DIY Wish List


As I am trying to complete DIYs for two islands, bold type means I don’t have it on either game, regular type means I have it on one. I’m not including seasonal recipes that have not occurred yet (I don’t time travel), and I’ll list Celeste recipes following (not including zodiac items).


  • Cherry-blossom bonsai (spring seasonal)
  • Cherry-blossom branches (spring seasonal)
  • Cherry-blossom clock (spring seasonal)
  • Cherry-blossom pond stone (spring seasonal)
  • Cherry-blossom petal pile (spring seasonal)
  • Iron hanger stand
  • Iron shelf
  • Mermaid Bed
  • Mermaid screen
  • Mermaid shelf
  • Natural garden chair
  • Street piano
  • Wooden table

All recipes: Celeste

  • Asteroid
  • Astronaut suit
  • Crescent moon chair
  • Crewed spaceship
  • Lunar Lander
  • Lunar Rover
  • Nova light
  • Satellite
  • space shuttle
  • Galaxy flooring
  • Lunar surface
  • Sci-fi flooring
  • Sci-fi wall
  • Cosmos wand
  • Golden wand
  • Hyacinth wand
  • Iron wand
  • Lily wand
  • Mums wand
  • Rose wand
  • Tree-branch wand
  • Tulip wand
  • Wand
  • Windflower wand
  • Star pochette
  • Star head

Door Decorations

  • Chic windflower wreath
  • Cool hyacinth wreath
  • Cool windflower wreath
  • Dark lily wreath
  • Dark tulip wreath
  • Fancy lily wreath
  • Fancy mum wreath
  • Fancy rose wreath
  • Hyacinth wreath
  • Natural mum wreath
  • Pansy wreath
  • Pretty cosmos wreath
  • Purple hyacinth wreath
  • Rose wreath
  • Snazzy pansy wreath
  • Tulip wreath
  • Windflower wreath


  • Cherry-blossom flooring (spring seasonal)
  • Sakura-wood flooring (spring seasonal)
  • Apple rug
  • Cherry-blossom trees wall (spring seasonal)
  • Mermaid wall
  • Modern wood wall
  • Sakura-wood wall (spring seasonal)
  • Stone wall


  • Pear dress
  • Blue Rose crown
  • Chic mum crown
  • Chic rose crown
  • Chic tulip crown
  • Cool hyacinth crown
  • Cool pansy crown
  • Cosmos crown
  • Cute lily crown
  • Dark Cosmos crown
  • Gold rose crown
  • hyacinth crown
  • Lily crown
  • Lovely cosmos crown
  • Mum crown
  • Pansy crown
  • Rose crown
  • Tulip crown
  • Windflower crown
  • Cherry-blossom pochette (spring seasonal)
  • Log pack
  • Cherry-blossom umbrella (spring seasonal)

Duplicate DIY

The following is a list of duplicate DIYs I have available. Ignore the letter in parenthesis at the end as that just helps me notate which character has it.

  • Apple Wall (s)
  • Bamboo bench (s, d)
  • Bamboo doll (ゆ)
  • Bamboo floor lamp (s)
  • Bamboo-grove wall (d, d)
  • Basket pack (ゆ)
  • Boomerang (ゆ)
  • Butter churn (ゆ)
  • Coconut wall planter (s, d)
  • Cosmos shower (s)
  • Garden wagon (d)
  • Gold armor (d)
  • Golden dishes (s)
  • Ironwood bed (d)
  • Ironwood cupboard (s)
  • Log chair (ゆ)
  • Log garden lounge (s)
  • Log stool (d)
  • Medium Cardboard boxes (d)
  • Money flooring (s)
  • Music stand (d)
  • Natural garden table (ゆ)
  • Pan flute (ゆ)
  • Paw-print doorplate (d, ゆ)
  • Pear wall (d)
  • Pond stone (d)
  • Pot (d)
  • Rustic-stone wall (s, d)
  • Shell fountain (s)
  • Tiki torch (ゆ)
  • Wooden-block stool (s x2)
  • Wooden simple bed (s, d, ゆ)

DIY Recipes

The following is a list of DIYs that I have for both of my Animal Crossing New Horizon games. As of 5/5/20 it is up to date for both my US game (Ardani) and for my JP game (みや島). I’ll post a list of extras in the next day or two.

I would be happy to craft anything on this list for materials.

