Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Viva Hanabi!

Stalk Market for Thursday June 13

AM: 459 Bells
PM: 186 Bells

That embarrasing moment when you realize your calendar is still on May…

I’m home safe and sound. Had a fun trip down to LA. Literally sat outside e3 and had someone try to scalp my husband and I some passes for today. *Le Sigh*

Let’s see, what’s been going on in Hanabi…

We celebrated a new fountain

We celebrated a new fountain

Shep requested a modern bridge

Shep requested a modern bridge

Is this innuendo of some sort?

Is this innuendo of some sort?

We celebrated another street lamp

We celebrated another street lamp

I got Gulliver back to Denmark

I got Gulliver back to Denmark

Julian somehow stole Soleil's catchphrase. Dislike.

Julian somehow stole Soleil’s catchphrase. Dislike.

Resetti and I bonded over our preference for unsweetened coffee.

Resetti and I bonded over our preference for unsweetened coffee.

We celebrated a water pump.

We celebrated a water pump.

Shep proposed a wind turbine. I vetoed.

Shep proposed a wind turbine. I vetoed.

There was a lot of project celebrating because every time I asked Isabelle how the town was doing she said we needed more public works. Which brings us to today.


Ah, the herald of perfect town. I love you so little cliff dwelling flower.

Ah, the herald of perfect town. I love you so little cliff dwelling flower.

Despite the jacob’s ladder, I went straight to town hall to verify. Isabelle read the report and then told me about some swanky public works projects that had been proposed because of our perfect status. I can now remodel the town hall or put in a flower clock.



I chose this as the town hall's new design.

I chose this as the town hall’s new design.

I haven’t paid off the town hall project yet. I need to make an island run and I’m a bit tired from sitting in the car all day (funny how that works). Maybe tomorrow. You would think I could pay it off with turnip money, but alas I didn’t buy turnips with Vella this week.

Another Celebration

My very amateur sign pointing to the fruit orchard.

My very amateur sign pointing to the fruit orchard.

We reached perfect town status with the addition of this (ugly) sign. I was trying to help direct newcomers over to the orchard. Those blobs are supposed to be an apple a peach and an orange. If anyone can make me a better one I’d be much obliged. Artiste I ain’t.

ZOMG It’s open again!

I don’t know why I go down there. I just get yelled at.



I intend to open the gates of Hanabi a lot tomorrow, so I’ll try to add friend codes in the morning.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 28

Stalk Market

AM: 25 Bells
PM: 21 Bells

This is looking very bad. It can’t get much worse though, so I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to at least break even.

New Character

I made a new male character last night, but I didn’t get very far with him. He needed a new house much like the first character (although they referred to Yumi, the original character) as the mayor. I couldn’t find anywhere to put his house, so I panicked and quit without saving him.

I’m sure he’ll be back at some point, but this was Yuki in his short lived appearance in Kasen village.

My main beef so far with ACNL is that it feels cramped. I’m probably spoiled by City Folk. I played Wide World, but I never really made paths or tried to organize my city. Now I’m trying to make paths and lay out my village and I feel that I really need to preplan or there won’t be room for everything since each item has to be a certain distance from another. The houses can’t be right by the train tracks and most of the utilities can’t either.

Sick Villager!

I hadn’t seen Nelson all day. When I finally visited him I found that he was sick! But my Nook Mart was already closed (it closes at 8PM) so I had to rely on Kokuto to let me come over and buy from his village (he has night owl so his shops are open later).

Oh no! Where’s my chicken soup?


I caught some expensive bugs on the island last night and deposited the profits into my account. I saved over 1,000,000 bells.

After coming back from Jisuna village my mailbox was blinking and I had a new letter from the post office. Enclosed was the piggy bank. 🙂

Piggy Bank in my semi-christmas, semi-mushroom, semi-mario room. (Kokuto’s Nook Brothers had the Xmas floor)

New Badge

Apparently saving bells doesn’t just get you recognition from the post office. The badge master was waiting for me when I returned to Kasen village. He gave me the “good at saving” badge.

