Disney Magical World : Secret Wands

There was one sticker in my Japanese copy of Disney Magical World (besides growing the legendary sunflower) that gave me fits: the secret wand sticker. As you progress through the magical dungeon you occasionally find recipes for wands in small chests. These wand recipes have vague names such as red secret wand recipe or blue secret wand recipe. When you turn them in to Yen Sid the name changes and you’ll find that you have a recipe for a Mickey Star Wand, or Donald Star wand etc.

The Donald Star Wand

The Donald Star Wand

All of these secret wands require a medal, such as the Donald Star Medal above, that is difficult to obtain. If you view the recipe the only thing the Medal says about its location is “Café”. That’s not very helpful. For the longest time I thought you just needed to hold a party a bunch of times with 8 combos and eventually the character would give you the medal. That’s only half right.

Let’s say you covet that Donald Star Wand. Here’s how you go about getting the medal for it. First off you are going to need 8 combos in your café. But not just any 8 combos. You need secret combos. As you progress through the game you may notice that you have two choices for Donald-themed wallpaper and floor. You can make the cheaper “Donald Wallpaper & Rug” or the hideously expensive “Marine Wallpaper & Rug”. I’m sorry to tell you that you need to purchase the hideously expensive set. Once you’re able to afford it and you decorate your café with it you’ll notice that to the right of the theme combo you’ll see explanation marks. Ta da! That’s a secret combo (if that’s your first secret combo, congratulations! You got a sticker!)

The gold circle with a ! means it's a secret combo

The gold circle with a ! means it’s a secret combo

If you notice, the secret combo I described above is not the one pictured, good! As you level the café up and gain more recipes you’ll eventually receive two recipes for a theme. The most expensive of the two recipes is a secret combo. You have to make the expensive version of all three dishes to get the combo. In my Japanese game I tried for ages to get the wand just by having the secret food combo and not the secret furniture combo. I think you need both. Maybe I was just unlucky.

My rule of thumb for getting the medal for secret wands: if it has a more expensive version, buy it and put it in your café.

So, you’ve got expensive food and decor, now what? After you’ve gotten 8 combos with a couple of secret combos hold a party. When the character you want the medal from shows up with an exclamation point over their head, then you’ve got your medal! I should probably mention that you should make sure you have enough items to make the expensive food 3-4 times. And enough food to make whatever’s popular that day so you can raise your party bar quickly and try again with the theme of your choice. I got the Donald Medal with the second party I hosted. I got the Minnie Medal the first time I used both secret combos on my JP game, but I held a lot of parties before I wised up and changed the wallpaper.

This is what you're hoping to see.

This is what you’re hoping to see.

I got a sticker! I hope now you can too! :)

I got a sticker! I hope now you can too! 🙂

Secret wands are fairly easy to get once you know what “Café” means, they just require a lot of money and a bit of farming. I want to get the Mickey Wand next. But I’ve found that I don’t have enough items to set on tables for the 8 combos. That’s a conundrum.

Good luck Medal hunting!

P.S. I received a US copy of Disney Magical World from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!