Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 44

Stalk Market

AM: 66 Bells
PM: 61 Bells

Why isn’t the stalk market closed on holidays?

Who turned off the sun?

I think the mayan apocalypse is happening in my game. I stepped outside at 9:08 this morning and it was like night. Now where did I put my glow sticks again?

dark morning

Nelson moving

Nelson loves to run up to me right when I step outside. I think it’s because his house is just south of mine and he’s always wandering around outside. He said he wanted to move on the 26th and I’m not sure if I dissuaded him. In the meantime I’ll make nicey nice and if I get a chance write him a letter or two (not that he’ll have any idea what I’m saying LOL).


The King Kamehameha statue that I bought from Redd yesterday did turn out to be a fake. His hand was indeed facing the wrong way. But thanks to @shinkuu I have a resource to compare the items next time Redd comes to town. Looks like the Nefertiti statue was real. I have the fake one in my museum. The fake has a round head. The real one is square. I like that you’re not just guessing whether something is fake now. You can actually do a bit of detective work before you buy.


“when I look at it closely, it’s a fake?!”

Museum Shop

I may not have gotten a good item from Redd, but the museum shop had a painting of its own upstairs. I bought it and hung it up in my display room. I like the giant gold frame. Which is good because I think that’s the whole point of the item. It’s called a “gorgeous frame”. It wasn’t cheap at 10,000 bells. It cost as much as a rental room.

gorgeous frame

Able Sisters

I bought some glasses to spruce up my outfit. Labelle wanted to talk to me after my purchase. She gave me a present: another mannequin! I’ll take all the mannequins I can get.

another mannequin

“By the way, the thing I gave you is a mannequin for displaying clothes and accessories.”

I went home and put my Santa outfit on it so I won’t have to dig through my drawers on Christmas Eve.

Santa Mannequin

I love the pose he’s striking.


I’ve been checking and Nook hasn’t had any gingerbread items in a loooooong time. Today he had the door. Just the door. I bought it. Hopefully he’ll have more Hansel and Gretel inspired items later.

gingerbread door

Happy Birthday Shinobu

The bulletin board announced Shinobu’s birthday. Even though it was early I thought I would swing by and see how her party was going.

happy birthday shinobu

~Happy Birthday ~
Happy birthday Shinobu!
It’s always fun spending time with you. I hope we get to spend much much more time together!

(Or something to that effect)

She picked a bad day for a birthday party Since it’s so dark and she seems to have removed all of the lights from her house…

shinobu's party

Shinobu and Margie were dancing and having fun

I bought some wrapping paper from Nook Brothers and wrapped the Asian Bed for her birthday. She asked me about a present first thing saying “Margie brought me a present. Maybe you brought me one too?” But she didn’t like my asian bed. 🙁

disappointed with her present

“I’m sorry, I don’t usually buy things like this…”

She’s smoking crack when she says she doesn’t buy things like that. Ordinarily her house is full of things from the asian set. I wonder if it was too big? Or if I was supposed to bring a balloon or something? She tried to soothe my hurt feelings by saying that “meeting people was the best part of a present”. It didn’t work. I didn’t stay long.

margie was jolly

“You came to celebrate! Parties are fun when there are a lot of people.”

Unlucky 13

I didn’t get a number on snowman bingo. And I screwed up my snowman. again This is getting really depressing. Does anyone have a youtube video for me to follow? This one was almost perfect again. I haven’t even seen a dung beetle to catch. I keep hoping to see the little buggers so I can donate one. Apparently Kasen village is pest-free.


Winter Solstice – 冬至

Shizue was standing out in the cold waiting to give me a present. I was hoping for her coat because this dress, while adorable, is not the warmest number. Instead she gave me a blue stick light. At least it matches my outfit.

solstice present

“Today is dark for the whole day, so I thought surely it would be useful!”

There were some adorable holiday cutouts on the west side of town square. I doubt I’ll have much chance of getting 3 friends over to take pictures with me, but maybe I can invite Kokuto later.

holiday cutouts

look I’m a snowman! And I’m fricking perfect. Perfect! LOL.

Pervy Nelson

I don’t know why Nelson wants to move. He talks to me the most of any villager. And he’s pervy. Today he was asking what I liked about the opposite sex. I had to pick from looks, personality, mannerisms, or nothing especially. I chose personality. He rambled on and on about finding the perfect person. I hope he wasn’t expecting any input from me. I’m not into goats.

nelson's ideal

Badge Master

I ran into the badge master twice this morning. The first badge he gave me was the “Happy Homer B” I’m pretty sure it’s Homer…Maybe it’s short for homemaker? Japanese takes liberties with their borrowed words.

Happy Homer B

Happy Homer B Badge

This is a badge for increasing your score with the Happy Home Academy

good person

This badge is a sign that the holder has a tender heart and has fulfilled a lot of the residents’ wishes

Newest Badge: Good Person?


I really need to go finish making Christmas cookies, so I’m gonna cut this short. I’ll leave you with a few more pictures about the rest of my day thus far in AC. Tomorrow I’m driving down to Los Angeles and I’ll be down there through Christmas. I’ll try and post each day, but when on “vacation” I never know how much downtime I’ll have. If nothing else I’ll try and upload pictures to my flickr set each day. Merry Christmas everybody!

new emotion

Lillian is sick

Lillian is sick! I gave her medicine.

white christmas

I got a new hairdo. It kinda sucks, but I wanted white santa hair.

hat head

Looks better with a hat on

no work for you

Brewster wouldn’t let me work. Is it cause he’d have to pay me time and a half on the holiday?

flower clock

The town’s completed flower clock

Chillin with Shizue

chillin’ with Shizu-chan