Animal Crossing HHD Villager Item List

This is my attempt at transcribing what items are received from what villagers. As some items can be received from multiple villagers it may not be completely accurate. But should give an idea of what type of items you may receive from certain villagers.

Character  Theme  Required  New Items
Lovely room lovely couch lovely bed, lovely table, lovely low table, pastel low table*, lovely chair, marshmallow chair, lovely love seat, clothes closet, lovely armoire, lovely dresser, minimalist vanity, lovely vanity, home-computer rack, refrigerator, lovely kitchen, stove, shower, claw-foot tub, toilet, lovely lamp, bromeliaceae, pothos, pachira, draft table*, flowery painting, warbloid, mini warbloid, tall warbloid, lovely clock, cherry-blossom clock, minimalist clock, flowery painting (wall), round carpet (rug), heart rug (rug), lovely rug (rug), pastel dot rug (rug), common floor, neutral floor, birch flooring, neutral wall, common wall, parlor wall, lovely wall, pastel dot wall, dotted wall, kitchen wall, rose wall, mosaic wall
Lottie's lovely room
spend her time surrounded by books (本に囲まれた暮らし)
  • large bookshelf
  • phonograph
  • pile of books*
common bed, green bed, modern wood bed, natural low table*, modern wood table, green desk, pine table, natural table*, green table, common chair, pine chair, modern wood chair, green chair, basket chair*, natural sofa*, modern wood stool, green bench, natural bench*, modern wood bench, cream sofa, chaise lounge, modern wood closet, green wardrobe, storage case, modern wood chest, green dresser, large bookshelf, large magazine rack, green pantry, green counter, modern wood shelf, phonograph, modern wood tv, blender, microwave, range, deluxe washer, automatic washer, wash stand*, laundry basket*, natural light*, green lamp, modern wood lamp, alarm clock, ivy partition*, radiator, fireplace, trunk, slipper stand*, four-leaf clover, book band*, pile of books*, bundle of magazines*, waste paper basket*, trash can, snake plant, aloe, caladium, daffodil, gerbera, sunflower, red tulips (potted), pink carnations (potted), yellow lilly (potted), coffee cup, cream and sugar, tea set, bread box, simple kettle, toaster, hot plate, fruit basket, plant partition, homework set, wooden bucket*, mama polar bear, fancy doll, festive tree, lily-pad table, flower chair, flower table, lotus lamp, pineapple bed, froggy chair, patchwork chair, patchwork table, patchwork sofa, patchwork dresser, patchwork lamp, k.k. bossa (music), k.k. bossa (wall art), forest life (music), forest life (wall art), k.k. stroll (music) k.k. stroll (wall art), Goldie’s pic, potted ivy, wall flowerpot, modern wall clock, tartan rug (rug), alpine rug (rug), modern wall, wood panelling, modern wood wall, library wall, ranch wall, green wall, classic wall, chic wall, ornate wall, modern wood floor, yellow flooring*, plank flooring (not sure), old board floor, ranch flooring, mosaic tile, red tile, dapper tee, dapper tee (wall), dapper dress, dapper dress (wall), citrus gingham dress, citrus gingham dress (wall), turnip dress, turnip dress (wall), dapper skirt, red glasses, blue frames, brown glasses, thick glasses, silver frames, rimmed glasses, monocle,toad parasol
Goldie's book party
stylish and urban atmosphere (スタイリッシュで都会的な空間)
  • high-end stereo
  • modern table
  • glass partition*
minimalist bed, astro bed, stripe bed, minimalist minitable, minimalist table, modern table, stripe table, astro table, minimalist chair, astro chair, stripe chair, director’s chair, minimalist ottoman, minimalist sofa, stripe sofa, astro sofa, minimalist wardrobe, , astro closet, astro shelf, minimalist dresser, stripe dresser, astro dresser, stripe shelf, astro CD player, gold stereo, hi-fi stereo, high-end stereo, flat screen tv , wide screen tv, stripe tv, astro tv, digital-photo frame, laptop, kitchen island, washing machine, stripe sink, shower stall, whirlpool bath, super toilet, minimalist lamp, astro lamp, stripe lamp, glass partition*, coat hanger, duck*, upright vacuum, cacao tree, single rose*, standing spotlight, pinball machine, dartboard, k.k. soul, k.k. soul (wall art), k.k. cruisin’ k.k. cruisin’ (wall art), k.k. disco, k.k. disco (wall art), Lopez’s pic, air conditioner, flat-screen tv (wall)*, astro clock, stripe clock, red round rug*, green round rug*, modern rug*, striped rug*, black square rug*, cowhide rug*, plaza wall, arched window, concrete wall, sleek wall, skyscraper wall, checkered tile?, stone tile, plaza tile, exhibit room floor, panelled carpet floor*, white carpet floor*, steel flooring, illusion floor, go-go shirt, go-go shirt (wall), brown bar tee, brown bar tee (wall), flashy suit*, flashy suit (wall)*, dry-denim pants?, triangle shades, tiny shades, oval shades, black loafers, white leather shoes, bat umbrella
Lopez's urban pad
fruity room (とにかくフルーティーな部屋)
  • grapefruit table
  • tangerine chair
  • fruit basket
soft drink*, apple, perfect apple, pear, perfect pair, cherry, perfect cherry, peach, perfect peach, orange, perfect orange, persimmon, coconut, lemon, lychee, mango, durian, apple basket, perfect apple basket, pear basket, perfect pair basket, cherry basket, perfect cherry basket, peach basket, perfect peach basket, orange basket, perfect orange basket, persimmon basket, coconut basket, lemon basket, lychee basket, mango basket, durian basket, watermelon chair, watermelon table, kiwi table, pear dresser, pear wardrobe, apple clock, lemon table, grapefruit table, apple tv, tangerine chair, k.k. dixie, k.k. dixie (wall), tangy’s pic, citrus rug*, citrus wall, kitchen flooring, chain-gang tee, chain-gang tee (wall), watermelon tee, watermelon tee (wall), citrus tee, citrus tee (wall), kiwi tee, kiwi tee (wall), strawberry tee, strawberry tee (wall), grape tee, grape tee (wall), melon tee, melon tee (wall), cherry tee, cherry tee (wall), gelato tee, gelato tee (wall), kiwi hat, melon hat, grape hat, watermelon hat, strawberry hat, mandarin hat
Tangy's fruity new home
monotone atmosphere (モノトーンな空間)
  • modern sofa
  • modern table
modern bed, sleek bed, sleek side table, modern end table, sleek table, modern desk, modern chair, sleek chair, modern sofa, sleek sofa, modern wardrobe, cleek closet, modern dresser, sleek dresser, modern cabinet, sleek sideboard, sleek stereo, dice stereo, modern lamp, sleek lamp, classic partition*, black tulips (potted), black cosmos (potted), metal guitar, reversi piece, k.k. rock, k.k. rock (wall), k.k. d&b, k.k. d&b (wall), k.k. metal, k.k. metal (wall), Roscoe’s Pic, modern wall clock, sleek clock, stripe wall, illusion wall, maze wall, modern tile, concrete floor, maze floor, dice tank, dice tank (wall), checkered tee, checkered tee (wall), dogtooth tee, dogtooth tee (wall), black flannel shirt, black flannel shirt (wall), tacky sweater, tacky sweater (wall), dogtooth dress, dogtooth dress (wall), plaid cami dress, plaid cami dress (wall), black denim pants, dogtooth pants, workman’s cap*, black ankle socks, white patent shoes
Roscoe sleeping in his new home
  • teacher’s desk x1
  • chair x4
  • desk x4
school desk, Japanese-style writing desk*, work bench*, lecture desk*, teacher’s desk* (new one), teacher’s desk, science table, school chair, lefty desk, righty desk, teacher’s chair, box chair*, lecture chairs*, zabuton*, tape deck, towel rack*, book stand*, hamster cage, bronze fish trophy, silver fish trophy, gold fish trophy, bronze bug trophy, silver bug trophy, gold bug trophy, trash bin, blue flower arrangement*, morning glory, lunch try, bento*, lunchbox*, office locker, compass, oil lamp, microscope, telescope, star globe, clear model, skeleton, anatomical model, chalkboard, left platform, right platform, podium, mop, leather backpack*, school lockers*, cubbyhole, painting set, crayons*, globe, mr. k.k., mr. k.k. (wall) goldfish, killifish, crayfish, school speaker, notice board*, corkboard, blue certificate, yellow certificate, world map, office clock*, shoji screen, modern screen, classroom wall, music-room wall, basement wall, music-room floor, classroom floor, block flooring*, stone tile floor*, basement floor, borderless tatami floor*, kids’ smock, kids’ smock (wall), sailor’s tee, sailor’s tee (wall), green emblem blazer, green emblem blazer (wall), beige emblem blazer, beige emblem blazer (wall), school jacket, school jacket (wall), after-school jacket, after-school jacket (wall), waistcoat, waistcoat (wall), shirt with vest*, shirt with vest (wall), graduation gown, graduation gown (wall), black formal skirt, navy formal skirt, sailor skirt, black formal pants, student cap, scholar’s hat, school hat, braided wig, doctor’s mask, bobby socks, white socks, tube socks, navy socks, brown loafers, blue sneakers
achhd school screenshot
A house with a garden where children can play (子供が遊べる庭のある家)
  • elephant slide (外)
  • stroller
  • baby bed
stroller, baby bed, clothesline pole, ironing set, potty, yellow tulips (potted), red pansies (potted), red carnations (potted), white lillies (potted), purple violets potted, flower bed*, bench swing*, elephant slide, sand box*, tulip topiary, clacker cart, rocking horse, water bird, k.k. lullaby, k.k. lullaby (wall), Carrie’s Pic, picnic sheet (rug)*, stone rug (rug), playroom rug, playroom wall, pink wood floor*, bunny tee, bunny tee (wall), bear tee, bear tee (wall), elephant tee, elephant tee (wall), frog tee, frog tee (wall), toad tee, toad tee (wall), candy umbrella?
carrie's kiddie room
I’ll leave it up to you! (おまかせします!) n/a gold hha plaque, gold house model, k.k. tango, k.k. tango (wall), Lyle’s pic
Lyle shaking his maracas
A room where a good girl can live (いい女が住む空間)
  • harvest mirror
  • harvest tv
  • red roses (potted)
harvest bed, harvest table, harvest chair, harvest sofa, harvest bureau, harvest dresser, harvest mirror, harvest tv, harvest lamp, harvest clock, red roses (potted), white carnations, white carnations (potted), k.k. flamenco, k.k. flamenco (wall), Gigi’s pic, harvest wall lamp, ceremony rug (rug)*, block rug (rug)*, harvest wall, beaded shirt, beaded shirt (wall), blue retro dress, blue retro dress (wall), orange retro dress, orange retro dress (wall), flashy can-can hat*, matronly bun, frog cap, huge shades, aviator shades, lemon pack, ribbon umbrella
Gigi's harvest room
goth-lolita room (ゴシック&ロリータな部屋)
  • rococo bed
  • rococo lamp
  • corseted shirt
rococo bed, console table*, rococo table, rococo chair, rococo sofa, rococo wardrobe, rococo shelf, rococo dresser, rococo vanity, rococo lamp, rococo clock, purple tulips (potted), black lily (potted), dollhouse, lily screen*, scorpio lamp, k.k. sonata, k.k. sonata (wall), rococo candlestick, rococo wall, rococo floor, natty tee, natty tee (wall), corseted shirt, corseted shirt (wall), black denim skirt, corseted skirt, purple glasses, white lace socks, purple pumps, zebra umbrella
Gigi's goth-lolita room
longing for mermaids (マーメイドにあこがれて)
  • mermaid bed
  • mermaid screen
mermaid bed, mermaid table, mermaid chair, mermaid sofa, mermaid vanity, mermaid lamp, mermaid screen, diver dan, mermaid statue, k.k. love song, k.k. love song (wall), Peggy’s pic, mermaid clock, stone wall, mermaid wall, mermaid floor, retro bathing suit*, retro bathing suit (wall)*, blue-stripe tee, blue-stripe-tee (wall), crown, sunny parasol
achhd peggy's house
Restaurant (first one) Eating and Drinking space
  • tables x2
  • chairs x4
  • cash register x1
aluminum & wooden table*, silver-rimmed mini table*, square mini table*, cafeteria table*, checkout counter, counter table*, aluminum & wood chair*, Japanese counter chair*, counter chair*, retro fridge, freezer, rice cooker, utensils*, dishwasher, sloppy sink, sink, wash bowl*, simple partition*, garbage bags*, to-go coffee (same as from Brewsters)*, coffee grinder, coffeemaker, espresso machine*, glass tea pot*, tart*, cupcake*, bag of groceries*, morning breakfast*, tacos*, gratin*, fast-food meal*, kids’ lunch*, set meal*, omu rice*, ramen*, udon*, New Year’s Noodles, rice bowl*, electric kettle, water pitcher*, sugar (harvest), revolving spice rack, pickle jar, canned food*, baking set*, tepan yaki grill*, dessert case, ice-cream case*, soda fountain, soda case, cash tray*, register*, two-tone register*, waste station*, menu board*, cash box*, wood divider with glass*, café umbrella table*, hospital tv, exit sign, wall fan, ventilation fan, wall menu*, café curtain wall*, charcoal tile, café uniform*, café uniform (wall)*, maid dress, maid dress (wall), elegant hat
om nom cupcake
kids’ library (キッズ図書館)
  • kiddie bookcase
  • pop-up book
kiddie bed, kiddie table, kiddie chair, kiddie couch, kiddie bureau, kiddie wardrobe, kiddie dresser, kiddie clock, mini circuit, train set, bottled ship, pop-up book, ring toss toy*, Japanese board game*, ten billion barrel, to the edge, to the edge (wall), Doc’s pic, kiddie wall clock, kiddie carpet (rug), kiddie wall, kiddie tee, kiddie tee (wall), vertigo tee, vertigo tee (wall), star tee, star tee (wall), star tank dress, star tank dress (wall), overall dress, overall dress (wall), blue umbrella
Doc's kiddie library
surrounded by flowers that won’t die (枯れない花にかこまれて)
  • azalea stool
  • lily lamp
  • lily record player
