Xenoblade: The End

Last night, at long last, after 143:22 I beat Xenoblade Chronicles. I sat through the wonderful ending, waiting for the credits to roll. I really really wanted a “the end” to pop up. After 143:22 I feel that I deserved some closure. I even had my camera at hand ready to snap a picture of it for posterity. I was presented with no such opportunity.

Nope. Not the end. But it was at the end.

Instead of giving me closure, they made me feel that I had more stuff to do. As if the bazillions of quests weren’t enough. After all of the credits and all of the story they presented me with this screen:

OMG, not more. No. Maybe the end is after…

So, at 12:30 at night after clearing the game and watching a ton of (wonderful) ending they made me go through my items and pick 30 weapons, 30 helmets, 30 chest armor, 30 arm armor, 30 leg armor, 30 shoes, and 60 drops to carry over into a new game. That was just cruel.

So much for sighing with relief and thinking “hooray I beat a game! I can sell it back!” and feeling a little bit lighter. No. I was robbed of that. So, after beating the game all I have to show for it is this:

The crown will have to be “the end” And the date and time is not right on my wii. Blame Animal Crossing.