Pokémon Y: Greetings from Parfum Palace

Default Li'l old me in front of the Parfum Palace

Default Li’l old me in front of the Parfum Palace

I picked up Pokémon Y yesterday from Gamestop. I wish I could say I’ve gotten really far, but Parfum Palace is as far as I’ve made it in my US game thus far. And I was so thrilled to be able to take a picture that I had to share.

I started this game with Fennekin and nicknamed him Foxy. Very original, I’m sure. I also received a Bulbasaur from professor Sycamore. Both of those guys have hit their midstage evolutions. I love watching the Braixen (Fennekin’s evolution) use the stick in his tail when he casts ember. I love the attention to detail! (Before I was just confused about why he had a stick stuck in his tail…still am actually, but it looks cool!)

KC (my husband) has gotten much farther than me in the game and he recently traded me an eevee in a luxury ball. I’m trying to decide what to evolve it into. I’m thinking Sylveon because it’s new and fairy type. But I’m slightly upset that my gamestop didn’t have the guide (did any of them?) so I don’t know what moves it gets or anything. And having the game out in all regions all at once means that even serebii doesn’t have all the info up yet. It’s a little weird to not know where to look for information. Not even the November issues of the Japanese magazines had any useful info about the game yet. I’m sure next month’s will slowly start leaking good info but so far…not so much.

I can’t wait to buy my character some new clothes, but for now I’m cheap and saving all my money to buy pokéballs to catch the bazillions of wild pokémon.

And in case you’re wondering here’s my “team” thus far. Really just a hodgepodge and subject to change early and often.
Gym Badges: Only 1 so far 😛
Pokédex: 50

  • Eevee Lv. 19
  • Braixen Lv. 21
  • Ivysaur Lv. 18
  • Pidgeotto Lv. 20
  • Pikachu Lv. 17
  • Azurill Lv. 17

How are you doing in the game and who’s your favorite so far?

Ok, off to explore the palace. 😉