flash-flower sign, azalea stool, lily lamp, lily record player, fireworks table, steep hill, steep hill (wall), Shari’s pic, shamrock clock, hibiscus clock, ornate rug (rug)*, mod wall, flower pop wall, butterfly wall, arched brick floor, tulip tee, tulip tee (wall), leaf tee, leaf tee (wall), grass tee, grass tee (wall), fern tee, fen tee (wall), fall leaf tee, fall leaf tee (wall), lotus tee, lotus tee (wall), silk bloom tee, silk bloom tee (wall), dreamy tee, dreamy tee (wall), straw shirt, straw shirt (wall), dreamy tank dress, dreamy tank dress (wall), silk bloom dress, silk bloom dress (wall), butterfly dress, butterfly dress (wall), lotus tank dress, lotus tank dress (wall), lime dress, lime dress (wall), lacy parasol
shari's undying flowers
board game convention (ボードゲーム大会)
  • Japanese board game*
  • bingo wheel
colorful wheel, bingowheel, yut board, go board, pawn, knight, rook, bishop, queen, king, shogi piece, resetti model, k.k. groove, k.k. groove (wall), Tank’s pic, party wall, no. 1 shirt, no. 1 shirt (wall), gelato umbrella
tank's boardgame house
Hospital 3 rooms: reception, exam room, hospital room reception: chair x5, counter x1 exam room: chair x2, bed x1 hospital room: bed x3 hospital bed, exam table (bed)*, modern hospital bed*, operating table*, stretcher*, reception counter*, donut stool, pipe stool, waiting room chairs*, bathroom sink, bath mat (changed a bit)*, drink vending machine*, guest room refrigerator*, 4 stack lockers*, rolling cabinet*, document stack*, document case*, training telephone*, umbrella stand*, accordion screen*, hospital screen, receoption window*, medicine bag (same as NL), medicine case*, medicine chest, first-aid kit*, iv drip, washbasin, dentist’s chair, EKG machine*, doctor’s desk*, medical tool cart*, vision tester, trunk measure, stadiometer, scale, waiting room wall*, simple panel wall*, log house floor*, school hall floor*, doctor’s coat, doctor’s coat (wall), blue nurse’s uniform*, blue nurse’s uniform (wall)*, mummy shirt, mummy shirt (wall), blue pj shirt, blue pj shirt (wall), pink pj shirt, pink pj shirt (wall), nurse’s uniform, nurse’s uniform (wall), blue pj bottoms, pink pj bottoms, mummy pants, blue nightcap, pink nightcap, nurse’s cap, doctor’s mirro, eye patch, post-op patch
hospital exam room
surrounded by fish (おサカナに囲まれて)
  • tuna
  • salmon
  • horse mackerel
coral shell, venus comb shell, Kiki’s pic, marine pop wall, blue carpet floor*, fishing vest, fishing vest (wall), cook’s clothing*, cook’s clothing (wall)*, apron tee*, apron tee (wall)*, fish tee, fish tee (wall), argyle knit shirt, argyle knit shirt (wall), striped wet suit, black wet suit, cook’s hat*, diver’s hood, diving mask
kiki's fish room
a café with stained glass (ステンドグラスがある喫茶店)
  • stained-glass lamp
  • coffee cup
  • natual low table*
gorgeous counter, gorgeous sofa, stained-glass lamp, afternoon-tea set, breakfast B*, cash register, aurora screen, k.k. moody, k.k. moody (wall), Annalise’s pic, stained glass, red tile wall, tropical tee, tropical tee (wall), prism tee, prism tee (wall), waitress dress, waitress dress (wall), forest umbrella
stained glass cafe
Room without trash (ゴミのない空間)
  • vacuum cleaner
  • utensils*
  • waste paper basket*
box of tissues, vacuum cleaner, garbage pail, garbage can, wheeled garbage can*, rotten turnip, k.k. blues, k.k. blues (wall), Bree’s pic, floral knit tee, floral knit tee (wall)
bree's rainbow
Pirate hideout (海賊のアジト)
  • ship cannon
  • vintage telescope
vintage telescope, helm, anchor, ship compass, ship cannon, barrel, keg, k.k. march, k.k. march (wall), Rod’s pic, jolly roger, pirate’s armor, sea view, ship deck, zipper shirt, zipper shirt (wall), sea captain’s coat, sea captain’s coat (wall), bandana, pirate’s hat, superhero mask
Church with stained glass (ステンドグラスのある教会)
  • pipe organ
  • stained-glass lamp
  • Casa Blanca flowers*
exotic bench, candlestick*, Casa Blanca flowers*, basket of bread*, rope partition, pipe organ, cupid bench, k.k. chorale, k.k. chorale (wall), Monique’s pic, sconce, arch wall*, high class tile wall*, kitschy wall, toga, toga (wall), halo, brown pumps
Monique in church
longs for a mountain bike (あこがれのマウンテンバイク)
  • mountain bike
  • bike pump*
