Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Crafty Little Treat

Monday, October 14 – Explorer’s Day

I figure the stalk market is closed for Explorer’s Day because I neglected to ask about it. So, as you may imagine Sunday’s stalk prices were 101. I refuse to buy until Joan offers me something under 100. Stingy sow.

Biggest Fish

Even though I haven’t played as much pokémon as I would have liked, I haven’t played as much New Leaf as I would have liked recently either. Nevertheless, I participated in Saturday’s fishing tourney. I have been stockpiling (I almost typed stalk piling ha!) pikes and other large fish in anticipation. I had one arapaima saved as well. I forgot just how big they are. So big, it seems, that Chip cannot eat them in one gulp and stuffs them in his pockets instead. Unfortunately since I gave that to him I was unable to get any of the fishing tourney set and only ended up with a backyard lawn and a theremin. It’s ok because I have it all on my Japanese game, but Vella would like her own at some point. Now is just not a good time to try for it.







Yup. I won.

Yup. I won.

And I even remembered to have Yumi participate and get her gold fishing rod. Saturday was a good day.


Sunday I tried to play more pokémon and thus Animal Crossing suffered a bit. That isn’t to say I didn’t play, but I gave up trying to find Julian’s pill bug (not that he’ll ever give me his picture) and forgot to give Tia the remade golf bag to replace the sweets chair I gave her previously. The high point of the day was hide and seek and walking in on Rooney and Soleil “hanging out”.

I would never have found O'Hare if he hadn't peeked.

I would never have found O’Hare if he hadn’t peeked.

Maybe that rainbow shirt he was wearing previously was a clever disguise. Run Soleil!

Maybe that rainbow shirt he was wearing previously was a clever disguise. Run Soleil!

Explorer’s Day

I opened up today as advertised, but only had 2 visitors. At least we got good cutout pictures! Thanks for coming over guys. The slow turnout allowed for me to finish my Japanese studying, add new grammar cards and then go on an exploring adventure of my own after I closed the town.

OT Rambling: Skip if you want

I live in the self-dubbed pumpkin capital of the bay area or the world? I’m not sure. Anyway, there’s one road in and out—highway 92. During pumpkin season that road is woefully backed up because everyone comes down the 92 and stops to pick pumpkins, jump in bouncy castles, and ride ponies. (No I’m not kidding). My husband took off today and tomorrow because we haven’t had a vacation since April and after staying home all weekend we decided to venture out for ramen. The way out of town was only slightly red according to google maps (due to pumpkins, ponies, and bouncy castles) but the way in was red for almost the entire length from highway 280 to the 1 (the whole way home). So in honor of explorer’s day, we took a scary-ass road home from San Jose (where we got ramen, and then stopped for coffee and played some pokémon). Highway 84, the scary road, hooks on to highway 1 11 miles south of where I live. Dear god that is a windy switchback-filled road. And now I can honestly say I don’t live in the boonies. Because today I drove through the boonies. I just pretend. But I survived that jaunt in the name of exploration and good ramen!

And next weekend is the pumpkin festival in town which means I am T-R-A-P-P-E-D. I need to come up with a meal plan for the weekend because there is no driving anywhere Saturday or Sunday. So today was explorer’s day and next weekend is shut-in weekend. At least I have Pokémon, Animal Crossing, and Wind Waker to keep me amused.

Back to explorer’s day.


Yup. Did that. Did I mention I really dislike windy mountainy roads?

Yup. Did that. Did I mention I really dislike windy mountainy roads?




And in the name of exploration, Yumi dropped off a beautiful statue in Hanabi. This was only possible because Jen from Pink Sea picked up Cousteau so Kasen’s quarantine is lifted (unless Kitt decides to move). Hope he gets a good home! (Ok, I admit I really don’t care if Cousteau gets a good home. He lived in 2 of my 3 towns. I just didn’t want a hat trick.)

Hanabi's latest work of art.

Hanabi’s latest work of art.

And that’s all I got.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!
P.P.S. I am only blogging today out of sheer stubbornness. I really don’t feel like it. Does it show?