Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Definition of Perfection

I think my week off from blogging about Hanabi could be summed up quite easily: It snowed. I swear it snowed pretty much every day with brief intervals of heavy clouds and then more snow. I didn’t do too much last week, but here are the highlights.

Jingle of Course


Jingle’s first visit to Hanabi was a resounding success, but only because I saved and continued before delivering a couple presents. I thought I had enough info, but it turns out I didn’t. I didn’t know what color a couple things were, like the mini lamp. I thought it might have been white, but it’s gray, so I got Julian’s initial delivery wrong. Eep! And figuring out the color of the two wallpaper I had in my bag wasn’t easy either. In the end everyone got what they wanted. Jingle gave me a wreath and then sent me his picture in the mail.


I started a picture room in the museum. I'm running out of room for them in my house.

I started a picture room in the museum. I’m running out of room for them in my house.

Snow-person building

I built my last hideous Frankenstein-like snow family where everyone except snowtyke was horribly misshapen. As a reward I got a sleigh. Now I’m on to building exquisite snowboys for the snowman set.


Yes you are! Next to your perfect little brother. :)

Yes you are! Next to your perfect little brother. 🙂

Note: 3 perfect snowboys pictured. Smug mode.

Note: 3 perfect snowboys pictured. Smug mode.

I had Saharah

I don't know what look she's going for.

I don’t know what look she’s going for.

I needed a lot of Saharah originals for Vella’s catalog so I let her remake the room…much to my dismay. Instead I took Vella over to Kasen yesterday and she cataloged all of Taiga’s Saharah set. Much easier.

I had Redd

I had Redd on Thursday last week, and he’s in town today. I didn’t need either of the paintings I bought. Last weeks was the neutral painting and this week’s is the wistful painting (Girl with a Pearl Earring)


I Managed to Unload My Turnips

Kasen had decent prices. I think 211? I didn’t wait to see if they would spike higher, I just sold. I was hoping maybe that would get me the gold turnip badge, but ever since I sold there hasn’t been a clear day in town, so no Phineas.

This week I only bought 900 turnips because I was feeling lazy.


I wasn’t expecting a delivery from Nintendo. They sent out Kadomatsu which are traditional Japanese New Year’s decorations. Seems a little weird sending it to the English games when no one knows what they are, but I was happy to get it and let Yumi catalog it anyway.


Sheldon Decided to Move

And I said “Go for It!” If only he had decided to leave sooner though because I had the most awesome camper that day.



He's still up for grabs if anyone wants him.

He’s still up for grabs if anyone wants him.

I'm just gonna stick you in my closet and you can move in on the 2nd ok? OMG you're so cute!

I’m just gonna stick you in my closet and you can move in on the 2nd ok? OMG you’re so cute!

He does this to me every day. He sighs and then tells me about his moving out. It's taking all my willpower to make him go.

He does this to me every day. He sighs and then tells me about his moving out. It’s taking all my willpower to make him go.

You're not nearly as cute. Can I have the hamster back?

You’re not nearly as cute. Can I have the hamster back?

OMG stop making me feel guilty. You wanted to move!

OMG stop making me feel guilty. You wanted to move!

大晦日 (oh-me-so-ka) New Year’s Eve!

Tomorrow is the New Year’s Eve countdown. I’ll be opening up Kasen (my Japanese town) from 10am-noon PST (GMT-8) so you can grab some Year-End Noodles. If you can’t make it at that time but you can later on in the day let me know and I might open up again in the afternoon. I’ll leave out the Sagittarius Bow and the Capricorn Ornament to catalog. I don’t know if European ACNL players got the Kadomatsu? I’ll try and put that out as well. And now I’ve got to go do some 大掃除 (oh-soh-ji) big cleaning in Kasen so the town is up to snuff for visitors. 🙂

良いお年を! Happy New Year!

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Christmas Eve

I walked out of my house and a message popped up: “Merry Christmas everyone!”

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I went in my house and changed into my santa suit by swapping clothes with the mannequin. Easy peasy. Outside the aurora was dancing in the night sky.

Christmas Eve Aurora

I struck up a conversation with Margie and she asked if I had met Jingle the reindeer yet. I hadn’t, so I went off in search of him.

margie asks about jingle

Have you met Jingle the reindeer yet?

I spied jingle hiding out behind Brewster’s Café.

Meeting Jingle

Merry Christmas!
I’m the black-nosed reindeer Jingle!

