Animal Crossing New Leaf US: The World of Dreams

Stalk Market for Wednesday, May 22

AM: 73 Bells
PM: 69 Bells

This morning I watched the Inside the Treehouse with Animal Crossing: New Leaf #5 video on youtube. When they mentioned villagers commenting on things in the village I smiled to myself because just last night Rooney told me how much he loved the bridge I put in.



Last night I also went on a fishing/bug catching spree on the island. I amassed a whopping 1,000,000 bells. I deposited it all in my savings account and I was going to leave it there, but I was itching to add the Dream Suite. So I did deposit the money…

I'm a bellionaire!

I’m a bellionaire!

And then I thought better of it and immediately went and told Isabelle to put in the Dream Suite and I paid it off.

Sweet Dreams

This morning We christened the Dream Suite and after a short party, I took a nap. And went to a village I found in Famitsu DS +Wii June 2013.

Dream Code: 3400-0123-8618











Shady Gallery…

Once I woke up I wandered about town and stumbled upon Redd’s Gallery in town square. We already have the one legitimate painting in our museum. How does thatwork? I bought it anyway. Trade fodder! Here’s what he had up for sale.


The above “Dynamic Painting” is a fake. Mt. Fuji is way too big.


The above “Great Statue” is a fake because the outstretched hand should be palm up.

The “Graceful Painting” is a fake because the woman should be looking over her shoulder.

The “Flowery Painting” is legitimate, but we already have it…however that works.


I never have a shortage of items on which to spend my hard-won bells. Blathers presented me with another business opportunity for Hanabi and—being the coffee snob that I am— I pounced on it.

Did you break your wing or something?

Did you break your wing or something?

mmm coffee. Done.

mmm coffee. Done.

coffeemonger? Is that even a word?

coffeemonger? Is that even a word?

Bye Bye savings!

Bye Bye savings!


I wanted to put it just west of Re-Tail, but a rock interfered with the placement. Stupid rock.

Yep. And tomorrow there'll be coffee

Yep. And tomorrow there’ll be coffee

So I settled for south of Re-Tail. Can’t wait to see Brewster!