Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Thanks for Poppin’ By

Stalk Market for Monday, August 5

AM: 82 Bells
PM: 78 Bells

So far all three of my towns’ prices have decreased. I’m sitting on a huge stack of turnips again. I should just harvest fruit. Hoping to hit the stalk lottery is stressful.

Fluffy Clouds!

These are awesome! I only seem to see them for a minute and when I look again they’re gone.


Critter Search

I haven’t been having very good luck getting the few critters I need for August. I haven’t looked for the flatworm yet, but I’ve done a bunch of fishing and haven’t come across a soft-shelled turtle. Are they rare? I never seem to be playing around the time the Petaltail is out. I’m still a bit worried about it. Have any of you seen or caught one? I’m seriously thinking of closing Hanabi for a little bit and just chopping down trees and putting flowers away turning it into a wasteland until I catch a Petaltail and a Scorpon. :/ The only critter I’ve nabbed so far is a house centipede. I hope I never run into one of those IRL.

Public Works

I finally put something new into Hanabi. Victoria asked for a bell. It’s not the zen bell, but I figured it could be a placeholder for one. I don’t like my landscaping around it. I think I’ll surround it with carnations instead of tulips. I attemptd to make a heart out of red pansies and lined it with white pansies and I just don’t like it. I think it may be my choice of flower.



The Bell


We also had one more recommendation for Hanabi, the shoe sculpture. I like it because it’s a bench, but I dislike it because I don’t think it matches the town. I could put a playground over by my house or by the fruit orchard. I’m gonna think about that one for a bit.

Gratuitous Julian pics



ACUKE Birthday Bash

Sunday an Animal Crossing group I belong to called ACUKE held a party for members with birthdays in August. Each birthday bash has a theme. This one was beach party. Those with August birthdays opened up their gates and other members came over and brought presents. As you may know (because I mention it all the time) my birthday’s August 16, so I opened up Hanabi Sunday morning wearing a “bikini” and sporting a terrible tan line. I received many lovely gifts. Thank you everyone who came over! Your presents were all wonderful. I can’t wait to celebrate in the coming months and return your kindness.




Julian saw his fair share of visitors. There were 3 of us in there fauning over him at once. He was even dressed for the party, wearing one of Locke’s Hibiscus shirts. He looks better in it than Soleil who looks like a little purple burrito.



Birthday in Confetti

I only got to visit one other birthday girl in the group. The village was set up as a scavenger hunt with items to catalog along the way and a specific path to follow. It was very cleverly done.






Fireworks Show

Sorry, I didn’t end up opening last night. Instead I spent my time trying to get all of the items so that I can open in the following weeks without worrying about hoarding items. Redd was much nicer to Yumi. She got all the items fairly quickly, but I got a million duds and gave up after getting 6 out of 8 of the items. On the plus side I got 4 lovely phones.

I did try to enjoy the fireworks in between buying fortune cookies.









It was a full day!

Today in Hanabi

Today I was just on maintenance mode. I’ve decided that I love the lovely phone. I’m going to try and follow its advice on friendship/romance days and see if I can suck up to my townies.





I also had Gulliver passed out on shore. Too bad he won’t send me a replica of Nessie.





tl;dr again. That’s what happens when I don’t post over the weekend. Tomorrow I’m off to the DMV. Wish me luck on my written test!

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!