Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Recently in Hanabi

It’s been a while since I blogged about Hanabi. Ok, let’s face it, it’s been a long while. I’m still faithfully governing my beloved town through its good times—Felicity finally moved—and its bad—and immediately following we got a big bear…

Bye Felicity!

Mayor Vicky from Rainbow came to pick up Felicity after she packed up. I was a little sad to see Felicity go, because I like her and it’s always sad to see townies leave, but she was off to spread the good word about Hanabi far and wide, so I tried not to tear up too much.




I'll look at that one and the three others you gave me idol cat!

I’ll look at that one and the three others you gave me idol cat!

Hello, Grrrr

Little did I know, mayor Vicky had dropped off her own present when she picked up Felicity. A grizzly one. A grizzly bear to be precise.


I had no idea at the time that’s where he came from. I could’ve gotten unlucky and got him from streetpass. I bided my time until he moved in and then he spilled the beans about his origin.


I was initially quite distraught that he had the nerve to move in almost exactly on top of Felicity’s not-yet-cold vacant spot. The nerve! I don’t get along too well with the big bears. Charlise ruined them for me. I still get slightly ill when I see her on main street in town.

It took me over two weeks before I would recognize him as a townie and put a path to his house.

Time to Cool Off

While I was busy ignoring Grizzly, life continued lazily around town. I got a delivery from Nintendo containing a smoker. As a peace offering I gave it to Grizzly, but I was still sad he had taken my tenth spot. I could have had Genji!

It's been a while Nintendo.

It’s been a while Nintendo.

If you wanna set your house on fire I'm totally ok with that.

If you wanna set your house on fire I’m totally ok with that.

I got some crazy petitions signed and found out that Gayle should hang out with Tia as they have similar poetic interests.



What did anchovies ever do to you, Soleil?

What did anchovies ever do to you, Soleil?

I stopped by Kasen for Starcrossed Day and the Summer Solstice.



I didn’t get any campers that I couldn’t live without. Thank gawd because the town was full thanks to Grizzly.


Nooooo! Run awaaaaaay!!!

Nooooo! Run awaaaaaay!!!

No animals with little voices in their heads allowed.

No animals with little voices in their heads allowed.



Gradually Grizzly and I bonded over chats about Mac ‘n’ Cheese and his brown nosing about my “Keep Hanabi Beautiful” ordinance.





Barold tried to leave. The one sanctioned bear in Hanabi. Vetoed.




I did have to concede, once I finally set foot in it, that Grizzly’s house is pretty cool.


Noooo! Nooooooooo! Pashmiiiiiiiiiinaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Then tragedy struck. Isabelle announced that one of our residents was leaving—and it wasn’t Grizzly. Pashmina tried to slip away without even saying goodbye or asking my permission. I’ll admit that I hadn’t seen her much lately because I didn’t want to reset the time on my 3DS because it screws Tomodachi Life up and I had changed it to a few hours earlier so she was never awake when I played. But why Pashmina?! Whhhhhyyyyyy!!!?? I needed you to recommend the scarecrow! And I gave you expensive furniture! I couldn’t just let her run off into the cold uncaring world, so I had Kokuto whisk her off to Jisuna village to live.



Yeah. I'm a little worried about Pashmina living with that crazy looking mayor too, but what can you do?

Yeah. I’m a little worried about Pashmina living with that crazy looking mayor too, but what can you do?

And that was the last time she ever said pancakes to me. *cries*

And that was the last time she ever said pancakes to me. *cries*

So, now I have my free spot in Hanabi again. Just not how I would have liked. Grizzly and I are getting along better I think…


maybe he knows I don't like him...

maybe he knows I don’t like him…

And now even Tia is trying to move, so I think she must be ready to give her picture soon.

And that’s what’s been going on in Hanabi while I’ve been so quiet.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

ACNL Card Apron Dress QR Code

I love Alice in Wonderland themed dresses/towns and this dress reminds me very much of Alice. It comes from the June/July 2014 issue of ぴこぷり. I’ve ordered next month’s issue out around the 20th of this month I believe. I can’t wait to see what creations they’ve got in store!






Starcrossed Day is coming up!

The starcrossed day cutout

The starcrossed day cutout

As some of you may know, July 7 is a holiday in the Japanese version of Animal Crossing. I’ll be opening up Kasen to celebrate. Tentatively scheduled for Monday, July 7 10am PST (GMT-8) until noon. As always I will happily open up again later in the afternoon or evening. Just comment or send me a tweet. Isabelle will be handing out bamboo grass for the holiday and you can stop by and pick one up.

I thought I would give you a little background on the holiday by translating one of the stories from my Japanese class. BTW I hate the translation of the holiday as starcrossed day in ACNL since the event is technically supposed to be in the evening…


七夕, Starcrossed Day

The seventh day of the seventh month is starcrossed day. This is the story of starcrossed day.

Long long ago there lived a god in the heavens. He had one daughter. Her name was Orihime. Orihime was very diligent. Every day she got up very early and weaved.

One day the god thought “Orihime has become an adult. She should get married.”

The god found a diligent man. He lived on the other side of the milky way and he was named Hikoboshi. Hikoboshi raised cows and worked in the field.

Orihime and Hikoboshi were married. The two grew to love each other very much. They were always together and they didn’t work at all.

The god became angry. But the two still didn’t work.

The god became very angry and he took Orihime back home. The two was separated. Orihime wanted to meet with Hikoboshi and she cried every day.

The god took pity on the couple and he said “Orihime, Hikoboshi, you may meet once a year on the night of the seventh day of the seventh month. Orihime, on that day you may cross the milky way, but you must return by morning.”

Once a year on the evening of starcrossed day Orihime and Hikoboshi meet. The couple’s wish was realized.

On that day, people write down their wishes on colored strips of paper and tie them to bamboo grass. It is said that on starcrossed day people’s wishes will be realized. Some children write “I want to get good grades”. Some people write “I want to meet someone great”. What would you write as your starcrossed day wish?

And now you know the story behind the bamboo grass.

And now you know the story behind the bamboo grass.

ACNL Monster Sauce Dress QR Code

I need a little humor lately, so I thought I’d post one of the (IMO) wackier designs from the June/July2014 issue of ぴこぷり. I decided to call it “Monster Sauce” because I could. L☆cke is proudly modeling it because too often she’s left out of these modeling gigs and she pulls off crazy well.