Mayoral Menus for Gluxbox ;)

From Behind the Mayor’s Desk

This is the first menu you see when you talk to Shizue from your desk.
Mayor's office menu from the mayor's desk

  • Public Utilities (whatever you want to call them, placing things around town)
  • Ordinances (beautiful town, late night, etc.)
  • Nothing

If you select Public Utilities you see this menu:

Public Utilities Menu

  • Build a New Utility
  • Demolish one
  • Nothing

If you select Ordinances from the first menu you see this menu:
Ordinance Menu

  • Beautiful Village (flowers don’t wilt)
  • Early Village (shops open earlier)
  • Late Village (shops stay open late)
  • Rich Village (needs confirmation–I believe items sell for twice the price, but buying items also costs twice as much)
  • nothing

Front Counter Menu

The menu from the front counter is:
Mayor's office Menu from the counter

  • About the environment (for perfect town)
  • Change the town tune
  • Change the flag
  • About the villagers (I think to say they’re offensive)
  • nothing