Break Time!


Making flash cards is sucking my will to live, plus not much is going on in Hanabi (though Kasen is getting Gayle the alligator! Yay!) so I’m taking a blogging break. Tomorrow either I’ll blog or post a QR code or both. But for now I have 4 more grammar points to turn into flash cards. *sigh* Back I go.

No Blog Post Today


After updating iPhoto for two hours at the hotel (bad idea) I no longer feel like posting. I’ll be back Monday at the latest.

In the meantime, I managed to get some 12 grape plates in Quantico by using this handy method. Who knew? Now I just need some berliners, but I can’t set my language to German. Any EU friends who can get their hands on Berliners I will happily trade year end noodles, 12 grape plates, and or sparkling ciders. 😉

Mmmmm jelly donuts.