Animal Crossing New Leaf US: SO not like me

Fishing Tourney

How did you fare in the fishing tourney? Chip wanted nothing but pond smelt for my tourney. I caught a few pond smelt and turned in the smallest to find out that Pashmina was leading already with a 6.15 incher. That eliminated over half the smelt I had caught from contention.

Apparently this is a good spot.

Apparently this is a good spot.

I fished and fished and fished. I ended up turning in 5 or 6 good ones. I got 2 jellyfish lamps (yay!), a flounder table, and a puffer-fish tv. I needed the table and the lamp, so after that haul I called it a day with the competition thinking I’d win with my 6.7 inch pond smelt. Not so! When I attended the awards ceremony I found out that Barold had beat me out of first place. (I’m surprised he didn’t eat all the smelt). Pashmina didn’t even place.


We really have to change that catchphrase...Ping me later, K?

We really have to change that catchphrase…Ping me later, K?

Rooney’s Last Day

Today is Rooney’s last day. I went in to say goodbye to him and found him asleep in between his box piles. Poor kangaroo.



I’m happy to say that Rooney isn’t going off into the ether. David from Orchard came over to pick up Rooney and give him a new home. Enjoy him!




Odds and Ends

Tia suggested a public work, the first in a while, a fairy-tale bench. I like those. but I don’t have room for one. Plus we’re totally zen in Hanabi.


OMG Felicity didn’t show up for our meeting! It wasn’t me for once.




Oh and we had a camper. She’s pretty cute. I don’t think I’ve ever had an aardvark. Or if I have it was way back in Wild World.




And I’m up to like a quardruple ding with my bingo card. Maybe tomorrow…

Mayor Yumi has a problem

Kasen’s Dream Address: 3700-0166-7543
Vella stopped by Kasen in a dream the other day just to make sure it updated and all the Setsubun outfits Yumi had slaved over were available from Wendell. They were. It’s a little dark in town right now, but if you stop by in a dream you can pick up the 4 setsubun-themed outfits. 3 dresses and 1 jacket; 3 ogres and 1 goddess. 😉 All have been painstakingly recreated from the February 2014 issue of ぴこぷり (Pikopuri) magazine.

Minori is dressed up as the luck goddess

Minori is dressed up as the luck goddess

Ryuuji is a casual headphone wearing ogre

Ryuuji is a casual headphone wearing ogre

Yumi is a Lillian/Bunnie loving ogre (Her comment is "I like Lillian!")

Yumi is a Lillian/Bunnie loving ogre (Her comment is “I like Lillian!”)

Yumi is also getting ready for Valentine's day already. I'll post more of the Valentine's dresses leading up to the holiday.

Yumi is also getting ready for Valentine’s day already. I’ll post more of the Valentine’s dresses leading up to the holiday.

Sh*t My Townies Say



Those things! ewwwww

Those things! ewwwww


P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!
P.P.S. I think all this hype about the Wii U failing is overblown. Just make some more games.

Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Double-Scoop Ice-Cream Cone


I liked being the prettiest snow woman better Lillian/Bunnie.

I liked being the prettiest snow woman better Lillian/Bunnie.

Fishing Tourney

Despite my best intentions I did participate in Saturday’s fishing tourney. I may even have won with a whale shark. I wasn’t really interested in the trophy. I remembered that this was the first fishing tournament since I completed my fish encyclopedia so I hit Chip up for the gold fishing rod. Unfortunately just as I got it and was merrily snapping screenshots the game told me my SD card was full…so I don’t have all of the commemorative pictures.



I cleaned out all of the fish I still had in my drawers (ew) from the harvest festival and turned them in to Chip as well as a few pikes, and assorted sharks I caught on the island the night before. I got a few pieces of the fish set. I have the whole set in Kasen, but Hanabi is lacking in its fishy furniture. I was hoping to get the jellyfish lamp. It’s my favorite. I got 2 football fish lamps, a squid chair, a sea anemone (or is that sea enemy?) bed, and a dab table.


Snow Family United

On Saturday I also completed my first perfect snow family. Snow Tyke sent me a matroyshka the next day.





Saturday Hanabi also saw its first aurora. We still haven’t had an igloo, but the aurora is one of my favorite weather events in Animal Crossing. I’ve never seen a real aurora. I wonder if I ever will?

I couldn’t decide which spot was best.



Sunday in Hanabi

Finally the Christmas lights are appearing on the pines. I wish they were a little more uniform in their distribution, but I’ll take what I can get.



