Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Shrunk Funk Shuffle

Stalk Market for Wednesday, July 3

AM: 105 Bells
PM: 171 Bells

Since tomorrow’s a holiday I made an executive decision to blog today since I don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing tomorrow. Plus, stuff went down. Nothing too major, but enough for me to get excited about.

Last Night in Hanabi

Re-Tail was buying saw sharks for extra and my other town was buying Horned elephants for extra so I logged on for a bug and shark catching extravaganza.

Warm Glowing Glow

As I walked by the manhole garden I noticed it was open again!




The only one down there was Don and he didn’t say much. I guess since we’re friends and he gave me his picture there isn’t much left to say. When’s Resetti getting back? Surely he can sit in a comfy chair and watch TV even with a bad back.


I was sort of looking for creepy crawlies and sort of not. I was just walking around when I spotted a tarantula just to the north of me. I’m sick of freaking out and then losing them so instead I was proactive. I whipped out my net, charged (I didn’t sneak) and nabbed it!


I ran into Shep while visiting my new scary friend in the museum.





Thanks to Jenn from Pink Sea’s advice I’m hopeful that I can get a scorpion in the near future.

Today in Hanabi

Kitt (who I usually don’t talk to much) requested that I take a present over to Sheldon because they were fighting. I grumbled and accepted the package figuring all I’d get out of it would be a crappy shirt. But after receiving “ol’ creaky pants'” present he gave me with his picture. Two down!


Victoria loves to crash photos.



Treasure Chest

I went over to the island to get my tan on. It’s fading terribly. No sooner did I arrive then I saw a treasure chest that would go great in my beach room. Unfortunately it costs 150 medals and I only have 2.


A couple friends came over and we did tours. Unfortunately I didn’t end up with enough medals to buy the treasure chest, but I got a nice start on it. You will be mine treasure chest!



Shrunk Funk Shuffle

Today I watched the the last new “joke” from Shrunk. It wasn’t really a joke, it was his dance. I ♥ his little dance. He gave me his jacket too. So now I, too can look silly and dance.





And as my new daily project I’ve decided to do a different hairstyle a day to unlock mens’ haircuts. This one is pretty bad, but I’m sure tomorrow’s will be worse.

Happy 4th of July!

(And to those wanting to trade with me, comment or contact me via twitter when you’re available)

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 24 3/4

It’s Saturday night! I had to investigate K.K. Slider’s Saturday live show.

DLC Stool

I did a bit of investigating, and the stool I got from Pelly is indeed a tree stump stool. It’s available from 12/1-12/31 according to the official site. While my picture isn’t appropriately themed (balloons and snowy tree stump don’t mix), here it is in all of its holiday glory.

Badge Master

Another badge. I think I’m doing pretty good collecting them. This one is for gardening. I’m already getting sick of watering all my darn flowers, so it’s appropriate. 😉

This is a badge for nature lovers, people who planted lots of flowers and increased greenery.

Pre-Show meet and greet?

Club 444 wasn’t technically open this evening before K.K.’s show. The lights were off. Nevertheless I was able to get inside around 6:30. (I’m not sure what the open hours are). Shrunk was in the club cleaning and setting up before K.K.’s act. He began to reminisce about the good old days and his act on the stage.

“I wasn’t a musician, but I was a performer…”

If I was interested in his jokes he would show me his act once in a while—not for money. Something to eat would be plenty of payment. I brought him a delicious peach. And true to his word he showed me his act.

Only a mother could love that face.

Afterward he gave me a joke book. This book stores my “reactions” or emotions or whatever you want to call them. It added a new button on the bottom screen. You can touch the button and then touch whatever reaction. It looks like it stores a lot of them. I only have one right now. I forget what it’s called officially. I shrug and look exasperated. (I like to think of it as my “what the f★ck ever reaction”.) I didn’t get a pic of it. I’m sure it’ll come up soon.

During the set-up phase you can go up on stage. You can’t access it while K.K. performs. You can switch out the gyroids. If you see one you want, you can bring one of yours, “talk” to the one you want and switch them. I hope Brewster still stores gyroids. I’ve never really cared for them.

K.K. Live

I came back at 8PM to listen to K.K.’s act. He didn’t let me choose a song (which is fine because I don’t know their names in Japanese), but just launched into a random number. I took a seat after talking to him and he said he was going to play K.K. Milonga (after which Kokuto and I had a spirited debate about whether Milonga was a real dance/song.) Apparently it’s like the tango.

The credits rolled as K.K. strummed and wailed.

I did actually watch this in 3D. It looked pretty sweet.

Just me and Shrunk were treated to K.K.’s performance

After watching I had a copy of the song in my inventory. I ran home and put it in my tape player that I’ve been hoarding for just such an occasion. I really liked the song until I saw its cover art…

Oh dear god it’s poison frog!! Ewwwwww