The outside of Pokéwood’s extravagant theater.

After defeating ホミカ I walked over to Pokéwood. The entrance was no longer blocked. Inside, the blonde guy, hereafter referred to as the talent scout was talking (about me!) to his boss named ウッドウ. I was whisked off on a tour by the scout as Mr. Wood prepared something for me. I must say Pokéwood looked pretty awesome. The theater he took me to looked a little familiar.

The inside of the theater was just as glamorous and as we were making our way to the movie’s reception desk we ran into none other than 船長. His movie was about to make it’s debut on the big screen (one of eight in the theater). And I was transferred into his care to go watch it. I thought it was rather hokey, but I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I was spared telling him about it because the talent scout reappeared. Off we went to the studio to make my own movie.

Where the movie magic is made.

I was reunited with Mr. Wood. He introduced me to the film star ハチク. Next thing I knew I was on a green screen making a movie with him. I used rental pokémon (it wouldn’t let me use my own) and I picked a couple options for dialog and action moves. Then wham bam, movie! Apparently it’s being shown back at the theater. But I don’t think I’m star material contrary to what the scout and Mr. Wood may think. I just want to fill up my pokédex.

I went back down to the dock to check on the ship’s captain and found ホミカ and my rival and three no-good プラズマ団 goons. After they tell me about their diabolical plans to steal pokémon my rival, as usual, tells them to shut up, calls them thieves and generally pisses them off with his brash swagger. So they decide to take our pokémon. A fight ensues. Afterward they run off toward route 20. ホミカ gives you HM01 いあいぎい before leaving you. I assumed I’d need it to chase down team plasma. But I didn’t.


Your rival is (uselessly) standing on the bridge at the north part of route 20. If you turn south you’ll run into an orange-haired team plasma minion. She’s actually the only one you have to fight. Your rival comes down and (I think) tells you they escaped by boat. I could be wrong. But anyway, it’s time to blow this popsicle stand.

If you want to use cut before you leave, go back to the industrial complex. Once inside turn left and go all the way west. You should see a tree you can cut. Then you can reach the いいキズぐすり on the ground.

Back at the dock ホミカ is telling her dad that she liked his movie. They patch things up and the ship captain returns to work. So, my rival and I can go to ヒウンシティ. Yay!


It’s a quick ride to the city. You arrive at the プライムピア Immediately after arriving my rival ran off to hunt team plasma. I was left to explore at my leisure. Just how I like it. At the south end of the pier there’s a pokéball containing a ハートノウロコ.

We never get far on our own in this game without being accosted by people do we? Just north of the pier is a clown. He gives you a じてんしゃ and raves about ヒウンラリー, which I can only assume is a bike race. You have to find 3 clowns who will give you medals. The first one is in the battle company, which incidentally is behind the clown to the left.

I’m going to explore the city from the clown, to the building behind him. Up the street, down the pier and then to the left. After reaching the end I’ll go from the clown to the right up the street and at the pier. Kind of confusing but bear with me.


The blue-haired girl in the battle company gives you an item based on your starter. I chose snivy, so she gave me a miracle seed.

47th floor

Battle the businessman and when you beat him he gives you two クイックボール. Continuing south from the businesman, you may spy a pokéball nestled between two desks. You’ll have to beat the OL before you can claim the エフェクトガード. Besting the other businessman will earn you five タイマーボール. The guy in the lab coat gives you a ピントレンズ. The guy behind the screen doesn’t give you anything for fighting him. A pity.

55th floor

The first thing I spotted was a pokéball over to the left by some boxes. It holds a ピーピーエイド. Other than that there’s not much else in here. Talk to the janitor who gave you the exp. share and you’ll be challenged by a boy who wants to be company president. I felt bad beating his eevee since I mostly just wanted to run off with it like a team plasma grunt… I didn’t have the same reservations about stomping his herdier.


Ooooooh to the left is the ice cream shop. I bought one. You can buy either 1 or 12.

To the right is the アトリエ. I was stymied by the name. It’s french for ‘atelier’ I didn’t linger in here. I was more interested in the name.


Ah ha! Inside is another clown. The guy in the right corner wants you to tell him your favorite greeting. The lady in the top right corner wants you to tell her how you would thank people. The guy all the way to the left wants you to tell him what you would say if you were pleased about something. And the guy in the lab coat is the same one from black and white that wants you to take surveys. As you leave, the blond woman stops you to make you fill out a survey. If you stay and fill out all of them (it takes a while) you’ll get a サイコソーダ.


Remember the guy that jumped out in Black and White, scared you, and gave you flash? Yeah, he’s still here. He still jumps out. And he still gives you TM70 フラッシュ.


The bartender will give you a モーモーミルク for visiting. Other than that there’s not a lot going on in there.


The woman standing there gives you a あかいいと. The boat docked goes to United Tower. At least the lady says that, but makes no move to let you go. Maybe it’s cause I haven’t traded with anyone on the GTS yet.

Gym Street

The gym looks…bigger. But he gym leader アーティ isn’t there. A familiar face shows up looking for him, アイリス. She asks who you are and you apparently tell her, and tell her about team plasma. She goes off to help you hunt them.


In the building on the left, the woman on the right will give your pokémon a massage each day. The name rater is also in there.

2nd floor

Ah ha! The last clown is in here! You can ask the grey-haired man at the table questions about the medals. The woman at the table tells you how many medals you have and your medalist rank. I only have 12 and am beginner rank.

3rd floor

Hey! It’s the dream lab. マコモ in the lab coat tells you all about the game sync. The assistant to the south will answer a couple of questions for you about the game sync or pokémon’s dreams. The lady on the left is the creator of the computer pokébox system ショウロ. You can ask her various questions as well.


I decided to take a trip out to liberty garden via boat. It brings back such memories of capturing victini. I hoped he would still be here, but knew that I wouldn’t find him. Actually there’s not much to do over on the island at the moment. I didn’t find anything. And everyone seemed to be musing about the absent victini.

Send in the clowns!

Ok, not really. But once you’ve found all of the clowns, if you go back to the first one and talk to him he’ll give you a ふしぎなアメ.


In the lobby of the building on the left there are a bunch of people to talk to, but nothing really useful.

11th floor

The girl with the guitar gives you TM44 ねむる—rest. Nothing much else of interest.


The guy on the right rubs my nose in the fact that I only have 12 medals and he has 30. Brat! Maybe I’ll come back after I’ve gotten a few more… Other than that it’s just chatting.

22nd floor

The pokéball next to the guy in the green shirt on the left contains a げんきのかけら. It’s about time I got one of those. You can fight the bald guy. He has a clefairy. ♥ The guy next to him challenges you to a fight as well. He has the three monkeys.

遊覧船 乗り場

The only thing down here is the Royal Unova. Since I haven’t beat the game I can’t take the sunset cruise. Rats.

East Gate 東口

The girl just inside gives you a せんせいのツメ.

In front of the pokécenter Iris is waiting (assuming you’ve been to Gym Street and run into her). She talks to you and then runs off to the rightmost pier. Once there your rival zooms in…and ultimately goes into the sewers.

In the next installment (which hopefully is easier to read and less choppy) after him!