Final Fantasy: Slow Going

I’m thinking that maybe two weeks to complete Final Fantasy was a bit ambitious on my part. It wouldn’t have been if I wasn’t also attempting to play Dragon Quest IX—which steals all my attention. And 牧場物語ふたごの村 (Harvest Moon: Twin Villages).

Initially I was setting a timer to play Final Fantasy for 30 minutes a day (I know, a timer to play games? WTF, but I’m easily distracted and having a timer for distraction-free time is immensely helpful). Then 30 minutes became 35…then 40…but I didn’t seem to be making a dent in the game. I was still running back and forth to the same spots and hadn’t even made it to the first crystal.

I hate to say it but FFI is a little bit boring to me so far. The fighting classes are lackluster. They just attack or defend. The mages are a little more interesting since you have to buy spells and can’t have them all. I’m all about customization. And the random encounters? ugh. It took me three tries to get through the Earth cave because I kept running out of MP.

To spice the game up a little bit I decided to play it in Japanese. I only know a little (少し)but I get really excited when I recognize things, like the shop keepers welcoming me (いらしゃいませ!)or the innkeeper saying good night (お休みなさい!)。This is a bonus since I’m studying Japanese on my own. I think of it as 2 for 1 time.

I’m on vacation right now and I thought ‘this will be the perfect time to catch up on Final Fantasy!’ What better time than 10 hours of driving to play, play, play?! Well, on three hours of sleep and with an anxious cat in (and under) the back seat dungeon running is not optimal. On yesterday’s drive I played…not at all.

Today however I feel very accomplished. Stuck in the hotel room in the morning since this is a working vacation for the hubby I finally made it through the Earth Cave and lit the Earth Crystal. The Vampire(バンパィア) and Lich (リッチ)went down quite easily with firea and dia. I was somewhat vexed that I couldn’t use anything from the chests. All the gear was for a warrior. I don’t have one…

So, with any luck later tonight or tomorrow I will work my way to the fire crystal. I have a seven hour drive tomorrow sans anxious cat. If I get my sleep I may finally get somewhere in the game.