Animal Crossing New Leaf: Days 100 and a few more

Stalk Market

Day 100

AM: 58 Bells
PM: Since I unloaded mine I forgot to check

Day 101

AM: 51 Bells
PM: 47 Bells

Day 102: Sunday

**Closed** Joan was selling turnips for 101 apiece. I bought at Kokuto’s town for 94 bells instead.

Neko to the Rescue!

I stumbled out of bed Friday morning to find urgent tweets and text messages from Neko of Wasabi village. The AM turnip price in Wasabi village was 457 bells—but only for 15 more minutes. I rushed over as quick as I could and unloaded my 1,100 turnips for 502,700 bells. Thank you so much, Neko!

457 bells per turnip: sign me up!

457 bells per turnip: sign me up!

Exterior Renovation

The transformation of my home is going well. I kind of miss the mermaid exterior, but I feel obligated to show off the VIP bling for a little while. I just need the door.

Most of VIP exterior items

Another Petition

Shinobu wanted me to get signatures for an ordinance to enforce brushing teeth after lunch. I went over to Jisuna village to hit up his townies. They were all in favor of banishing bits of broccoli between your teeth!


I forget what Shinobu gave me. It was nothing exciting. Some day you’ll hand over your picture Shinobu!

Day 101

The glitzy house transformation is complete. I intended to change the exterior to that of a western castle but it costs 398,000 bells up front and though I made a bit off of turnips I’m loathe to spend it all at once.

Full VIP house reform

Badge Master

I was hoping I’d see the badge master after my recent good fortune in the stalk market. I got the amateur turnip trader badge.

"fufufu! I see you've taken an interest in turnips"

I see you’ve taken an interest in turnips”

This is the turnip trading badge

This is the turnip trading badge

Another Bingo



I got the ski lift. I want to get a few of them and line them up in a room. That would probably have to wait until next winter though.

ski lift chair

ski lift chair

Saharah’s Interior Design

Since Saharah’s creations are inspired by the room’s existing items I cleared out all my snowman items and left the ski stuff in place before telling her to come design my room.

Saharah came over to redecorate my room

Saharah came over to redecorate my room

I like the wall but...

I like the wall but…

Ryuuji and Taiga got their rooms redecorated too, but only one of them got anything worthwhile from Saharah: the classroom floor. And it doesn’t really look very special.

This is the schoolhouse floor in Taiga's tiny house.

This is the schoolhouse floor in Taiga’s tiny house.

Dream Villages

I don’t use the dream mansion very much, but I decided to visit a few towns, the Nintendo Dream and one other one that was listed in their magazine. I think it may have been edit mode’s village. Here are a few pics, Ryuuji (male) is in Nintendo Dream’s village and Taiga (female) is in umm the other one.








Day 102

I didn’t do much today, but at long last Nelson requested a police box! It only took 3 months for the residents to decide that we need one.

I got to pick either the modern or classic police box. I chose the classic one and then scurried around with Shizue looking for a suitable location for it. I settled on the northeast corner of Kasen village just east of Shinobu’s house and north of Margie’s (btw Margie will be moving out soon. I told her to go since I have her picture.)

Classic Police Box

Classic Police Box

Modern Police Box

Modern Police Box

The proposed location in the northeast corner of Kasen village

The proposed location in the northeast corner of Kasen village

I paid off the 264,000 bells in full. Tomorrow it should be open for business. Hooray for the lost and found!