Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Fresh Air and Stuff

Stalk Market for Monday, July 8

AM: 77 Bells
PM: 72 Bells

I uncharacteristically purchased around 4,000 turnips between my towns this week so I’m quite nervous. If any of my readers get great spikes this week, don’t hesitate to comment or send me a tweet. I’m nervous!

July 7, Starcrossed Day

AKA Tanabata (七夕) is a Japanese holiday. Isabelle gives out bamboo grass for the occasion. If you didn’t get to come visit Kasen I saved a few extra.




Concerning Campers

I admit until now I haven’t paid much attention to campers unless I wanted them to move in. It took me forever in my Japanese game to figure out that they played games (language barrier). I sort of knew they gave you items, but I never really looked into them. Then I found the surfboard and all of that has changed.

BTW I got a surfboard yesterday in my third town (too many. Don’t do it.) from a pink octopus named Marina that I wish could’ve moved in.

Ok, so camping items. They are season specific, you can only get some during winter. They can be ordered from the catalog. Here’s a handy list with the ones I still need in italics:

Name Season
backpack spring, fall, summer
propane stove spring, fall, summer
kayak spring, fall, summer
sleeping bag spring, fall, summer
campfire winter
bonfire spring, fall, summer
surfboard spring, fall, summer
fish grill winter
campfire cookware spring, fall, summer
stewpot winter
camp stove winter
smoker winter
ZOMG Lillian! If I had kicked Kitt to the curb I could have 2 Lillian's!!!!

ZOMG Lillian! If I had kicked Kitt to the curb I could have 2 Lillian’s!!!!

Alas Hanabi is full. *pouts*

On a less pouty note, here’s a pic of my surfboards. The one in the middle is original. The other two are remade.

Gracie! Eval #2



I was surprised to see big ol’ granny giraffe (Rooney’s words, not mine) in the town square today. She wants to see a modern outfit. I debated waiting until after 5pm to blog so I could tell you about the results of her evaluation, but decided to just write now, give results later.

I have to order part of the modern outfit I intend to show her. There’s not a whole lot I can show her because there’s only one modern bottom—a dark polka skirt, no socks or tights and two pairs of shoes, but one of the pairs of shoes, the stripe shoes, is only available from Gracie during the fall and I don’t have them.

This is the plan for my semi-matched outfit:

  • Gracie Hat
  • either Gracie Glasses/Oval Shades
  • Gracie Tank
  • Clogs

New Construction

Barold decided Hanabi needed a hammock. I think he’s right so I jumped on that and put one right in. It’s perched precariously by a cliff, so don’t rock off if you fall asleep in it.



ahhh relaxin'

ahhh relaxin’

Oh Happy Day! Free at Last!

I have finally, finally paid off Vella’s home loan in its entirety. Granted L☆cke’s house is as tiny as can be, but at least it’s cute.



gratuitous shot of Locke's cute but dinky house.A gratuitous shot of L☆cke’s cute but dinky house.


The morning after I paid off my loan Lyle (insert cold shiver emotion) showed up outside my door and gave me a very long talk about becoming a V.I.P. in the Happy Home Academy. While I’m excited to be considered a V.I.P. I don’t know if I’ll participate in the challenges right away because I’m not particularly interested in the gold exterior items for Vella. I have them in my Japanese town on Yumi’s house. Nevertheless I told Lyle I’d take the antique challenge. I would have to seriously rearrange my house to do well in it.






I love that my townies have been talking about people they’ve met in their dreams. Hi dreamers!








L☆cke finally got access to the sewing machine today, so I scanned a few patterns and spruced up the hot spring area. You should come over and take a dip. 😉



While I’m not putting this in my beach room, I’ve been remaking all the cabana furniture I have (still need the screen, bookcase, and wallpaper). I love the way the bed turned out!


Gold Axe

Now that I don’t have many more trees to chop down…I got the golden axe. You have to buy fifty trees from Leif to get it. Whew. No more tree buying for me.


Double Rainbow

It rained briefly and then stopped and voila double rainbow! I had L☆cke out at the time and tried to find the best place to take a picture. What do you think?




P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!