Joan was selling turnips for 100 bells apiece. I almost bought some, but I’m stingy. I’m not buying until you offer me some in the 90s Joan!

Today in Hanabi

There’s supposed to be a meteor shower tonight so I need to remember to log on and make a wish (and maybe update my dream address).

Yesterday I built a perfect snowman, today perfect snowboy, which means tomorrow I need to make a mangled snowmam. I’m not looking forward to that because I have 4 snowflakes in my pockets taking up all my space. I should have planned a little better…


Overheard: Tia and Sheldon Bonding over “Exercise”








I also wrote a few letters. I decided to work on a few badges to give me something to do, so I’m writing to Tia, Julian, and Octavian. Julian’s house has gone downhill, so I’m sending him regal furniture to spruce it up. So far he replaced his napoleon fish with the regal bed I sent him. That’s progress! I decided Tia would like the pink rococo furniture so I’ve been sending her that. Unfortunately she replaced the rococo couch I sent her with the rococo table I sent her. I’m hoping she’ll replace her spooky dresser with the rococo dresser…You never really know what they’ll keep and what they will get rid of.

I also went on a couple island tours. Not enough to get me many medals, but since I have no idea how many medals I need for the badge, there’s no sense rushing.

And finally I visited Kasen to pick up a bingo number and reciprocated for Yumi. Should anyone want to stop by today, Hanabi has lucky #13.

Even the tower has snow on it.

Even the tower has snow on it.

Dreaming of Dreams

Hi green thumb Lauren from LeaVille. 🙂


I’m running out of people who commented on the dream world week thread in ACUKE’s forum, so either anyone is fair game or I’m going to look elsewhere for dream addresses. 😉

I stopped by Moeka’s town of London to see what London looks like Animal Crossing style.

First I changed into a bridal costume. Now, where's Kokuto?

First I changed into a bridal costume. Now, where’s Kokuto?





P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!
P.P.S. If you want to follow me on MiiVerse my ID is VellaNouri

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Days 93 & 94

Stalk Market

Day 93

Kasen Village
AM: 124 Bells
PM: 70 Bells

Jisuna Village
AM: 103 Bells
PM: 87 Bells

Day 94

Kasen Village
AM: 61 Bells
PM: 116 Bells

Jisuna Village
AM: 60 Bells
PM: 56 Bells

I almost lost everything. Thank you benevolent turnip overlord for sparing your foolish trader! Now at least I have bells to try again tomorrow. 😉

Day 93

Ok, so this happened the day before. It was late. I’m putting it in. Look who I found open again. Maybe by the end of the year I’ll get the cranky (stinky) mole’s picture. I believe you have to pester the brothers five times before they give you their picture.



New Bridge!

I paid off my brick bridge finally!

I paid off my brick bridge finally!

New Bridge Party!

New Bridge Party!

After celebrating the new bridge I decided to see if there was anything new I could put in town. There was a ton of stuff. I tried to demolish my fire hydrant so I could put something in its place, but I must have hit the wrong button because it’s still there…or maybe I didn’t have the money on me…It costs 10% of the building’s price to demolish it, FYI.



grape trellis ♥

grape trellis ♥

Heart Ilumination

Heart Ilumination

Clock Illumination

Clock Illumination


I’m trying to pay more attention to what she mumbles. The clothing item brings good luck. I don’t know if it’s in general or if it’s related to her prediction.

I believe my fortune related to luck finding items. I didn't shake trees to test it.

I believe my fortune related to luck finding items. I didn’t shake trees to test it.

I was supposed to wear a “crazy top”. I probably could have searched through my clothes to find one, but I’m kinda lazy. If the item isn’t already in the Able Sister’s I forget about it.

Lucky Item: Crazy Top

Lucky Item: Crazy Top

Regrettable Move?

Moe is missing Kokuto's village. He started bawling and singing the town tune of Jisuna village.

Moe is missing Kokuto’s village. He started bawling and singing the town tune of Jisuna village.

"Yumi? An available hanky please?!"

“Yumi? An available hanky please?!”

My Lovely-ish Room

I figured I’d take pics of one of my newly redecorated rooms. Even though Ryuuji had this set in his room, it looks completely different in mine (maybe it’s the different mismatching wallpaper and floor…) I went with the creepy bear/doll theme.