Just after getting the badge when I came out of Nelson’s house from giving him medicine, my game crashed. I’ve never had it do that before. I had just come back from Kokuto’s town and hadn’t done much, so I didn’t lose much but it has me worried. Maybe it’s because I quit without saving earlier? I don’t know. But I think save early save often should be a new mantra. Resetti accosted me (no his shop hasn’t been open) and I told him it wasn’t my fault! So I didn’t get chewed out too much.

Perfect Town

This morning I didn’t see any new visitors and I was feeling kind of down just watering my bazillions of flowers (where are you snowstorm??) when I came across a lone Jacob’s Ladder perched by the cliff. You know what that means?! Perfect Town!!!! Ok, it wasn’t technically confirmed so I watered my way over to town hall.

“It’s great isn’t it! This village is the best village!” (my awkward translating)

“You did great! The old man (I assume Tortimer) would be glad!”

She went on to tell me the village was like paradise, that I could now build a flower clock and “reconstruct” the town hall. Oh reeeaaaalllly?

So cute! Maybe I should ditch the fountain or the rotating art for it.

Very angular, kind of asian. I like this one.

Last I checked we were not in Russia or Tetris village so I think I’m gonna pass on this one. But at least it’s not boring.

I don’t really get the über modern feel from my village (except for the rotating art), but I like it’s lopsidedness.

I doubt I’ll be putting in the flower clock any time soon, though I may reconstruct the town hall. I need to keep my perfect town status for two weeks so I don’t want to touch anything. After that I may have a demolition party. 🙂


I’d like my coffee to go please. Brewster offered me “takout” coffee today from the right side of the counter. I took him up on it. I didn’t get the enjoyment of gulping it down in one swig, but I did get a little cup to carry around and swig out of whenever I wanted (until I took a huge gulp and finished it).

Mmm coffee to go. I moved my Jacob’s ladder. Hopefully I don’t run over it…

Museum Shop

My museum hasn’t had any wallpaper for sale, but I’m nosy and I went to Kokuto’s shop. He had the museum wallpaper last night, so I bought it.

Today my museum had a weird little machine. I can’t figure out the translation for it. It looks kind of like the guts of a music box. Despite not knowing what it is I bought it…

Nook Mart

The Nook Brothers are still trying to push that holiday candle. I have one! Christmas tree please. Maybe tomorrow. I got another party popper to hoard, bought more medicine for the ailing Nelson, and stopped to listen to Lillian tell me her plans to become a pro shopper. Go Lillian!


On my way to the dock to check what furniture they had on the island I tripped over Gulliver. I thought we didn’t have any visitors. My bad. We played guess that country. It was really easy, but it could have been hard had I had another option in the answers.

“There they have a big waterfall, Niagara.”

See how it could be hard? Do they mean the Canadian side or the US side?

“And in the night sky there is the Aurora! It’s beautiful! It’s intense!”

Well, I think you can sometimes see the Aurora in the northern US… so it was still in the running for me.

“I was going to this very natural country…” (it translates literally as mother nature’s country”)

The US…natural…well, parts of it, maybe Montana…

“Oh! My Maple Syrup! Do you know this country?” I think this should be my new catchphrase “Oh my maple syrup!” I’m gonna use it all the time. Who needs expletives?

Fortunately I was spared hemming and hawing over whether it could be the US.

  • Russia
  • Australia
  • Finland
  • Canada

I picked Canada. We’ll see what I get as recompense tomorrow.


I went to the island. I didn’t have time to do anything there because I’m struggling to post this before I leave for class. 😛 But they had something new that I want to try and buy later: Shamisen

No more Bellionaire

I paid off my 498,000 bell loan and immediately took out a new 498,000 bell loan to make my basement bigger. I noticed that I could order a bunch of harvest items that Kokuto had (and I can’t get until next year since they’re seasonal) but I have nowhere to put them. I’m making my basement bigger so I can empty out my mailbox and put them down there.

Also, by the time I decided to get the gingerbread facade Nook Housing was closed (it too closes at 8PM). Today he didn’t have gingerbread anything so I was spared the choice. If I see it again I’ll get it.

By the time all the upgrades are done I’m going to have a really really expensive house.


For old time’s sake, here’s a net whacking shot for Gluxbox. 😉

Take that fake santa Kokuto!