tool cart*, toolbox*, tool shelf*, bike pump*, mountain bike, city bike*, pile of tires*, k.k. country, k.k. country (wall), Walker’s pic, steel frame wall*, concrete shop floor*, cycling shirt, cycling shirt (wall), no. 67 shirt, no. 67 shirt (wall), bike helmet, yellow umbrella
Journey of self-discovery (on the train) (自分探しの旅(電車))
  • boston bag*
  • train seats
train seats, handbag*, boston bag*, letter set, Henry’s pic, train strap*, train window wall*, captain’s jacket, captain’s jakcet (wall), trench coat, trench coat (wall), pilot’s hat, grandpa hat, leaf (accessory), leaf umbrella
Henry on the train
genuine coffee shop that serves an extraordinary cup of coffee (とびきりの一杯を出す純喫茶)
  • coffee cup
  • coffee grinder
  • siphon
wooden counter*, jukebox, bag of beans, siphon, k.k. swing, k.k. swing (wall), Marshal’s pic, parquet floor, denim jacket, denim jacket (wall), mint umbrella
Every day is a birthday party (毎日が誕生日パーティー)
  • birthday sign (外)
birthday table, mountain of presents*, moth orchid, birthday cake, birthday sign, birthday candles, k.k. birthday, k.k. birthday (wall), Bunnie’s pic, wildflower floor, jade plaid tee, jade plaid tee (wall), pink party dress, pink party dress (wall), birthday hat, birthday shades, petal parasol
Kid Cat
a base for allies of justice to congregate (正義の味方が集う基地)
  • hologram machine
  • tape deck
hologram machine, spherical radar, small space console, large space console, space console, one lamp, go k.k. rider, go k.k. rider (wall), Kid Cat’s pic, heliport rug*, sci-fi wall, sci-fi floor, military uniform, military uniform (wall), red-zap suit, red-zap suit (wall), military pants, red-zap pants, red-zap helmet, purple-imp hood, cyber shades, zap boots, red umbrella/td>
A place for boxers to lose weight(ボクサーが減量する空間)
  • space heater
  • scale
folding chair, hourglass, space heater, potbelly stove, speed bag, treadmill, beacon fire, k.k. gumbo, k.k. gumbo (wall), Tom’s pic, lab floor, BB tee, BB tee (wall), gray parka, gray parka (wall), blue gym shorts, terry-cloth do-rag, blue headgear, blue wrestling shoes, flame umbrella
A place for kids to play (キッズが遊べる空間)
  • jungle gym (外)
  • sand castle(外)
  • train set
orange roses (potted), candy machine, skateboard rack*, jungle gym, sand castle, foosball table, cyan balloon, carp banner, balloon chair, balloon lamp, my place, my place (wall), Dizzy’s pic, no. 5 shirt, no. 5 shirt (wall), newsprint helmet
Showa period (an era in Japan from 1926-1989) retro styled room (昭和レトロスタイル)
  • retro tv
  • retro fridge
  • washer/dryer
cassette player, retro stereo, retro tv, washer/dryer, retro sink*, black phone*, streetlight, vintage telephone, bilboquet, comrade k.k., comrade k.k. (wall), Lobo’s pic, manor wall, diner tile, kanji tee, kanji tee (wall), happi tee, happi tee (wall), tan dogtooth tee, tan dogtooth tee (wall), red dress, red dress (wall), tan dogtooth dress, tan dogtooth dress (wall), shirtdress, shirtdress (wall), tan dogtooth pants, paper parasol
Store #1 must have a sales counter
  • register
  • display stand
stool, wrapped present, gold crest (plant)*, succulent plants*, poinsettia, pine bonsai, round cactus, sapling, cedar sapling, candy, chocolate heart, popcorn, popcorn machine, flower showcase*, milk case, ice-cream case, merchandise shelf*, vending machine*, slushie machine, ABD, shopping cart, sale cart*, casual display stand*, wooden display stand*, old display stand*, small led display, neon sign, candy machine, arcade machine, tabletop game, crane game, flower seed bag, greenhouse stand*, fertilizer bag, boxed figurine, mama bear, raccoon figurine, soft-serve lamp, flower wreath*, led display, surveillance camera, wooden display rug A*, wooden display rug B*, wooden display rug C*, tile display rug A*, tile display rug B*, old display rug A*, Old display rug B*, pink metal wall*, convenience store wall*, pastel tile wall*, red & white tile wall*, oil-stained floor*, blue tile floor*, orange panel floor*, green argyle floor*, clerk’s shirt, clerk’s shirt (wall), supermarket shirt*, supermarket shirt (wall)*