Day 94

Today was the fishing tourney. I wasn’t able to play much during the morning as I was busy. I assumed that once I logged in I would get slaughtered by someone’s giant fish. Nope. I was able to turn in 25cm fish for first place around 3pm. It was really embarrassing for my townies. I couldn’t have taken silver if I wanted to.

So, I meticulously wrote down each fish’s length as I caught it and turned them in in order. Consequently I got a few extra items. I got the wall lamp and television that I needed and an extra television if anyone needs it. I think I got three red snapper couches and a bunch of random items. I was hoping for a couple wall lamps just because they’re neat looking but he only coughed up one of those.

Hakase got third

Hakase got third

Shinobu took second

Shinobu took second

I got first

I got first

aww shucks it was nothin' (cause none of you guys gave me a run for my money! I had 3 tunas and a giant eel that I didn't even have to use)

aww shucks it was nothin’ (cause none of you guys gave me a run for my money! I had 3 tunas and a giant eel that I didn’t even have to use)

VIP status

I finally went to talk to Lyle about how my house was doing. He gave me the option of changing my theme or asking about my score.

My exterior was perfect (duh). The inside, not so much. I figured as much, but I’m not sure what I should do to boost my score—which he never outright told me.

"It's too bad but the interior of your house isn't 'fairy tale'"

“It’s too bad but the interior of your house isn’t ‘fairy tale'”

I know I have items in there that aren’t considered to be fairy tale. I wonder if I should just remove all of those? Or if he’s mad cause I’m missing living items—like the closet/wardrobe of the lovely series. His criticism really didn’t help me out. Anyone got any advice on VIP living?

Last Minute Turnip Sellers

I wasn’t the only one thankful for my turnip price over 100 bells. Kokuto came over with Maikochan in tow to sell his.


I made him talk to Moe in the hopes of consoling him.

I made him talk to Moe in the hopes of consoling him.

I told him to take some delicious peaches back to Jisuna village to sell...but I had three more bug infested trees. Ack!

I told him to take some delicious peaches back to Jisuna village to sell…but I had three more bug infested trees. Ack!

Neko came to sell turnips too. We all had a crappy stalk market week. You may have noticed her earlier in the fishing tourney award pics. I didn’t even know you could have visitors watch the ceremony. It was awesome!

twinsies! (I'm on the left)

twinsies! (I’m on the left)

ta da! giant eel thingy!

ta da! giant eel thingy!

mmm coffee. We tried to run around and spill it, but never tripped. I wonder if you have to be cursed.

mmm coffee. We tried to run around and spill it, but never tripped. I wonder if you have to be cursed.

Kaizo’s Corner

capsule toy post-remake

capsule toy post-remake

I was a little sad with how it turned out. You can’t see Manaphy real well no matter which way you turn it.

Electric Guitar post-remake

Electric Guitar post-remake

lefty school chair (aka one that I need because I'm a lefty) pre-remake

lefty school chair (aka one that I need because I’m a lefty) pre-remake

You can change the seat color of it. I’m going for red. Sadly it looks bigger than the ones they had at San Francisco State University where I took the JLPT. That desk was torturous. I digress. またね!

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 31

Stalk Market

AM: 159 Bells
PM: 136 Bells

I sold last night at 152 bells each. I could have made 7 more bells per turnip. I think I did ok. There wasn’t a very big profit margin this week. It could’ve been worse. I didn’t sink much money into the market anyway.

Recycle Shop

The scandinavian chest has been manaphy-fied. The leaf turned yellow. I don’t know the significance of the different colors of furniture leaves. I’m hoping to get one of the Japanese guides so I can be more sure of what I’m writing about, but they won’t be out until December 21. Xmas present anyone? *wink wink Kokuto*

I may have to make a Scandinavian/Manaphy set.

Even the drawers are manaphy-fied

Even the drawers are manaphy-fied

Growing House, Shrinking Savings

I paid off my loan for my bigger basement and got a west wing addition. My house is no longer lopsided. I also decided on the asian-style town hall, but I haven’t paid that off because I am now…broke. A million bells doesn’t go very far.

To recap I have the big main room (I don’t know if it gets bigger), medium-size upstairs, medium-size basement, medium-size right wing, tiny left wing


Yuka the koala is all moved in today. I visited her to see what her house looked like. The bed is comfy. She has an hourglass. I’m still trying not to resent her over the hamster incident.

Yuka's house

Tomorrow Rizzo will be gone. He’s busy packing today so I went over to bid him farewell.

Rizzo packing

Yellow + Yellow = ???

