Disney Magical World: Party with Hercules

As you level up your café you’ll be able to host parties. Your café has a “party meter” which gradually increases. Once it’s full you have the option to throw a party. It increases naturally without you doing anything, but you can increase it more quickly by serving a dish with a theme that is popular that day. Western dishes are popular for me today, so I made them to get my meter up. You can also do requests from customers to raise your meter. These requests have difficulties ranging from easy to hard. Some of them are a little strange. For example a customer might post a request stating they want to eat tea and cake at the same time. If you have those recipes and ingredients you can accept the request, make the recipes and reap the rewards.

Before you host your party think about who you’d like to show up. One of the final pictures I need to take in my Japanese game is Hercules and I’ve yet to meet him, so I decided to put as many Hercules-themed items in my café as possible. There are a total of 8 combos you can make. A combo means that you have items from the same series.

Possible combos are: [names not confirmed in English. My own translation.]

  1. Wallpaper + Floor combo
  2. Table + Chair combo
  3. Cafe Set Total Coordination: wallpaper + floor; table + chair; counter
  4. Staff Coordination: Manager + Employees outfits (what you wear does not matter)
  5. Food Coordination: Snack + Drink + Dessert
  6. Perfect Coordination: Cafe Set Total Coordination; Staff Coordination; Food Coordination
  7. Items on Tables: There are 3 tables on which you can place 3 items
  8. Interior Coordination: Having 3 interior items from the same series. I believe the Items on Tables counts toward this

The more combos you have when you hold your party, the more money you get! I suppose I should backtrack a bit. You hold parties to a) get money and b) get rare Disney characters to show up, give you their card(s) and take pictures with them. The following picture is from a party I threw to get Minnie to show up. I had all 8 combos and Goofy and Pluto showed up too! Incidentally, the T-Shirt I’m wearing is one of the free monthly DLC t-shirts.

A picture from a Minnie-themed party I hosted

A picture from a Minnie-themed party I hosted

I don’t have enough Hercules items to get all 8 combos. His items are very expensive and require some rare materials. The best I could do was 5. I had his wallpaper, floor, table, chair, counter, and food. I matched my staff using a different theme, so it gave me a combo for it, but it was not Hercules-themed. I have a recipe for a Hercules toga, but I need a few items to make them and I didn’t feel like hunting for them. It didn’t matter, he came just the same.

When I started the party Hercules arrived!

When I started the party Hercules arrived!

After you open the party the special character shows up in a blaze of light. Once they’re settled in you can greet them and receive a card. Speaking to them shows another cute cutscene with them. A bunch of NPCs show up for the party too, but you can’t really interact with them much. The only elbow rubbing you can do is with the special guest. If you talk to your café manager you have the option of ending the party, taking a picture, or continuing the party.

One of the last stickers I needed was to take a picture with Hercules, so I immediately asked to do so. I usually try to match the theme of whoever I’m taking a picture with (it doesn’t matter), but since I don’t have a toga I decided a kimono would work.

Cheeeeeze!! [FYI whichever sparkles you have on will show in your picture as a border. You can take them off or change them before taking the picture)

Cheeeeeze!! (FYI whichever sparkles you have on will show in your picture as a border. You can take them off or change them before taking the picture)

Other than getting the cards and taking the picture, there’s not much else to do with the party, so once you’re done admiring your decorating handiwork and gushing at your guest, close up. Your café will have sold out of everything and you’ll get bonus money based on the number of combos you made. Take your hard earned cash and go buy something nice. 😉

P.S. I received a US copy of Disney Magical World from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!
P.P.S. Screenshots are from my Japanese copy of the game. They are from Miiverse as there is no in-game screenshot function.