Final Fantasy: Finished

I didn’t think I would actually finish Final Fantasy 1 on time. Nevertheless, sometime after midnight on 7/31 Chaos was struck down by my Master, Ninja, Black Wizard, and White Wizard.

The latter half of the game progressed much more smoothly than the first part of it even though I never did figure out how to access the world map. I know the brooms in Matoya’s Cave told me how, but I wasn’t paying much attention to them at the time.

The game got progressively easier as I found armor that cast spells. My favorite was the healing staff. Towards the end of the game my white Mage just spammed heals with the staff and very rarely used any of her mana. The black wizard did the same thing once he got the black robe. He just cast blizzara on everything regardless of its weakness.

If I were to play again (and if had taken the whole month for this I probably would) I would definitely take a knight. It seems like about 70% of the equipment found in chests was geared toward the knight. I felt cheated having walked all across the dungeon to get it and then not being able to equip it.

One of the downsides to playing most of the game on the road without headphones is that I didn’t get to hear a lot of the music (Korn > PSP speaker). I played some of the latter dungeons late at night and got to hear the music. My favorite was the theme in the sunken shrine. It was haunting. Listening to the MIDI from the FFI soundtrack I have, not so much.

after over twenty years, I can see why Final Fantasy captivated audiences back on the Nintendo. Its gameplay is a little rough around the edges for current RPGs, and its story was a little loose, but still a great beginning to an epic franchise. They get better from here.

With a new month, a new Final Fantasy. Moving right along I’ll tackle Final Fantasy Ii on the PSP. If it has a Japanese language option I will probably attempt to play it in Japanese and be just as confused.