible.

Hotch needs an FBI flack jacket. Any talented pattern makers?

Hotch needs an FBI flack jacket. Any talented pattern makers?

I also finally added my giant list of needed shirts to the wish list page. I’m tempted to offer ridiculous amounts of money for each shirt… like 10k apiece—this is from the mayor with 375 bells in her savings account. I just need so many. I knew I should’ve just been buying them indiscriminately!

And now I’ve got a movie to catch. BBL!

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Days 98 & 99

Stalk Market

Day 98

AM: 75 Bells
PM: 71 Bells

Day 99

AM: 67

Heeeeeellllpp I’m sinking! Anyone got decent prices?

Day 98

Sorry for the teaser yesterday, but I don’t want you guys to jump ship cause I’m not writing as much.

My new snow-covered gold roof.

My new snow-covered gold roof.

I walked up to the bulletin board to read the message and… The message was just announcing the completion of the fairy tale clock.

What a horrible place for a pitfall seed

What a horrible place for a pitfall seed

Community Projects

Celebrating our new fairy tale clock

Celebrating our new fairy tale clock

I don't remember who wants the geyser.

I don’t remember who wants the geyser.

Hakase wants a new traffic light

Hakase wants a new traffic light


Finally my bingo daddy put out. I mean…I got a bingo and he gave me the ski slope wall.


the ski slope wall

the ski slope wall

Gracie Grace

The big news was of course a visit from Gracie Grace. This is only the second time I’ve seen him/her (depending on which localization you’re playing he’s male in Japan female in US…I’m sticking with “him” for now.) After passing his fashion check 4 times the Nook Brothers store upgrades and he sets up shop on the third floor. That’s why his appearance is a big deal.

So, knowing this time that he wasn’t going to evaluate my current ensemble I walked up to him to see what he wanted me to show him.

Drive. Me. Crazy.

Drive. Me. Crazy.

The theme was “crazy” clothes. I then set about to see what I had that was “crazy.” and what I could scrounge together into a presentable outfit. I found that there are only two pairs of “crazy” shoes the clown shoes, and the engineer boots, and just one pair of crazy socks: the gaudy socks—which look like they match quite well with the clown shoes. I ordered all of the above to decide on shoes after they arrived.

I wanted to make the clown outfit, but I don’t have either the clown shirt or the clown pants and neither does Kokuto. I raided his catalog too. As I was trying to come up with an alternative I found out that the bandage shirt/pants are considered “crazy.” but I don’t have the helmet. #firstworldACproblems There are only two other pairs of pants that aren’t GracieGrace items that are crazy style and I didn’t have either of them…soooo I went with the mummy clown theme.

I ordered all my stuff and then had to wait until the mail came at 5pm to present my crazy self to Gracie.

He said that everything was Crazy, so I knew I passed, but I didn't know how well...

He said that everything was Crazy, so I knew I passed, but I didn’t know how well…

until he gave me a gorgeous lamp!!!

until he gave me a gorgeous lamp!!!

Gorgeous Lamp I'm glad he gave it to me cause it's expensive! And I doubt I'll get to buy this set until next year since it ends at the end of this month.

Gorgeous Lamp
I’m glad he gave it to me cause it’s expensive! And I doubt I’ll get to buy this set until next year since it ends at the end of this month.

Day 99

Finally it’s Valentine’s Day! I didn’t write my townies yesterday because I didn’t want my mailbox to be shaking violently at me this morning. Nevertheless I had a letter from my mom with a shirt, a letter from Shizuechan containing a chocolate cake. Mmmmm cake. And Hakase sent me a box of chocolates.

Your mother will send you either a black tea shirt (for boys), flower pattern sweater (for girls), or cocoa plant (for either). Ryuuji got the black tea shirt. Taiga got the cocoa plant.

Depending on whether you’ve made nicey nice with any neighbors you’ll get in ascending order: nothing, pink roses, purple roses, or chocolates. None of my other villagers got anything from townies, but they don’t play much or talk to many people.

Shizue seems to always send the chocolate cake though.

Chocolates and chocolate cake

Chocolates and chocolate cake

Hot Chocolate

I was a little worried that hot chocolate wasn’t in the game for Valentine’s day because Brewster didn’t say anything when I ordered coffee. But when I drank it:



this is... hot chocolate!!

this is…
hot chocolate!!

Happy... Valentines!


Birthday Boy

I forgot that I set Ryuuji’s birthday to Valentine’s day. Otherwise I might have made him go on a letter writing crusade.
When I sent Ryuuji out today Lillian was waiting to take him to her house for a rocking party!

Ryuuji I've been waiting for you!

Ryuuji I’ve been waiting for you!

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday!!

Make a wish and blow out the candles!

Make a wish and blow out the candles!

I actually had to type in a wish. I’m not telling what it was! and then use the microphone to blow out the candles. It was really cute. Lillian then tried to get me to tell her what the wish was and I didn’t tell her either.

a party isn't a party without party poppers

a party isn’t a party without party poppers

Lillian gave me a present!

Lillian gave me a present!

The present turned out to be a two tone rug. As I mentioned previously he’s not all that social, and I wasn’t prepared for this birthday. I think with better rapport with villagers you get more swag. My (Yumi’s) birthday isn’t until August, so it’s gonna be a while before I celebrate in style.

Happy Birthday! I received a birthday celebration!

Happy Birthday! I received a birthday celebration!

Kaizo’s Corner

World Map (from Maikochan) pre-remake

World Map (from Maikochan) pre-remake

sepia world map

sepia world map