State of the Union

When I come back from vacation it’s always difficult to get back into the swing of daily life. I’m behind in all my studies. Behind in blogging (even though I did so well while I was away!) I’m even behind in both games of Animal Crossing.

I just need to finish Easter in Hanabi. I’ve already cataloged the set with Vella and don’t really have much motivation to go through the rigamarole. I started the Easter festivities, but that was also the day of the Sakura Festival in San Francisco so I was gone for most of the day. Shouldn’t take too long to get caught up after I decide whether or not I want to get the rest of the egg set.

I’m much more behind in Kasen. I’m only on 4/13. There are a couple reasons for this. The first is that I’m kinda losing motivation to play both ACNL games every day just to make sure no one’s leaving. Heck, I’ve played for over 500 days in Kasen. That’s a long time. But another reason is I haven’t been playing my JP 3DS much because last Wednesday I had a scare. I was at a coffee shop playing Animal Crossing and the screen went black. I was kind of talking and playing and so I thought that I had exited Re-Tail and it was just taking a long time loading the next screen, but then the screen came back on and I was still in there talking to Reese. Hmmm. So I saved and decided to play a little Trozei. And then the screen did the same thing. Just went black. Kind of like it was in sleep mode. I freaked out and turned the system off. On the way home I looked at Nintendo support (in Japanese) to see if it said anything about my issue and from what I gleaned it said to turn the system off. Hooray! I did that. And so far the system has acted normally, but I haven’t played it much since then. I downloaded the add on to Style Savvy and played that (very gingerly) for a little while. It seemed fine. I’ve played another day of Animal Crossing—that actually was the same day. Doh! No problems. But I’m terrified that it’s a wiring problem and the screen is shorting or something (I keep my beloved Charizard 3DS in a case when not in use and it’s never been dropped or anything). I’m sure I could figure out the forms to send my 3DS to Japan for support, but I don’t even know if they would allow that since I’m in the US and all. So, out of fear I’ve barely been playing any Japanese games.

I keep meaning to play and blog about Tomodachi Collection Life because there’s such a buzz about it right now since the Nintendo Direct, but—scare! Hopefully I can get up the nerve to play it and work blogging about it into the rotation.

I haven’t played Harvest Moon because—scare! but I have to get over that because I ordered it for my husband because he says it looks more interesting than previous version and that he might play it. His copy should arrive Friday along with the guide for it and I’ll probably start the game over and try and blog about it this time around.

I downloaded Theatrhythm Curtain Call today without incident and haven’t played it yet. MUST PLAY. Must get over fear that JP 3DS will self-destruct or crumble in hands.

Since I haven’t been touching my JP 3DS all week I’ve hurled myself into Disney Magical World (Thanks, Nintendo!) with a vengeance. I just haven’t blogged about it. Today I got my 95th sticker! All my sticker achievements are up on Miiverse however. I kind of want to make a cheesy list with all the stickers in order though I think I’m missing screenshots for a couple. And the first few I started taking are hideous because I took them with the camera.

I’m working on a post about the Magic Dungeon. I use the Japanese wiki to figure out what you can get from the dungeon and I wanted to make an English translation of it. The problem is that I’ve gone through the dungeon several times to verify items and I keep getting more/different/weird items on different runs. Every once in a while a section that the Japanese site doesn’t list as able to get seeds from spits out a bunch of seeds instead of the “boxes” you can supposedly get there and I don’t know if I’ve gotten all of the seeds. On the final room sometimes there’s no enemies and you just get to open a bunch of chests. Do I list the items I get there? How do I know I’ve gotten everything? So, it’s a work in progress. I’m leaning toward just translating the JP table, slapping a link to the wiki for credit and just putting that up. Or I can put up my list that’s getting longer and longer and implore my readers to submit anything else they get that I might not have (except that I still don’t know if comments are working since I turned JetPack back on)…

I also downloaded Rune Factory 4 because, reasons. I think I own every handheld Rune Factory game. Thing is I never play them much. I don’t know why I decided I’d play 4. But I have. And even though I’m only up to Spring 9 or so I’m enjoying it—after turning off sound effects. Who thought it was a good idea for the dialog box to make noise every time you push a button???

So, that’s kind of what’s going on in my gaming world in a nutshell. Hopefully I’ll get back on track and get something up about the magic dungeon in the next day or two. Also thinking about a “how to get a secret wand post”, but I don’t have one on my US game yet. Hoping I didn’t just luck into the one on my JP game.

If you’ve read this far, Thank you! ♥