The Plan

Last night Casey attended the San Francisco Symphony to hear them perform music from Final Fantasy. We had fantastic seats. Nobuo Uematsu 様 was in attendance. They performed the opera from Final Fantasy VI. It was a magical evening.

I was thrown into nostalgia land from the very first note. Somewhere in between the Main Theme from Final Fantasy VII and Prima Vista featuring Susan Calloway I had an audacious idea. I could play a Final Fantasy game a month in order to revisit the games (and their music) for a year (or so).

Currently there are 13 numbered games out—I am not considering playing spinoffs (gah X-2)except possibly Tactics, but I could play that alone for several months. In September there will be 14 games out (oh my!). But I don’t know if I really want to delve into the MMORPGs. The husband has an account for FFXI, but I don’t have a PC and don’t know if I want to be bothered…

I just finished playing Final Fantasy XIII, so in my opinion that’s one down. Unless I feel like playing it in a year. There are so many decisions to be made. Do I play in order? What happens if I don’t finish a game? How do I keep up my motivation? What happens after September when Pokémon comes out and I want to focus all my attention on catching new Pokémon? What platform do I play the games on? I mean, with 1 and 2 I have my choice of Playstation, iPhone, PHP, gameboy. Sheesh.

Following in the footsteps of Nike (pun intended) I have decided to Just Do It!. The very flushed out plan (ha!) is as follows:

  • Play one Final Fantasy Game each month for one month each
  • Listen to the game’s soundtrack for motivation
  • Blog weekly about progress, frustration, whatever.

I’ll be starting with Final Fantasy for the PSP…now. I figure it could be a two week trial.

Anyone with me?