USJPNameTypeMade JPMade US
XXFlimsy AxeTool✔✔
XXStone AxeTool✔✔
XXFlimsy ShovelTool✔✔
XXFlimsy Fishing rodTool✔✔
XXFishing RodTool✔✔
XXFlimsy NetTool✔✔
XXFlimsy Watering CanTool✔✔
XXWatering CanTool✔✔
XGolden watering canTool✔
XXVaulting PoleTool✔✔
XXStar WandTool
XXBamboo WandTool
XCosmos wandTool
XCherry-blossom wandTool
XXBunny Day wandTool
XXTiki torchHousewares✔
XXSimple DIY workbenchHousewares✔
XMini DIY workbenchHousewares✔
XWooden stoolHousewares✔
XXWooden chairHousewares✔✔
XWooden mini tableHousewares
XXWooden end tableHousewares
XXWooden low tableHousewares
XXWooden wardrobeHousewares✔✔
XXWooden chestHousewares
XXWooden simple bedHousewares✔
XWooden double bedHousewares
XXWooden full-length mirrorHousewares✔
XWooden waste binHousewares
XXLog stoolHousewares✔✔
XXLog benchHousewares✔✔
XLog dining tableHousewares✔
XXLog round tableHousewares✔
XXLog garden loungeHousewares✔✔
XXLog chairHousewares✔
XLog bedHousewares✔
XXLog decorative shelvesHousewares
XXLog stakesHousewares✔✔
XXWooden-block stoolHousewares
XWooden-block chairHousewares
XXWooden-block tableHousewares✔✔
XXWooden-block bedHousewares✔
XWooden-block bookshelfHousewares
XXWooden-block stereoHousewares✔✔
XXPlain sinkHousewares
XPlain wooden shop signHousewares
XNatural garden chairHousewares✔
XXNatural square tableHousewares✔
XXNatural garden tableHousewares✔
XRocking chairHousewares
XSwinging benchHousewares
XGrass standeeHousewares✔
XHedge standeeHousewares✔
XXMountain standeeHousewares
XXTree standeeHousewares
XTea tableHousewares
XXRocking horseHousewares
XXMusic standHousewares✔✔
XXAcoustic GuitarHousewares✔
XXButter churnHousewares✔
XXGarden wagonHousewares✔✔
XAngled signpostHousewares
XXDestinations signpostHousewares✔
XXTire toyHousewares✔
XXTire stackHousewares
XXBrick ovenHousewares✔
XXBrick WellHousewares
XStone stoolHousewares✔
XXStone tableHousewares✔✔
XXDrinking fountainHousewares✔
XGarden rockHousewares✔
XXFlat garden rockHousewares✔✔
XTall garden rockHousewares
XXMossy garden rockHousewares✔
XStone archHousewares
XXOutdoor bathHousewares✔
XXSauna heaterHousewares
XXSimple wellHousewares
XXWave breakerHousewares✔
XZen-style stoneHousewares✔
XXStone lion-dogHousewares✔
XXStone tabletHousewares
XTall lanternHousewares✔
XXPond stoneHousewares✔✔
XCherry-blossom pond stoneHousewares✔
XXIron garden chairHousewares✔✔
XXIron garden tableHousewares✔✔
XXIron worktableHousewares✔✔
XIron closetHousewares
XStandard umbrella standHousewares✔
XXWater pumpHousewares✔✔
XXJail barsHousewares
XIron frameHousewares
XKettle bathtubHousewares
XXManhole coverHousewares
XXIronwood chairHousewares✔
XIronwood cartHousewares
XXIronwood tableHousewares✔
XXIronwood low tableHousewares✔
XXIronwood bedHousewares
XXIronwood cupboardHousewares✔
XXIronwood kitchenetteHousewares
XIronwood DIY workbenchHousewares
XGarden benchHousewares✔
XGolden seatHousewares
XXGolden casketHousewares
XXGolden toiletHousewares
XHay bedHousewares✔
XXOrange end tableHousewares✔✔
XXPeach chairHousewares✔
XApple chairHousewares✔
XApple TVHousewares✔
XPear wardrobeHousewares
XPear bedHousewares
XPalm-tree lampHousewares✔
XXBeekeeper’s hiveHousewares✔
XTiny LibraryHousewares
XXWooden bookshelfHousewares
XScattered papersHousewares
XXCardboard chairHousewares
XCardboard sofaHousewares✔
XCardboard tableHousewares
XCardboard bedHousewares
XSmall cardboard boxesHousewares
XXMedium cardboard boxesHousewares✔
XXLarge cardboard boxesHousewares✔✔
XOil-barrel bathtubHousewares
XXGiant teddy bearHousewares
XStreet pianoHousewares
XSpace shuttleHousewares
XXRobot heroHousewares
XAries rocking chairHousewares
XXTaurus bathtubHousewares
XXBamboo benchHousewares✔✔