a house with a modern garden (モダンな庭のある家)
  • modern bench (外)
  • water view* (外)
  • modern clock
modern shower*, bath set*, water view*, modern bench, garden light*, modern streetlight, modern clock, k.k. samba, k.k. samba (wall), Pompom’s pic, no 4. shirt, no. 4 shirt (wall)
a room to fight with squid (イカと戦う部屋)
  • squid chair
  • octopus chair
  • manhole cover
dj’s turntable, sushi platter*, conveyor-belt sushi, sandbag, steamroller, manhole cover, flying saucer, general’s fan, sea-anemone bed, octopus chair, squid chair, Octavian’s pic, jellyfish lamp, chain-link fence, big-star tee, big-star tee (wall), samurai helmet, beach umbrella [exterior: paint-splattered roof*, paint-splattered wall*, paint-splattered door*]
an apple room (りんごの部屋)
  • juicy-apple tv
  • juicy-apple clock
  • basket of apples
polka-dot bed, polka-dot low table, polka-dot table, polka-dot chair, polka-dot stool, polka-dot sofa, polka-dot closet, polka-dot dresser, polka-dot tv, polka-dot lamp, round clock, dj k.k., dj k.k. (wall), Apple’s pic, polka-dot clock, forest wall, kitschy tile, lite polka tee, lite polka tee (wall), red riding dress, red riding dress (wall), red polka skirt, red hood, red pikmin
a room like backstage (楽屋みたいな部屋)
  • hair-salon mirror*
  • makeup case
  • folding chair
office room table*, makeup case, jewelry case*, table mirror*, changing booth*, hair-salon mirror*, k.k. étude, k.k. étude (wall), Jambette’s pic, autograph board*, frog costume, frog costume (wall), dollhouse dress, dollhouse dress (wall), tartan-plaid outfit, tartan-plaid outfit (wall), frog-costume pants, floppy hat, small silk hat, tiara hair
to have fun moon viewing (お月見を楽しみたい)
  • telescope
  • moon
dango, moon, bunny y. balloon, bunny c. balloon, bunny p. balloon, snow bunny, mochi pestle, full-moon vanity, space k.k., space k.k. (wall), Ruby’s pic, lunar horizon, lunar surface, fluffy tank dress, fluffy tank dress (wall), fluffy dress, fluffy dress (wall), bunny hood, moon hairpin
Chinese restaurant (チャイニーズレストラン)
  • lazy-susan table
  • Chinese chair*
exotic bed, exotic end table, exotic table, lazy-susan table, Chinese chair*, exotic chair, exotic wardrobe, exotic bureau, exotic chest, exotic lamp, exotic screen, stir-fry pan*, imperial k.k., imperial k.k. (wall), Cousteau’s pic, exotic wall shelf, red-tasseled lantern, exquisite rug (rug), exquisite wall, bamboo wall, imperial wall, lattice wall, imperial tile, bamboo flooring, chef’s outfit, chef’s outfit (wall), kung-fu tee, kung-fu tee (wall), noodle tee, noodle tee (wall), hot spring tee, hot spring tee (wall), new spring tee, new spring tee (wall), imperial shirt, imperial shirt (wall), dragon suit, dragon suit (wall), periwinkle tee, periwinkle tee (wall), rally tee, rally tee (wall), hot spring skirt, new spring skirt, kung-fu pants, dragon leggings, imperial pants, chef’s hat, silk hat, pigtail, bung wig
open café area (オープンカフェな空間)
  • menu board* (外)
  • café umbrella table*
  • espresso maker
espresso maker, café k.k., café k.k. (wall), Kitty’s pic, illuminated wall sign*, round brick rug*, tree-lined wall, terra cotta tile floor*, crewel tee, crewel tee (wall)
Katt’s cat meeting (ちょいの猫集会)
  • lucky cat
  • lefty lucky cat
  • lucky black cat
pile of pipes (pwp), fish grill, lucky cat, lefty lucky cat, lucky black cat, Katt’s pic, sandlot, pep-squad tee, pep-squad tee (wall), paw tee, paw tee (wall), cat tank dress, cat tank dress (wall), cat dress, cat dress (wall), cat cap, brown slip-ons, leopard umbrella
memories of vacant land (おもいでの空き地)
  • drink vending machine*
  • pile of pipes (pwp)
  • city bike
pink cosmos, pink cosmos (potted), basketball*, basketball hoop, portable toilet, cable drum table*, kick scooter*, agent k.k., agent k.k. (wall), Renée’s pic, sidewalk, straw boater, elegant umbrella
office rooms: office, meeting room office:

  • desks x5
  • chairs x5

Meeting room:

  • desk x1
  • chairs x6
