Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 20

wherein I get my dance on

Stalk Ticker

AM: 74 Bells
PM: 70 Bells

Emma, you can put turnips in your locker for ease of transport. This frees up your inventory. Hooray!

Mermaid Roof!

The only mermaid bit I’m missing for the outside is the paving stone bit on the bottom. I haven’t seen it yet. I don’t know what it looks like.

You can barely see the stones at the bottom of the house. I wonder if the mermaid ones have seashells.


My mailbox was blinking like crazy when I stepped outside this morning. I had to free up a bit of space before I could accept my four pieces of mail. I’m a hoarder.

First off, Maikochan (the not lost kitten) sent me a thank you gift because I was finally able to take her over to exotic Jisuna village (that she’s been to quite a bit). Enclosed was a globe.

Then I had a letter from the Happy Home Academy congratulating me on scoring over 2万点—or in English terms more than 20,000 points. I scored 20,214 point (yes I braved Lyle to find that out). They sent me a pennant. Do they think I’m living in a dorm room?

I also had a letter from the bank and a box of tissues. I forget what the milestone donation amount is. Letters are displayed on the bottom screen and I didn’t snap a picture of it. I thought it was for 10k, but that seems low…

Couldn’t they have sent me a toaster?

Finally I had a lucky cat that I ordered from Kokuto’s house in the street pass plaza.

Public Utilities

Your townies sometimes come up to you and tell you they want something built. Zombie pig told me he wanted a yield sign put in the village. Apparently the street light by his house wasn’t good enough for him.

This is the sign Hakase (Zombie Pig) wants. Apparently he has the right of way.

The New Street Light. To the right is Zombie Pig’s house. And who do we have in the corner…

The other day Poison Frog told me about a different park bench. I’m not sure if I want to build the new park bench and demolish the old one or put the new one somewhere else.

Should I switch this bench in? Or put it elsewhere?

You will be happy to know that I told Shizue I wanted Resetti’s hole. I decided to put it where I said yesterday, in the top left corner of town. This is what it will look like: a manhole cover. I still need to scrape up the bells to build it. Maybe we’ll have it tomorrow. Maybe we won’t.


Last night I tried to replicate my encounter with Pascal, but even though I caught two new crabs and a creepy red sea cucumber thing I did not find a scallop.

Red King Crab

Sea Cucumber

Guess what I did catch? I saw a long thing shadow by the beach when I was diving around. I swam a bit south of it so as not to scare it away and climbed out onto the beach. As a side note, swimming in the village in November makes me cold!

I’m waiting for the Able Sisters to stock some heated underwear.

After I shivered and sneezed I thew my line out. I thought I was going to get a tuna because I haven’t gotten one yet. Lo and behold I got:

A Coelacanth!

I still need a tuna…

This was all a roundabout way of telling you that I did a lot of diving last night and today the badge scout master showed up. I thought maybe I’d get a bug badge since I don’t have one and all I seem to do at night is hunt beetles on the island for $$$. He thought otherwise.

I got a pro diver badge. A silver badge.

There are actually only two or three creatures I need to get from diving to complete the collection. It’s kind of small. But two of them I know of are only available from June-September, so it’s going to be a while to complete.

Club 444

It’s here! Shizue told me about Club 444 when I started up my game this morning and mentioned that she’s a big fan of K.K Slider. LOL! The club doesn’t officially open until 8PM tonight, but I went to Kokuto’s town last night and we danced up a storm so you can see what the joint looks like. I wonder if Shrunk’s act will be open tomorrow?

No indication of hours or anything…just CLOSED

Outside Club 444 in Jisuna Village at Night

Lights, Camera, Boogie!

You dance by using the plus controller and each direction is a different dance move.

Even Shrunk was in there cutting a rug

It was a lot of fun. The lights were really detailed and varied. I forgot to turn on the 3D to see what it looks like… I can’t wait to get a full crowd in there. 🙂 There was no interaction with K.K. He was busy doing his DJ thing. On Saturday he should have a more traditional acoustic set. Of course I’ll report.

Four Leaf Clover!

It took me ages to find one in City Folk, but as I tried to pluck out one of my (rare) weeds I picked up a four leaf clover instead.

Museum Gift Shopping

Today Celeste had stocked another display case (for 1500 Bells). This one without the glass. I think I like this one better. The other one seems a bit prone to glare. She also had a silver shovel. She said the shovel was in stock because we had more than 15 fossils on display (I wonder if that means completed?). Since Kokuto and I are swapping extra fossils my collection is pretty full already.

Here are the two display cases in my museum exhibition room (that I’ve just been throwing random crap in). The four leaf clover is on the regular case. You put items on/in them just like you would put something on a table. There’s a french doll in the glass case that I bought from Kokuto’s Nook Brothers and a balloon clock that I shot down hanging on the wall. The fire flower needs no introduction.



It seems like a full day and it’s barely noon. I haven’t been to the island yet today. I’ll probably try and pay off Resetti’s hole later tonight. But I’ve got to get my study on. I’m taking the JLPT N4 this Sunday and I’m freaking out a little. The test is only offered once a year in the United States so if I fail I have to wait until next December to take it again.