Jingle went on and on about the romance of Christmas, the sound of bells, the white snow, the warm fireplace. He then went on to explain that he was delivering presents from Santa in the village…and that I looked just like Santa! And since I looked like Santa it would make everybody happy if they got their presents from me (because they’d think they were getting them from Santa himself). He asked if I’d deliver the presents and of course I couldn’t refuse.

santa bag

“That Santa bag contains all the presents for the villagers. It’s a magic bag!”

I didn’t know if I could look in the bag. I didn’t try. It’s treated like a tool and you can equip and unequip it like one. Kokuto says you could look in it if you took it off. You just couldn’t put anything in it or take anything out.

Everybody thought I was Santa with my big white bag. I stopped by Hakase first.

christmas hakase

OMG! Santa!
Merry Christmas!!!

I was prompted to give him a present. I knew he wanted wallpaper and I thought he was the only one who wanted wallpaper, but I had two in my bag. That meant Derry (the monkey) also wanted wallpaper—he never told me what he wanted. I had no idea which wallpaper to give Hakase. I made a snap decision and gave him the footprint wallpaper. He said it was just what he wanted. Score!

hakase like his present

Thanks Santa!
Good luck with the rest of your work!

Next I delivered to Margie. I knew she wanted light blue clothes. I had a leopard shirt, a grape soda shirt, and a sky shirt. I went with the sky shirt.

margie wants to open her present

“I wonder what’s inside?!
I’m opening it!”

She told me the sky shirt was just what she wanted. I did a happy dance and went on to find Shinobu who wanted yellow clothes. I figured the closes to that was the leopard shirt. She said she had been wanting that and changed into it immediately.

shinobu in her leopard shirt

“Thanks for the present!
Anyway…do you really like the color red?”

Next up: Nelson (the deer. LOL) He wanted food and I only had one food item in the bag, a peach.

nelson's peach

A peach?!
Exactly what I wanted!

I delivered to Lillian next. If you remember, both she and Iris wanted “consumer electronics.” I had no further specifics. And the electronics I was given to deliver were an upright vacuum cleaner and a 32 inch widescreen TV.

lillian gets a TV

“32” Widescreen TV!
Just what I asked for!”

Then I stopped by Yuka’s house to deliver the remaining shirt to her. She liked her grape soda shirt.

yuka's present

“Thanks to you I’m going to have wonderful memories of this Christmas Eve.”

I went to Iris’ house next. I felt a little guilty giving her the vacuum, but that was just what she wanted. Ok, I wouldn’t be mad to get a new vacuum either. I’m a little domestic that way.

iris waving

Iris waves goodbye to Santa

Ida got my last piece of furniture, a lovely long table. She was pleased, but she said “ehehe” afterward and I was worried. That doesn’t sound like a happy noise.

ida gets a present

“Sweet! I’m going to open it immediately!”

Derry the monkey was my last recipient. He never told me what he wanted, but all I had was wallpaper and since Hakase was happy with the wallpaper I gave him I figured this was the right present for Derry.

derry gets wallpaper

“No way?! Pipe Curtain wallpaper! How did you know I wanted that?!”

Obviously I knew because I’m Santa, Derry. Certainly not because I took notes all month long.

I went back and talked to Jingle and told him I was finished. He said everybody seemed happy and I delivered what everybody wanted. And finally it was time for my present: a Christmas Wreath (I didn’t ask for that).

jingle is pleased with my work

“Seeing everyone’s joyous faces made me happy”

And that concluded the Christmas Eve festivities. Kokuto’s didn’t go quite as smoothly as mine. He didn’t write down what everybody wanted and ended up with some dissatisfied villagers. I think Jingle will send me his picture tomorrow (I’m hoping) but I don’t know if Kokuto will get it since he didn’t make everyone happy.

If anyone wants to know what I want for Christmas: a Christmas Clock—the last Christmas set item that I’m missing. If you could order one for me I’ll pay you!


Because I picked it up I figured I’d tell you about the music box I got from Kaizo. It’s very flashy. It looks rhinestone encrusted. When it’s open it plays a song, though I don’t believe the song it plays is the one I gave him (which is a good thing. It was a slow depressing hymn).

music box

The closed music box

The open music box


Margie in her sky shirt



pitfallen Santa

pitfallen Santa

Angry Santa

Angry Santa



Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath