Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Happy Birthday L☆cke!

Pattern Crazy

Saturday I finally got my hands on ぴこぷり magazine (as I keep stating). I came home and spent pretty much the entire evening making patterns out of the pattern book it came with. In addition to the snow bunny dress I posted I made a couple slightly less exciting shirts for my townies to wear.




And then I decided Octavian’s space moat could wait and I saved the patterns so Olive could get in on the dress making action. I’m not too fond of this reindeer dress. The color is kind of funky. But it was fairly easy to make.






K.K.’s Act

After all that pattern making I still remembered to stop by K.K.’s with Vella and more importantly with Locke to pick up her birthday song.



Sunday Adventures

Sunday I never even played with Vella. The day was spent with Locke trying to make everyone happy in preparation for today: her birthday. (Note: it’s not my birthday. Today is actually my niece’s 21st birthday. Scary!). Locke got a petition signed for Rooney, and ran into Hanabi’s former resident Kitt and Whitney (from my husband’s town) who recognized her.

Yeah. I remember.

Yeah. I remember.





She also gave perpetually starving Barold a perfect apple (thanks, Rachael!) and then against all odds got Octavian a bagworm. Though her face may have been harmed in the process. And her self-esteem as well…









Happy Birthday

Was it all worth it? Well, Locke was escorted by none other than the unicorn himself to her party. So, yeah. It kinda was.






Did I get what I wanted? No. The final birthday item I need are the birthday candles. Locke ended up with a birthday cake. If anyone wants to trade a birthday cake for birthday candles, I would be ecstatic. But at least she got one of the birthday items so I don’t think my schmoozing was in vain. I’ll just have to remember to do it with more than 10 days to go and be a little more diligent in my letter writing next time (I say that every time). I don’t even remember what I set Olive’s B-day to. I think it may be my cat’s birthday, March 22…




And that was that. She didn’t get any other presents from townies. Her mom sent her a gift and that was about it.


After the birthday fanfare I logged Vella back on to repair all of the trees that exploded last night while Locke was looking for a bagworm and then went on a couple dream adventures to ACUKE towns.

First stop Rick’s town of Farside:


Path to nowhere? If I had a wetsuit I might take a leap.

Path to nowhere? If I had a wetsuit I might take a leap.





Next stop: ACUKE founder Chorna’s town of Hideaway.


Now, what do I want to see...

Now, what do I want to see…


I did!

I did!

This is my favorite! I love the little gardens.

This is my favorite! I love the little gardens.

Um. You're in your house.——my husband just got him the other day. :)

Um. You’re in your house.——my husband just got him the other day. 🙂

And now it’s time for me to exercise. I put on a bit of weight studying all the time. Plus side to exercising. Maybe I’ll be warm for a bit. It’s cold out!

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!
P.P.S. I think the big snowstorm will be tomorrow with snowy ground the following day. I can’t wait!

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 80

Stalk Market

AM: Missed it
PM: 47 Bells

Snow Reward

As expected, snow kid sent me an item in the mail. I got a cute little snow bunny. It kind of reminds me of a snow cone and I want to eat it…

snow bunny. what a curious item

snow bunny. what a curious item

Derry’s Last Day

Derry is all packed up and ready to leave (bridge #3 here we come!). He acted proud for a while and then started balling as he said goodbye. I’ll miss you Derry, but you’re on prime real estate.


Redd’s Gallery

ooooh time for 迷探偵 (typo intended) Yumi!

Lady with an Ermineby Leonard da VinciFake (I think) this one is a cat (I think) and the real one is a ferret.

Lady with an Ermine
by Leonard da Vinci
Fake (I think) this one is a cat (I think) and the real one is a ferret.

Ryuuji purchased this one just to verify. Apparently the fake one has a tail. That looks like a tail in the bottom left to me.

The Blue Boyby Thomas GainsboroughFake. Original does not have two hands on hips

The Blue Boy
by Thomas Gainsborough
Fake. Original does not have two hands on hips

Dogū I do believe this is real. The fake has open eyes. I bought it...even though I don't like it

I do believe this is real. The fake has open eyes. I bought it…even though I don’t like it

Girl With a Pearl Earringby Johannes VermeerFake. The original has a blue scarf

Girl With a Pearl Earring
by Johannes Vermeer
Fake. The original has a blue scarf

Kaizo’s Corner

muhhaha! Pink couch

muhhaha! Pink couch

wall lantern pre-remake

wall lantern pre-remake

I had the option of remaking it with different designs: moon, bamboo, or sakura. I chose sakura (cherry blossoms).

post-remake with sakura design

post-remake with sakura design

I have no idea what this will look like. I chose to remake it using a ruby and black. I don't know what part will be black. If it's hideous I'll redo it.

I have no idea what this will look like. I chose to remake it using a ruby and black. I don’t know what part will be black. If it’s hideous I’ll redo it.

At Long Last

I caught a dung beetle. I had to wander around and spy on the bugger till I could catch him in the act.
dung beetle

Neko and Kokuto Came Over

I made them go cliff diving before catching K.K.’s act. 🙂



wth are you wearing Kokuto?

wth are you wearing Kokuto?

ok this is my favorite shot so far

ok this is my favorite shot so far

You can only jump off of certain spots into the ocean. You can’t jump onto the sand and you have to be wearing your marine suit.



After drying off we went to catch K.K.’s show.






bidding Kokuto farewell

bidding Kokuto farewell


Neko brought me a bamboo shoot. I hope it grows. I had no idea where to put it

Neko brought me a bamboo shoot. I hope it grows. I had no idea where to put it


Yumi snaked Ryuuji's map from Maikochan

Yumi snaked Ryuuji’s map from Maikochan

silver slingshot #582017

silver slingshot #582017

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 24 3/4

It’s Saturday night! I had to investigate K.K. Slider’s Saturday live show.

DLC Stool

I did a bit of investigating, and the stool I got from Pelly is indeed a tree stump stool. It’s available from 12/1-12/31 according to the official site. While my picture isn’t appropriately themed (balloons and snowy tree stump don’t mix), here it is in all of its holiday glory.

Badge Master

Another badge. I think I’m doing pretty good collecting them. This one is for gardening. I’m already getting sick of watering all my darn flowers, so it’s appropriate. 😉

This is a badge for nature lovers, people who planted lots of flowers and increased greenery.

Pre-Show meet and greet?

Club 444 wasn’t technically open this evening before K.K.’s show. The lights were off. Nevertheless I was able to get inside around 6:30. (I’m not sure what the open hours are). Shrunk was in the club cleaning and setting up before K.K.’s act. He began to reminisce about the good old days and his act on the stage.

“I wasn’t a musician, but I was a performer…”

If I was interested in his jokes he would show me his act once in a while—not for money. Something to eat would be plenty of payment. I brought him a delicious peach. And true to his word he showed me his act.

Only a mother could love that face.

Afterward he gave me a joke book. This book stores my “reactions” or emotions or whatever you want to call them. It added a new button on the bottom screen. You can touch the button and then touch whatever reaction. It looks like it stores a lot of them. I only have one right now. I forget what it’s called officially. I shrug and look exasperated. (I like to think of it as my “what the f★ck ever reaction”.) I didn’t get a pic of it. I’m sure it’ll come up soon.

During the set-up phase you can go up on stage. You can’t access it while K.K. performs. You can switch out the gyroids. If you see one you want, you can bring one of yours, “talk” to the one you want and switch them. I hope Brewster still stores gyroids. I’ve never really cared for them.

K.K. Live

I came back at 8PM to listen to K.K.’s act. He didn’t let me choose a song (which is fine because I don’t know their names in Japanese), but just launched into a random number. I took a seat after talking to him and he said he was going to play K.K. Milonga (after which Kokuto and I had a spirited debate about whether Milonga was a real dance/song.) Apparently it’s like the tango.

The credits rolled as K.K. strummed and wailed.

I did actually watch this in 3D. It looked pretty sweet.

Just me and Shrunk were treated to K.K.’s performance

After watching I had a copy of the song in my inventory. I ran home and put it in my tape player that I’ve been hoarding for just such an occasion. I really liked the song until I saw its cover art…

Oh dear god it’s poison frog!! Ewwwwww