XDeer scareHousewares
XBamboo basketHousewares
XXBamboo floor lampHousewares✔
XXBamboo speakerHousewares✔
XBamboo stopblockHousewares✔
XXBamboo dollHousewares✔✔
XXGreen-leaf pileHousewares✔
XXBamboo noodle slideHousewares✔✔
XCherry-blossom-petal pileHousewares✔
XCherry-blossom branchesHousewares✔
XXOutdoor picnic setHousewares✔✔
XXBlossom-viewing lanternHousewares✔✔
XShell stoolHousewares✔
XXShell fountainHousewares✔✔
XXShell tableHousewares✔
XShell partitionHousewares✔
XShell archHousewares✔
XXMum cushionHousewares✔
XXCosmos showerHousewares✔
XXTulip surprise boxHousewares✔✔
XRose bedHousewares✔
XXPansy tableHousewares✔
XLily record playerHousewares
XXBunny Day stoolHousewares✔✔
XXBunny Day tableHousewares✔✔
XXBunny Day wardrobeHousewares✔✔
XXBunny Day vanityHousewares✔✔
XXBunny Day bedHousewares✔✔
XXBunny Day merry balloonsHousewares✔✔
XXBunny Day festive balloonsHousewares✔✔
XXBunny Day archHousewares✔✔
XXUnglazed Dish SetMisc
XXWooden Table MirrorMisc
XXWooden-block ToyMisc✔✔
XXWooden FishMisc✔
XDecoy DuckMisc
XCutting BoardMisc
XXRecycled-can Thumb PianoMisc✔
XTrash BagsMisc
XXModeling ClayMisc✔✔
XXClassic PitcherMisc✔✔
XXAroma PotMisc✔✔
XXGold BarsMisc
XXGolden DishesMisc
XXGolden CandlestickMisc
XLucky Gold CatMisc
XGolden dung beetleMisc
XXSucculent PlantMisc✔
XPeach Surprise BoxMisc✔
XCoconut juiceMisc
XXCherry speakersMisc
XInfused-water dispenserMisc
XXDocument stackMisc
XXBamboo candle holderMisc
XBamboo lunch boxMisc
XBamboo sphereMisc✔
XXSteamer-basket SetMisc✔
XXBamboo-shoot lampMisc✔✔
XCherry-blossom bonsaiMisc✔
XXShell lampMisc✔✔
XXWindflower fanMisc✔
XXBunny Day lampMisc✔✔
XXWobbling Zipper ToyMisc✔✔
XBone doorplateWall-mounted
XKey holderWall-mounted✔
XXLog wall-mounted clockWall-mounted
XWooden-block wall clockWall-mounted
XWooden-plank signWall-mounted✔
XXPaw-print doorplateWall-mounted
XTimber doorplateWall-mounted
XFossil doorplateWall-mounted
XXIron wall lampWall-mounted✔
XXIron wall rackWall-mounted✔
XCrest doorplateWall-mounted
XGolden gearsWall-mounted
XPotted ivyWall-mounted✔
XFloral swagWall-mounted
XHanging terrariumWall-mounted✔
XOrange wall-mounted clockWall-mounted
XCherry lampWall-mounted✔
XXCoconut wall planterWall-mounted
XBamboo wall decorationWall-mounted
XCherry-blossom clockWall-mounted✔
XCool windflower wreathWall-mounted
XMum wreathWall-mounted✔
XXCosmos wreathWall-mounted✔
XXPretty tulip wreathWall-mounted
XLily wreathWall-mounted
XDark lily wreathWall-mounted
XFancy rose wreathWall-mounted
XPansy wreathWall-mounted
XXBunny Day wall clockWall-mounted✔✔
XXBunny Day glowy garlandWall-mounted✔✔
XXBunny Day wreathWall-mounted✔✔
XGolden wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XXGolden flooringWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XWoodland wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XModern wood wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XWooden-mosaic wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XXDark wooden-mosaic wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XXCabin wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XStacked-wood wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XGarbage-heap wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XGarbage-heap flooringWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XXRustic-stone wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XBasement flooringWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XGold-screen wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XXJungle wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs✔
XJungle flooringWallpapers/Floors/Rugs✔
XBackyard lawnWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XCherry wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XXCherry rugWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XXOrange wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XOrange rugWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XPeach wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XXPeach rugWallpapers/Floors/Rugs✔
XXPear wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XPear rugWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XXApple wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs✔
XXHoneycomb wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs✔
XHoneycomb flooringWallpapers/Floors/Rugs✔
XXClassic-library wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XXManga-library wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XXMoney flooringWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XStarry-sky wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XStarry wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XXBamboo flooringWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XXBamboo-grove wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs✔
XXLight bamboo rugWallpapers/Floors/Rugs✔✔
XDark bamboo rugWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
Xcherry-blossom-trees wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs✔
XSakura-wood wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs✔
XCherry-blossom flooringWallpapers/Floors/Rugs✔
XSakura-wood flooringWallpapers/Floors/Rugs✔
XXSandy-beach flooringWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XXShell rugWallpapers/Floors/Rugs
XXBunny Day wallWallpapers/Floors/Rugs✔✔
XXBunny Day flooringWallpapers/Floors/Rugs✔✔
XXBunny Day rugWallpapers/Floors/Rugs✔✔
XXRecycled BootsEquipment✔
XXKnight’s helmetEquipment
XIron ArmorEquipment
XXArmor shoesEquipment
XGold helmetEquipment
XXGold armorEquipment
XGold-armor shoesEquipment
XLeaf maskEquipment
XXLeaf umbrellaEquipment✔
XStraw umbrella hatEquipment
XBamboo hatEquipment
XTraditional straw coatEquipment
XXGrass skirtEquipment
XXKnitted-grass backpackEquipment
XXOrange umbrellaEquipment
XCherry umbrellaEquipment✔
XPeach umbrellaEquipment✔
XXPeach hatEquipment
XPear umbrellaEquipment
XXPear hatEquipment
XApple hatEquipment✔
XXBasket packEquipment✔
XCherry-blossom umbrellaEquipment✔
XCherry-blossom pochetteEquipment✔
XCosmos crownEquipment
XLovely cosmos crownEquipment
XTulip crown Equipment✔
XChic tulip crownEquipment
XPurple hyacinth crownEquipment
XRose crownEquipment
XChic rose crownEquipment
XPansy crownEquipment
XXEarth-egg shellEquipment✔✔
XXEarth-egg outfitEquipment✔✔
XXEarth-egg shoesEquipment✔✔
XXStone-egg shellEquipment✔✔
XXStone-egg outfitEquipment✔✔
XXStone-egg shoesEquipment✔✔
XXLeaf-egg shell Equipment✔✔
XXLeaf-egg outfitEquipment✔✔
XXLeaf-egg shoesEquipment✔✔
XXWood-egg shellEquipment✔✔
XXWood-egg outfitEquipment✔✔
XXWood-egg shoesEquipment✔✔
XXSky-egg ShellEquipment✔✔
XXSky-egg outfitEquipment✔✔
XXSky-egg shoesEquipment✔✔
XXWater-egg shellEquipment✔✔
XXWater-egg outfitEquipment✔✔
XXWater-egg shoesEquipment✔✔
XXEgg party hatEquipment✔✔
XXEgg party dressEquipment✔✔
XXBunny Day crownEquipment✔✔
XXBunny Day bagEquipment✔✔
XXFish baitOther✔✔
XXPan fluteOther✔
XXPitfall seedOther
XCorral fenceOther
XXVertical-board fenceOther✔
XXCountry fenceOther✔
XSpiky fenceOther
XBarbed-wire fenceOther
XXSimple wooden fenceOther✔
XLattice fenceOther✔
XXImperial fenceOther
XXBrick fenceOther✔
XXStone fenceOther✔
XXIron-and–stone fenceOther✔
XXZen fenceOther✔
XXRope fenceOther✔
XXIron fenceOther✔
XStraw fenceOther
XXBamboo lattice fenceOther✔
XXBunny Day fenceOther✔✔