Tonight I found an orange rose. I was under the impression that the only way to get orange roses were Red + Yellow. As you can see from the picture, the only roses in the area were two yellow ones. Am I misremembering or did they change it?

Orange Rose with yellow parents

Orange rose with yellow parents


Yesterday I gave Shrunk a delicious orange that my mother sent me in a letter. He taught me the pee-pee dance (impatient?) emotion. Today I gave him a lychee and got one that’s very subtle. I had to take off my helmet to even see it. It’s a tiny smile, a furrow of eyebrows and it’s called “bitter smile”.

Fishing Tourney — 釣り大会

This week’s fishing tourney was an anything goes tourney. I’m so glad I didn’t have to just fish for black bass. I won this time, but I totally cheated. I went and caught the first fish I could which happened to be tiny. I gave my tiny fish to the beaver and found out that Lillian was barely in the lead with a 13.6cm fish. So I got a slightly bigger fish and then a slightly bigger fish…and then I went to the island and caught a couple whale sharks and some Napoleon fish—see, cheating. I could have completely milked the system, because just like in the past each time you beat your own score you get an item. I kept seeing dollar signs as I caught the fish so I didn’t get quite as many items as I could have. Kokuto however took my advice and turned in fish after fish. There’s a fishing tourney set, and he got most of the items and gave me the duplicates. I got the octopus stool, flounder table, red snapper sofa, and fish wallpaper (on my own).

Of course my whale shark won the tourney.

whale shark at the tourney

Here are a couple catalog shots of my items:

Red Snapper Sofa

Red Snapper Sofa side/back

Octopus Stool

Flounder Table

Anything not mentioned above was donated by Kokuto (the crab clock, squid chair, sea anemone bed, and floor). The items missing from the set are the jellyfish lamp, other flounder table, and porcupinefish tv.

From 6pm to 9pm you can go into the fishing tourney tent for an awards ceremony. I got first place. Iris accepted third place.

Iris getting third

iris getting third

Yuka took second place with a 101.7cm Sea Bass.

Yuka accepting 2nd place

Yuka graciously accepting 2nd place

My 644.0cm whale shark blew everyone away. I got a gold trophy and tried not to feel guilty.

All three winners with trophies

All three winners with trophies

Fishing Tourney Set
The above is a page from Famitsu DS + Wii Animal Crossing guide from their January 2013 issue.

Slumming with Kokuto

I visited Jisuna village to drop off a couple items to him and pick up the duplicate tourney items he got. I took pictures of some of his utilities and we had fun with emotions together.

wind turbine

Jisuna Village is environmentally friendly

Jisuna's lighthouse

Jisuna’s lighthouse

Love and Imagination

Love and Imagination

I'm being bashful

I’m being bashful. Is it just me or am I just a teeny bit tan???

this is just too sickeningly cute

this is just too sickeningly cute

bashful in the heart

owl on the board

When I got back to Kasen village I noticed an owl on the message board. I never noticed an owl there before.

Christmas Eve Research

I’ve been trying to figure out what to expect from the upcoming holiday since they seem to have changed holidays quite a bit. I have a tiny guide that came with the January issue of Famitsu DS + Wii. It’s far from comprehensive, but it does cover a bunch of the holidays. From what I can tell I need to have the Santa Costume (where are the bottoms!? neither Kokuto nor I have had them in store). I believe from December 1 to the 24 your townies will drop hints about what they want for Christmas. I have so not been paying attention for that. I tried talking to townies yesterday but nobody said anything about what they wanted that I could tell. Today all they could talk about was the tourney. Tomorrow I’ll redouble snooping efforts. I believe if I give them what they want (wearing my Santa costume on Xmas Eve) they’ll give me something from the Christmas set or maybe just random stuff? We’ll find out. I think all of the Christmas set can be bought from Nook Brothers from 12/1-12/24 except the Christmas Wreath and Jingle’s Picture. My theory is that I don’t have to get items for them, that Jingle will give me a bag filled with stuff and I’ll just have to distribute it to the correct townies. We’ll see if I’m right. Here’s what I’m basing my theories on:

Christmas Eve


Sorry for the poor image quality. If you click on them you can view them on flickr much bigger.

Before the Christmas Eve event there’s a new event: the winter Solstice on 12/21 from 6am to midnight. I think it will be dark all or most of the day and that’s what the glow sticks are for. It looks like you might get a coat for it? Or Shizue is just wearing a special coat.


Note that in all the above pictures there’s snow on the ground, so it should come any time now.