on-site desk*, office desk*, fancy office desk*, editor’s desk, office chair, meeting room chair*, deluxe office chair*, editor’s chair, computer, mini lamp, exhibit partition, file wagon*, file cabinet M*, file cabinet L*, safe, whiteboard, office phone*, time clock, typewriter, copy machine, computer desk, server, partition screen, drinking fountain, display shelf, office wall, office flooring, orange jacket, orange jacket (wall), security tee, security tee (wall), flight-crew shirt, flight-crew shirt (wall), detective outfit, detective outfit (wall), brown formal pants, navy formal pants, orange pants, detective hat, white police cap, police cap, dress socks, black pumps, blue pumps
cutie yellow [loves yellow things] (キューティーイエロー)
  • sunflower stereo
  • yellow bench (pwp)
oval clock, yellow pansy (potted), yellow cosmos (potted), yellow roses (potted), yellow violet (potted), dandelion (potted), double-neck guitar, yellow bench, yellow balloon, heart y. balloon, pansy table, tulip dresser, sunflower stereo, Victoria’s pic, giraffe ruler, round yellow rug*, astro wall, astro floor, dotted rug (floor), one-ball tee, one-ball tee (wall), racer 6 tee, racer 6 tee (wall), sunset tee, sunset tee (wall),yellow-bar tee, yellow bar tee (wall), yellow tartan tee, yellow tartan tee (wall), bad plaid tee, bad plaid tee (wall), big-dot tee, big dot tee (wall), sunflower tee, sunflower tee (wall), yellow dotted dress, yellow dotted dress (wall), ribboned straw hat, y. new year’s hat, yellow ribbon, yellow glasses, yellow rain boots, lemon tree (outside)
sweets house (おかしなお家)
  • sweets bed
  • sweets sofa
  • sweets minitable
fancy tea set*, candy jar, chocolate fountain, chocolate cake, yule log, pancakes*, sweets bed, sweets chair, sweets closet, sweets sofa, sweets table, sweets minitable, sweets player, sweets minilamp, sweets bookcase, sweets dresser, Merengue’s pic, sweets lamp, cookie rug*, sweets wall, sweets floor, frilly apron*, frilly apron (wall)*, flan tank, flan tank (wall)
black and white world (白と黒の世界)
  • reversi piece
cd player, Queenie’s pic, chessboard rug, amethyst tee, amethyst tee (wall)
I’ll leave it up to you! (おまかせします!) n/a K.K. Casbah, K.K. Casbah (wall), Saharah’s pic, turban, tent wall
I’ll leave it up to you! (おまかせします!) n/a turnip, K.K. Lament, K.K. Lament (wall), Joan’s pic, pinafore
monster mansion (オバケ屋敷)
  • creepy bat stone
  • creepy stone
purple roses (potted), well, creepy skeleton, creepy bat stone, creepy stone, creepy cauldron, creepy coffin, creepy clock, creepy crystal, creepy statue, k.k. dirge, k.k. dirge (wall), Clay’s pic, creepy floor (rug), ramshackle wall, creepy wall, ramshackle floor, skull tee, skull tee (wall), painter’s tee, painter’s tee (wall), bone shirt, bone shirt (wall), uncommon shirt, uncommon shirt (wall), bone pants, skeleton hoot, mummy mask, camou mbrella, purple roses, black tulips
loves polka dots (みずたみ大好き)
  • polka-dot bed
  • polka-dot sofa
  • Francine’s pic
Bubblegum K.K., Bubblegum K.K. wall, Francine’s pic, Chrissy’s pic, white wood floor*, aqua polka tee, aqua polka tee (wall), bubble-gum tee, bubble gum tee (wall), gumdrop tee, gumdrop tee (wall), dark polka tee, dark polka tee (wall), funky-dot tee, funky dot tee (wall), coral tee, coral tee (wall), polka-dot dress, polka-dot dress (wall), gumdrop dress, gumdrop dress (wall), blue dotted dress, blue dotted dress (wall), blue polka shorts, funky-dot skirt, lite polka skirt, dark polka skirt, emerald polka skirt, polka-dot socks, purple dot shoes, green polka pumps, polka-dot rain boots, eggy parasol
home to dry laundry (洗たくものが干せる家)
  • clothesline pole
  • washer/dryer
  • water pump (pwp)
Japanese barrel*, water pump (pwp), K.K. Calypso, K.K. Calypso (wall), Cally’s pic, backyard fence, rural landscape wall*, dirt floor*, ladybug tank, ladybug tank (wall)
The white horse prince’s private space (白馬の王子のプライベーット空間)
  • gorgeous bed
  • blue ringmaster coat
  • single rose*
gorgeous bed, tennis racket*, golf bag, surfboard, plate armor, k.k. ballad, k.k. ballad (wall), Colton’s pic, tuxedo, tuxedo (wall), jockey shirt, jockey shirt (wall), red ringmaster coat, red ringmaster coat (wall), blue ringmaster coat, blue ringmaster coat (wall), noble shirt, noble shirt (wall), frock coat, frock coat (wall), ballroom mask, melon umbrella
Southern country paradise (南国のパラダイス)
  • beach table
  • beach chair
  • palm-tree lamp
coconut juice*, life ring, ukulele, propane stove, barbecue, beach chair, log bench (pwp), beach table, hula doll, palm-tree lamp, k.k. island, k.k. island wall, conch shell, sand dollar, O’Hare’s pic, life preserver, southern island rug*, tropical vista, sandy beach floor (that + the southern island rug made up the tropical floor), saharah’s desert, blue aloha tee, blue aloha tee (wall), muumuu, muumuu (wall), rainbow plaid shorts, brown plaid shorts, grass skirt, flip-flops, red hibiscus
Restaurant #2 rooms: dining room, kitchen dining room:

  • tabes x2
  • chairs x4
  • cash register x1


  • (professional) kitchen furniture x1
round table-cloth table* (redundant much?), Japanese low table*, single plank table*, square table-cloth table*, serving cart*, kitchen sink, steamed lobster*, paella*, ceramic hot pot, cutting board koi*, puffer fish sashimi*, sushi array*, stainless water pitcher*, cutting board set*, stewpot, salad bar, wooden carrying box*, professional dishwasher*, professional stove*, professional refrigerator*, professional kitchen counter*, propane tank*, kitchen bell*, stone oven*, shoji partition*, kitchen utensils*, exotic rug (rug), rush tatami rug*, white tile wall*, underwater wall, exotic wood floor*, white tile floor*, flagstone floor*, tatami
wants to drink milk after getting out of the bath (お風呂上がりの牛乳)
  • milk case
  • shoe locker*
  • retro partition*
massage chair, bathtub, fan, stack of shirts*, milk (from harvest items), milk carton*, shoe locker*, retro partition*, floor grates*, Joey’s pic, bathhouse wall, bath tile, jinbei top, jinbei top (wall), no. 3 shirt, no. 3 shirt (wall), jinbei shorts
engulfed in blue (青色に包まれたい)
  • blue table
  • blue bureau
  • blue chair
blue bed, blue table, blue chair, blue bench, blue wardrobe, blue cabinet, blue bureau, blue bookcase, blue dresser, blue clock, blue pansy (potted), blue violets (potted), bunny b. balloon, blue ballloon, stale cupcakes, stale cupcakes (wall), Jeremiah’s pic, blue wall shelf, blue round rug*, blue-trim wall, blue wall, blue flooring, deep blue tee, blue-check tee, blue plaid tee, raglan tee, raglan shirt, blue flannel shirt, embroidered dress, blue party dress, blue-stripe pants, blue cap, blue pom-pom hat, blue new-year’s hat, blue ribbon, blue frames
big sea voyage room (大航海部屋)
  • life ring
sailboat model, Del’s pic, ocean horizon wallpaper*, water’s surface flooring*, scale-print tee, scale-print tee (wall), floral knit dress, floral knit dress (wall), captain’s hat, sailor’s hat, blue-stripe tights, red boat shoes, coconut tree, coconut tree stump
Midge’s beauty salon (ビューティーサロン うずまき)
  • salon wagon*
  • hair-bow wig
styling chair*, salon wagon*, k.k. house, k.k. house (wall), Midge’s pic, stripe carpet, hair-bow wig, funky wig
Department Store rooms: entrance, 2 shops, 1 café entrance:

  • counter


  • register


  • register
  • tables x2
  • chairs x4
reception table, deluxe massage chair*, museum chair, perfume display*, diamond ring*, high-end display stand*, display stand, high-end showcase*, sample case*, glass display case, flat display case, tall display case, poster stand, arrow sign, coin locker*, thermohygrometer, park clock (pwp), tea vase, red vase, blue vase, round illuminated sign*, stone display rug A*, stone display rug B*, stone display rug C*, high-end tile floor*, department store uniform*, department store uniform (wall)*

*Items denoted with an asterisk are (I think) new to Happy Home Designer. The names I ascribed are my translations and may not be the actual English names of the items.

Amiibo phone unlocks after Carrie!