Taking the Day Off


Maybe it’s the prolonged food coma from Thanksgiving Harvest Festival or the terror of knowing that my big Japanese test is less than 48 hours away, but I don’t feel like typing tonight. I have a dentist appointment on Monday (my next scheduled blogging day), but unless something terrible happens during that appointment I should be ready to complain about my awful test amidst rambling about Franklin and the days following the holiday then.

Also, as of next week I’m free to schedule meet ups for just about anything from piles of leaves to perfect fruit, so if you want to come over or want me to come over let me know when we can get together and shrunk funk shuffle. 😉

Back to mindless tv watching.

New XY 3DS is Lonely


Play Pokémon XY? Want to be friends and trade and battle? Add “Brock” (don’t judge me)! FC: 0662-3775-4030 I guess that’s the downside of getting another 3DS. No friends!

P.S. I don’t have Animal Crossing for this 3DS, just Pokémon, so only add for Pokémon please.

Want Cousteau? –He’s been claimed


Cousteau is all packed up and set to depart now. If you would like your very own mustachioed frog, please comment with your friend code and when you can pick him up. I’m available for the rest of the day (holed up playing Pokémon).

Edit: Cousteau has been claimed. Hooray! Now he won’t accidentally end up in Hanabi!

Thank You Stitches!


Stitches decided he wanted something to replace his baby bear. I wondered if I should call social services, but decided to hold off. I happened to have a panda lying around so I figured I’d see how he felt about a family swap.

I’m glad I held off calling social services because he rewarded me with a ball return—the final orderable piece of furniture I needed for Yumi’s catalog! I consider it a hush present, but I’m cool with that.

And on a similar (though not social services related note), OMG thank you again for the wish list items Euphy! ♥ FYI you can’t remake furniture using skirts. Nevertheless I’m hoping to complete my argyle room in the next couple days and maybe move on to a safari/nature room…