Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Go Ahead… Enjoy

Stalk Market for Thursday, May 23

AM: 123 Bells
PM: 122 Bells

What’s this? A spike? oh well. I bailed on the turnip market yesterday in Kasen for a measly 120 bells.


Our first resident is jumping ship. Sadly it’s not Jambette. I had to think for a minute before I told Charlise to hit the dusty trail. Truth is, her gruffness was growing on me. See if I send you any more dollhouses to soften you up, Charlise! But such is life. She’ll be leaving on the 28th. I wish her well—and don’t come to Kasen you ugly Bear!—Err. Um. I mean Byeee (that was my Phyllis impression)


No. Really. I'm ok with this.

No. Really. I’m ok with this.

Coffee Monger


Oh, happy caffeine! After dealing with Charlise I ran down to see our new café. My first surprise was the visitor who beat me to our newly opened shop.



I took Tortimer’s advice and had a seat. Brewster is a pigeon of few words, but he makes a mean cup of coffee. I tried to get him to open up to me without any success. I’ll keep trying.


Mail Call

I only got a redundant flowery painting in the mail. Maybe if I actually wrote to my townies I’d have a more lively mailbox…but I did se Pete busily delivering letters. He didn’t have time for a lengthy chat.


Other Big News

Another new shop?! We haven’t even gotten the hair salon to open yet. I went up to the bulletin board and read that Timmy and Tommy will be closed tomorrow to upgrade. That was fast!

I need more Bells!

It seems like there’s an endless number of things for me to spend my easily exhausted savings on. I haven’t upgraded my house even though I can’t walk around in it. There are just too many cool things that take precedence to my modest dwelling. Kitt stopped me and wants me to build this:

I'm totally on board with this project. I just hope it fits where I want it.

I’m totally on board with this project. I just hope it fits where I want it.

I built a sign board today, so maaaaaybe tomorrow I’ll see about the lighthouse.

This was in the Able Sisters. I tried it on. It’s just depressing how expensive that is.

where's my sad sigh emotion?

where’s my sad sigh emotion?

Nope. That's bashful.

Nope. That’s bashful.


so naturally since it's weird that's what you want to call me?

so naturally since it’s weird that’s what you want to call me?

maybe we'll change your catch phrase to flea-bitten

maybe we’ll change your catch phrase to flea-bitten

That would be me, your friendly mayor. BTW ignore the camp signs everywhere. Should be fixed by tomorrow...

That would be me, your friendly mayor. BTW ignore the camp signs everywhere. Should be fixed by tomorrow…

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 25

Stalk Market is closed

Joan sold turnips for 93 bells apiece. Despite last week’s slowly sinking turnip disaster I bought 60.


It’s so cute! I see gyroids! Maybe he will still store them after we get to be friends.

The moment I have been eagerly awaiting arrived: Brewster set up shop in Kasen village. His shop is open 24 hours. I hear you can get a part-time job at the café somehow, but I probably have to make nicey-nice with Brewster first. He was pretty quiet at our initial meeting.

This is the right hand side of the café. Great for bringing friends. 🙂

I sampled a cup of coffee for 200 bells. Of course I told him I would drink it right away. Heaven forbid I would let it cool!

“perfect acidity, adult taste” – seriously that’s what it translates to. What’s an adult-like taste??

Nook Mart

Sadly I had no upstairs today. I jumped the gun with that thought. The Nook brothers upgraded to the super mart. I always hated this one on City Folk because the hours drove me crazy.

The Super has more items, but there were no fortune cookies (boo!). On December 21 there is a winter solstice holiday. I don’t know what the holiday entails, but instead of the usual 2 fortunes he was selling seasonal colored “stick lights”. I’m assuming they’re something like the sparklers for 4th of July. I don’t know if they’ll be sold all month or if I’ll get some fortune cookies later in the month.

There was also a new stationary type item called a “melody card”. I haven’t used it yet, but I bought it. (It’s the green card-like thing on the far right)

Here’s what the inside of Super Nook looks like.

He was carrying a seasonal holiday candle. I thought the middle thing was seasonal too until I looked at it more closely. It’s a sushi boat. 😉

And because I have access to my catalog again, here’s a picture of the DLC Stump Stool. Also, when you search for something it searches within the whole word. It doesn’t have to be a separate word and it doesn’t have to be the first part. I knew the windmill that I got from Gulliver was something attached to “fuusha” so I just typed in the part I knew and it brought it up. Handy!

This is the DLC from 12/1-12/31 downloadable at the post office.


Nothing especially new at the museum today. But I have to post pictures. (Ignore the penis in the shot. It’s art!) I got another pedestal and decided to put the book I bought the other day on it. And for the heck of it I decided to touch the book. It’s a pop-up book! So cute!

Speedy Salon

I made the mistake of trying to get my “makeup” done. I’m not posting pictures because it was disastrous. It ended up being the stupid mii head. I hate those. I swear that you can get different eye color somehow. I saw pictures. I’ll just have to figure out how.


If today hadn’t been soooooooo long I would have tried to amass the 1.2 million bells to get the crown from the Able Sisters. However I had a test from 12-3:30PM that I arrived to at 10:30AM because it was raining like mad here and it’s a long drive into the city (San Francisco). Then I got dinner yada yada yada, didn’t get home till almost 7PM. I’m sure it will show up again.

It didn’t go with my outfit anyway.

Shoe Shank

Even the shoe shop is getting into the holiday spirit. Shank was selling Santa boots! I don’t have the rest of the outfit except for the beard, but I bought the boots and wore them around because they matched my little emo schoolgirl outfit.

And the Santa Boots completed the outfit. 😛


Again! I think she’s homeless. I took her over to Kokuto’s village and then made him go on countless tours with me so I could save medals to get both a mermaid clock and a southern island wallpaper. The wallpaper costs 100 medals. You may recall I missed out on the southern island floor a bit ago. I got the clock, but I still have a little ways to go before I can get the wallpaper. Tomorrow I’ll tell you whether I succeeded in getting it or not. 🙂

Kokuto is now known as duck boy. He got that hat on the island. He was wearing the cat hood. Talk about confused.

One step closer to total mermaid domination! If only I knew what pieces I was missing…