Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Ambrosia or Amnesty

Stalk Market

AM: Ack! Social obligations. Forgot
PM: 104 Bells

Joan should be coming around tomorrow morning. I don’t think I’ll have much money to spend on turnips though.

Getting to Know Townies

Last night I tried to make the rounds and snoop get to know my villagers. I hadn’t seen Soleil’s house yet because it seems she’s always wandering about. I spied her light on so I knocked and went in. She had Victoria over too.

It's more earthy than I imagined. Shouldn't a hamster's house be all cute and pink?

It’s more earthy than I imagined. Shouldn’t a hamster’s house be all cute and pink?

What did I learn during my visit?

I'll keep that in mind...

I’ll keep that in mind…

I also dropped in on Sheldon. His house wasn’t what I expected either (though I expected the hamster cage since I gave it to him…)

I thought his house would be full of workout gear like Rooney's.

I thought his house would be full of workout gear like Rooney’s.

New Townie

*Insert ominous music here*

I saw a plot staked out for another new resident today and took a peek at the sign attached to the fence.

The name sounded familiar, which means she’s not a cute new deer or hamster… I was mildly horrified after investigating. Jambette is a scary green frog. I want to enact the anti-green-villager ordinance. STAT! I think Hanabi may be cursed with un-cute villagers. *shakes fist at Katrina*

I’ll try to be nice. I thought Barold was hideous too, but his personality is so cute.

The Price of Expansion

Yesterday I fished, and fished, and sold seashells, and fished. Eventually I got up enough money to pay off my first loan: 39,800 bells. I paid off my debt at the ATM and was briefly overjoyed.

Well, as overjoyed as you can be with a bee stung face...

Well, as overjoyed as you can be with a bee stung face…

Then I went into Nook’s Homes and was immediately suckered into expanding. I’m still reeling from sticker shock and haven’t put a cent towards the new 98,000 bell loan.

*gulp* buyer's remorse here I come...

*gulp* buyer’s remorse here I come…

But this morning I checked out my newly expanded house and…it wasn’t so bad. I don’t want to think about the loan right now, but this elbow swinging room is pretty nifty. It even allows room to display my newly won master sword.


Public Works

AKA: more debt for you.

Isabelle said the paperwork had gone through and I was ready to start improving Hanabi village. I can now enact ordinances (once I scrape up the 20,000 bells to do so…) and begin public works projects. Even though I am completely broke and 98,000 bells in debt I chose to build a campground (because I ♥ campers). It’s a little pricier than some of the other public works at 59,800 bells, but who really needs a fire hydrant or a street lamp? Tents and campfire stories here we come!

Isabelle went with me to scout a new location. I tried to put it too close to the river, but eventually we agreed on a good spot for it. Here’s what it will look like when we get the required funds:


I haven't donated yet because I'm broke!

I haven’t donated yet because I’m broke!


I was on my way to visit Tortimer down at the dock (I forgot to mention that Isabelle introduced me to him this morning) when I found…someone passed out on the beach. He was a bit disoriented (and clearly delusional) and needed help getting to wherever he was going before he crashed.


This next part sounds completely like déjà vu to me. It made it quite easy to get him where he was going.



  • Phillipines
  • Thailand
  • Korea
  • Japan

I won’t tell you what I chose. But I will have a souvenir from the correct country in my mailbox in the morning. 😉


The former mayor was waiting for me at the end of the dock. He bragged about the summertime tropical island that he lives on.




I can’t wait to visit the island! This is mainly because I know money-making opportunities abound there in the evening. But I should also be able to get bananas or coconuts from it to plant on the beach, and even tropical fruit. Yup, the loan and the campsite will be paid off in no time now!


Yes. Shower. Now.

Yes. Shower. Now.

Now I can afford that king's beard

Now I can afford that king’s beard



I think I'm doing it wrong...

I think I’m doing it wrong…

Aha! The オオイワナ (ouiwana) that has been plaguing my translation attempts is a char!

Aha! The オオイワナ (ouiwana) that has been plaguing my translation attempts is a char!

News from Kasen

Tomorrow is Children’s Day in Kasen village. I may have a second post highlighting it. Also, Lillian’s birthday is May 9! I can’t wait to suck up to her celebrate her birthday!

I am still legally obligated to tell you that Nintendo provided me with a copy of the game.